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#42 - I wish there was an easier way to communicate. I wouldn't mind… 05/20/2016 on Do what you must 0
#14 - if both the red and myself wanna do a fair fight im fine but o…  [+] (3 new replies) 05/20/2016 on Do what you must +2
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#37 - spoopyskeleton (05/20/2016) [-]
It's fucking annoying, trying to invade once in a while for a bit of fun.

But people ALWAYS have others summoned. Every time somebody needs a phantom to hold their hand through PVE.

I'm not gonna 2 v 1. So i like catching them off guard with the world enemies.
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#42 - pbeldin (05/20/2016) [-]
I wish there was an easier way to communicate. I wouldn't mind fighting to the death with a red as long as they didnt go right for host and didn't chug.I also hate which happened more in ds2, but when you put down your ed sign for like a fight club or duel and you get ganked. That shit pisses me off so much
#15 - justtocomment (05/20/2016) [-]
I loved waiting for them to try that shit then dropping a giant seed.
#29 - **pbeldin used "*roll picture*"** **pbeldin rolled image *… 05/12/2016 on Do you want to go to the... +1
#68 - Picture 05/09/2016 on Some random webms I pulled... 0
#555 - **pbeldin used "*roll picture*"** **pbeldin rolled image *… 05/08/2016 on I challenge you to a fight. 0
#795 - **pbeldin used "*roll picture*"** **pbeldin rolled image *… 05/08/2016 on ADMIN ATTACKS YOU, ROLL FOR... +1
#595 - **pbeldin used "*roll picture*"** **pbeldin rolled image ** 05/08/2016 on roll for your new parents 0
#1 - Picture 05/05/2016 on incest +3
#44 - coud you explain more please i am religious but i havebt read …  [+] (4 new replies) 05/04/2016 on OhShitSon +1
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#46 - twiceasfun (05/04/2016) [-]
Old testament had a lot of ridiculous rules. Jesus came along and said, "hey, that shit isn't right. That was written by people, not god, and they were wrong. I am god, so listen to what I say and throw out those old rules because they're dumb."
#48 - anon (05/04/2016) [-]
He didn't say they were wrong, nor that they were written by man. He did say that he had come to fulfill the law and set in place new laws and covenants and junk, but what do I know? I'm just an anon on funnyjunk
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#49 - twiceasfun (05/04/2016) [-]
Obviously I wasn't quoting his literal words, but it was relevent that Leviticus was not actually God's word or will
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#138 - aimoperative (05/04/2016) [-]
No they were, they were designed to cover Sin, since Jesus had not actually died yet to cover Sin for us. Now that Jesus had died an resurrected, thus covering Sin, the old laws are no longer necessary.

An example I can think of would be lighting a bonfire on a shore in order to guide a ship into harbor, the ship has finally come into port, so you don't have to light the fire anymore.
#5 - **pbeldin used "*roll picture*"** **pbeldin rolled image *… 05/02/2016 on way too much 0