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#376 - I grew up on Pokemon, too, but I think that's why I really dis…  [+] (1 reply) 05/01/2013 on That feeling 0
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#377 - reican (05/01/2013) [-]
well think about it like this. Ash don't travel to learn to be a Pokemon master anymore. he travel to learn about all the pokemon and places there is and try to battle in every league. He might not win them, but at least he has tried in every league. and it isnt like before, I agree on that. the old team are back home and will come if they need to but Squirtle for example are back with the Squirtle gang in Vermilion and are firefighters there.
I look forward to see all the new pokemon I saw in the newer games, to se if they meet my expectation or better or worse. and to see all the places that are not included in the games. Team Rocket have just learned of some of their mistakes, they still fail on Pikachu, but have succeeded in other tasks like stealing certain equipment. the whole reason Giovanni has let them back in with plans has a special reason, not because he think they will succeed but that the presence of Team Rocket will draw out the other gang in Unova.

some of the newer pokemon are rubbish and some are quite well made. some of the plots are harder to understand and some plots are gone and some new plots are just different.
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