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#632 - **otenko used "*roll picture*"** **otenko rolled image ** 07/06/2016 on DRAGONBALLZ SCAVENGER HUNT 0
#2 - How the hell did that person get some much text in the snapcha…  [+] (2 new replies) 09/10/2015 on disgruntled customer 0
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#3 - tepidteal (09/10/2015) [-]
These are edited photos. The original image is just the image by itself and then someone takes the photo into an editing program, something with layers like GIMP, Photoshop or paint.net and adds the caption.

They uhm ... add in a layer, add a strip of grey and set it to Overlay, or lower the opacity and then add in a text layer with the original caption.

I do it sometimes, if I find a photo I like that hasn't been captioned by someone else yet. The reddit link has the original image and caption to it, which is why I linked it as the source.
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#5 - yutility (09/10/2015) [-]
Or they take advantage of this glitch. www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZuFNS0Yg54
#315 - Wow, I'm like 30 minutes away from corpus christi! Our interne… 08/21/2015 on :O@! 0
#2 - Plot Twist: It's Luigi discovering what his fat brother Mario … 06/16/2015 on Sir, you don't even need... +2
#7 - I don't understand...does the game not end like that or am I m… 02/22/2015 on snek +1
#2 - I don't know if Fallout copied the rednecks in #9 or the redne… 01/30/2015 on Redneck Ingenuity 2 +3
#16 - I watched it for the first time recently with my girlfriend an… 01/17/2015 on When in-laws visit 0
#16 - I always feel I should watch some of his movies knowing he con…  [+] (3 new replies) 12/22/2013 on chaplin +26
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#28 - Lambda (12/22/2013) [-]
If you're not keen on sitting through a silent picture, watch The Great Dictator. It's got sound as you've come to expect and it's really a great movie.
#22 - anon (12/22/2013) [-]
if you do nothing with your life except one thing, go to youtube and type in charlie chaplin speech and watch the first result.
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#54 - derpstrider (12/22/2013) [-]
A Message to All Humanity. In my honest opinion it's possibly the greatest, most relevant speech ever made.
#5 - nope the sign's definitely about jesus. 12/20/2013 on Silly Jesus +74
#9 - I've spent many hours trying to beat this game ONCE, but there… 10/14/2013 on my proudest moment 0
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