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#5 - an*  [+] (54 replies) 05/06/2014 on No coloreds +16
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#6 - jamessevensix (05/06/2014) [-]
technically because "eloquent" starts with a vowel sound the guide (it is not a grammatical rule) is to use, as you pointed out, the word "an". However, that guide also suggest that if it works either way, there is nothing wrong with using either "A" or "An".

#23 - etzelec (05/06/2014) [-]
No. Usually if not always, when the word begins with a vowel, 'an' is used.
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#12 - juanbadmamajama (05/06/2014) [-]
You're objectively wrong. Learn what grammar and phonetics is. In any case, "an" is to be used.
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#17 - jamessevensix (05/06/2014) [-]
Oh and also, you should have used "are" not "is" when telling me, " Learn what grammar and phonetics is. In any case, "an" is to be used."

Clearly, because you are referring to more than one concept you need to use "are" not "is", as "is" is singular, and "are" is plural.

#25 - etzelec (05/06/2014) [-]
'You're' is the contraction of 'you are,' and it is grammatically correct. Stop acting like a smartass.
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#27 - jamessevensix (05/06/2014) [-]
I wasn't talking about their use of "you're". Please read my response again before telling me I am wrong.

The poster used "is" in a place of "are", when the poster was talking about more than one thing (which would mean it is PLURAL".

#29 - etzelec (05/06/2014) [-]
Learn what grammar is and phonetics is
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#30 - jamessevensix (05/06/2014) [-]
That is NOT their original sentence.
This is,
" Learn what grammar and phonetics is. In any case, "an" is to be used."

look, I'm not trying to be a dick here, I was messing with the guy because he went all grammar nazi on me while making one grammatical mistake after another in his response to me.

tell me you wouldn't have done the same?
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#38 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
what's immature is jumping into an argument that was NOT yours to begin with and telling a person why they are wrong...effectively, you did the same damn thing you called me immature for.

#64 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
I didn't try to get back at someone for correcting my grammar by trying to correct them back, if that's what you're trying to accuse me of.
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#39 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
oh and being insulting is also immature as you were when pointing out to me that you don't think I know the difference between "a" and "an".

so really you self-righteous little twat, go suck your girlfriend's dick some more and stfu already.
#77 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
That was a stupid, butthurt comment, and you need to understand that you can't just assume that someone is trying to insult you and start acting like a dick.
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#80 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
go fuck yourself you little bitch.

you act like a little self-righteous asshole, get insulting, start calling me immature then act like I'm the ahole here.
you were being a dick, just accept it.
#86 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
You're assuming again; just because I corrected you doesn't mean that I'm a self-righteous asshole who's trying to insult you, somebody who wasn't so paranoid and whiny would appreciate it, like it was supposed to be taken. I never insulted you, and here you are saying "go fuck yourself you little bitch" and calling me a "self-righteous asshole." You are being immature and an asshole. And you tried to accuse me of that.
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#88 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
so then, when you said I was unable to tell the difference between "a" and "an" in a sentence so there would be no point, you weren't being a condensing little dick?

I can accept I've been acting like a dick in this thread, hell that is half of what using fj is all about, insulting assholes and being insulted, but you can't accept that you are no different.

#93 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
lol no, you can't accept that you're being paranoid and silly over something stupid, but if you want to think that go right ahead and think that.
#98 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
accept it.
#102 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
You keep saying that.
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#104 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
I just realized something.

you were right this whole time. This whole time I was the immature one for arguing with you but you were not immature for arguing back with me.

nope, you are mature, despite arguing on the internet, and I am immature for arguing with you in the internet...

I'll give you a minute with that .
#112 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
Look back at the comments. Who's the one cussing and telling the other to suck their girlfriend's dick?
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#115 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
so if I cus at you that makes me immature, but if you continue in a pointless meaningless argument on the internet for no good reason, you are mature?

you sir are a twit.
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#75 - billiamclinton (05/07/2014) [-]
And thus OP became a faggot.
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#78 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
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keep trying striffe

eventually i will believe tht you are not just making fake accounts I'm sure!
#96 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
You need to calm down lol
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#100 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
you need to go suck a dick, seriously, if you are so mature and I am so immature, why are you still here?

huh? are you demonstrating how mature you are? is that what you think is happening?
#120 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
"you need to suck a dick" < that comment is immature

And I never said that I was mature, but certainly more mature than you.
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#122 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
oh well as long as you are more mature than me you are cool.

holy suck man, you continue a pointless argument, with no reason to continue and act like you are somehow above me, above the bullshit???

are you living in reality?
#127 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
Absolutely, hypocrite. I'm not making the stupid, disgusting remarks and unnecessary cusses.
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#130 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
you don't have to use cus words to be a complete dick.

and btw, I am nopt a hypocrite, I admitted my part in this, called myself a dick for it but you, well you are a complete moron that can't face what they are.

good day fedora wearer.
#137 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
What about those remarks about 'sucking your girlfriend's dick' and the other crap that you said? That doesn't make you a jerk?

And you're not a complete moron? Both of us engaged in this stupid argument, but the only reason why it started was because you took advice as an insult.
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#138 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
how many fucking times did I own my part in this? call myself a dick for arguing with you??? several times, that's how many, so what the fuck is your point asshole?

and no, you did insult me and guess what you don't get to decide what another person finds insulting, that is not how words work. you told me in effect, that I was too stupid to argue with because i could not tell the difference between a and an.

BUT and here is the important part

none of that matters, because you engaged in the argument, you sunk to that level, you threw insult after insult and abandon any hope for the high road.

you don't have to accept what you are, but just know, that you are a immature dick.
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#83 - billiamclinton (05/07/2014) [-]
uwotm8? I'm not him. Ahahahaha!
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#126 - swipez (05/07/2014) [-]
It's funny, he admitted to the anon and swubblydubs account, and yet he keeps going! I'm fav'ing this thread to come back and laugh at him even more
#94 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
Paranoia at its finest. :/
User avatar
#101 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
before you call me paranoid, maybe you should check when those accounts were made, each one is only an hour or so old, each one has only commented on this thread.

it is the same person dumbass
User avatar
#124 - swipez (05/07/2014) [-]
#106 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
From all we know it can be a coincidence, because there is no factual evidence that it is all the same person. You are assuming that. And since you don't know:

"suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification."

straight from google, the definition of paranoia: www.google.com/search?q=paranoid+definition&oq=paranoid+definition&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.2892j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8#q=paranoia+definition

You are a paranoid person in denial, sir.
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#109 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
umm yea

so you want me to believe and you do believe that three brand new accounts pop onto this thread, zero in on this particular argument, zero in on the right comment to reply to and then all three of them attack me while defneidng striffee..

by the way, he did actually admit one of the accounts was fake, the first one and gave a reason for why he did it.

so please, dont be stupid.
#117 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
One of them. So in that case it isn't paranoia because you had facts, even if he did say that truthfully. If you make a negative assumption without factual evidence, you are paranoid. You need help. Mental help.
User avatar
#119 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
ummm here is your proof

"So I promised not to come back, but my notifications are just flyyyyyying. So. Ya know what, ya got me. I made swubblydubs. Proud? Lol now that other guy? nah. but yeah i will be 100% honest. I was anon #54. Yes. Not the other. SWEAR. I am not lying. so I made the account to prove a point. yep. so, I'm going to delete this account, so you can quit harrassing me like a child (nice other comments tho, lotta reds, biotch) so ya got me. I made 1 anon comment and swubs, but now you're going crazy. and may I point out comment #89? VERY FIRST WORD! AAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. dude, you have the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniest cock in the world. you are a massive faggot, and you will go down in fj history as a dumb bitch. enjoy you're little "victory" since you were right about swubs, but you failed on so many other fronts. Stupid nigger"
User avatar
#181 - billiamclinton (05/07/2014) [-]
But.. but.. my account was made in like December. I'm not him lmfao. And I'm a lurker I don't really comment much. It really is just a coincidence.
#123 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
Never said that you were lying, but lol I like this guy.
#85 - jamessevensix has deleted their comment.
#72 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
That's immature? I only replied to correct an error, not to butt into an argument. Correcting you is not immature, your trying to accuse me of being immature because you took something to be offensive is what's immature. You need to grow up.
User avatar
#128 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
umm actually you did, you told me I have no proof, I am paranoid...ie a liar

you are a fedore wearing fag and I will do you a favor, you win, you are more mature than me, you are not a dick despite arguing like a little bitch, you win the internet for today and you get to claim your victory cus I'm off...you can now feel free to bring maturity to many others on fj.
User avatar
#74 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
so, insulting me wasn't immature?

and yes, actually, feeling the need to correct someone is immature, most adults just let it go.

you are no different. you corrected me and then became insulting. you are immature.
#82 - etzelec (05/07/2014) [-]
It's only an insult if you take it as an insult, and you did. And you do realize that you also corrected someone? You are paranoid and a hypocrite.
User avatar
#105 - jamessevensix (05/07/2014) [-]
okay, well if it is only insulting if you take something as insulting then, your mother sucks dicks every night, a new dick every night at that.

now, that wasn't an insult and if you take as an insult you are immature.

hmm, i like your logic, it frees me from responsibility for anything that I say.
#33 - etzelec (05/06/2014) [-]
That's immature, why would I do that? You don't even know how the difference between 'a' and 'an' in a sentence, so why bother?
#18 - anon (05/06/2014) [-]
And here we have a bunch of cunts still arguing despite being both right
#26 - etzelec (05/06/2014) [-]
You don't even know what you're talking about. Don't butt in.
User avatar
#28 - jamessevensix (05/06/2014) [-]
#19 - jamessevensix (05/06/2014) [-]
there is nothing more BETA than talking shit as an "anon".




#16 - jamessevensix (05/06/2014) [-]
I suggest you put a subject in your first sentence as without one, it is impossible to know what you are trying to tell me I am wrong about.

I also suggest you look up the the rule about "a" and "an", as I did before responding.

yea it's fun to turn the tables on a grammar Nazi.
#1 - The movie was better  [+] (3 replies) 04/28/2014 on Greatest book ever +47
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#2 - majormayor (04/28/2014) [-]
I was disappointed that they left out the scene where they go out for ice cream after the wolves interrupt the bar mitzvah.
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#3 - pandashock (04/28/2014) [-]
and the movie had nothing to do with japanese people
#4 - anon (04/29/2014) [-]
Yep Jungle book was a huge dissapointment

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