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#6 - they literally have dicks bigger than their thighs and cum in …  [+] (1 new reply) 04/01/2016 on Lewd benefits! +2
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#8 - sirsirsonson (04/01/2016) [-]
Because they've already been using it for a long time
#13 - Comment deleted 04/01/2016 on MaMa! +2
#34 - if only some company could prove that it is best to stand thei…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/01/2016 on God Bless #Savethebutt +15
#102 - anon (04/01/2016) [-]
Read the actual response to the pose change, they already had another one and didn't like the one that got removed, and the post was the final straw that encouraged them to change it. If anything, demanding they change it back would be demanding they censor themselves, just like the SJWs.

But then again, everyone calls this backtracking, because it's only the devs being honest if it's something this site agrees on. Fucking stupid.
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#176 - ompalomper (04/02/2016) [-]
If that is the case then I have nothing against it. Hell, in another post about this I said that we are angry about this purely because SJW's are involved and we don't want to give them a single inch.

However, I then think that they still fucked up. From a pure PR standpoint this should have been kept quiet and simply been changed in a patch. A simple "tracers 'looking over shoulder' pose has been removed/replaced with X" would have avoided this whole shitstorm.

It absolutely baffles me how blizzard didn't realize this. The must have locked their PR team in a small isolated room for the last two years for them not to realize that the only way to win would be to keep it under the table.
#32 - we all saw what happened when protein world did that when the … 04/01/2016 on God Bless #Savethebutt +8
#30 - fist time i acctally looked at the card propper alway… 04/01/2016 on God Bless #Savethebutt 0
#6 - well, not infinetly. from what i know there aren't any mirrors… 04/01/2016 on LONG Tumblr Comp-... +1
#8 - **ompalomper used "*roll picture*"** **ompalomper rolled image ** 04/01/2016 on April Fools Roll Contest 0
#671 - **ompalomper used "*roll picture*"** **ompalomper rolled image ** 04/01/2016 on This goes up your butt 0
#74 - This CANNOT be real. Just how much entertainment can one AI provide? 04/01/2016 on "Accidentally" +2
#5 - i was expecting an "allah aukbar" joke 03/30/2016 on Disney why? 0