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#23 - A few years ago, I was inconsolable when I broke up with my fi…  [+] (2 replies) 12/27/2013 on It Feels Good to Share +4
#77 - majkl (12/28/2013) [-]
I do agree with your point, however every relationship has its ups and downs and you can't be happy every day of your life. What I mean is a real relationship that lasts for years, and that is a damn long time with plenty of room to fuck up for both sides, and I do believe that fighting for a real relationship is by far better than just push someone away saying it is their loss

Btw I admire that you are doing what you love, don't see many people like that arround these days
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#85 - omnomnominator (12/28/2013) [-]
Certainly, but you can find the good in every situation. I'm not talking about pushing people away, I'm talking about when things end, everyone should accept that if something ends it wasn't meant to be. Every relationship has its ups and downs, yes, but, think of it this way; If you fight and the relationship comes out well, you have a long lasting relationship, and you win. If you fight and the relationship ends, then you've done what you can, and you can go on no longer wasting your time with a relationship that didn't have a future left. My point is that there's always something amazing to find about a day, no matter how many times you think of someone you've lost, no matter how alone or lost you feel, and sometimes it can be as simple as looking at the sky and knowing that somewhere, there's another adventure to be had, another relationship, another experience and new things to be learned.