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#4 - Danbooru has a tag for this. And 156 hits.  [+] (1 reply) 10/17/2013 on Fedora of Cthulhu +3
#8 - macabrealucard (10/17/2013) [-]
and we care because...
#162 - Ah, yes, Sonic fancharcters. The most cancerous sort, only cre…  [+] (6 replies) 10/16/2013 on Cringe Compilation 5 +3
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#178 - mitchr (10/17/2013) [-]
That made me ashamed to like Nine Inch Nails.
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#218 - stoicnick (10/17/2013) [-]
is it bad that i wish he were back on drugs so his music would be better? it is. i'm sorry trent you go out there and do whatever the fuck you'regoing to do
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#220 - mitchr (10/17/2013) [-]
Well, he's actually a pretty nice guy, I hear. And along with that, he's happily married with kids now. Said kids have such badass names, by the way. Lazarus Echo. We can die knowing we'll never be awesome as the name Lazarus Echo.

And what about How To Destroy Angels? I liked Welcome Oblivion, it was a good album.
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#222 - stoicnick (10/17/2013) [-]
shhhh i'm going to go listen to danzig,danzig is god
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#207 - kreekydoorS (10/17/2013) [-]
....the band or on the fingers?
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#209 - mitchr (10/17/2013) [-]
Nine Inch Nails - Right Where It Belongs

Band. Well, not band. Really just Trent Reznor, more or less.

See, they actually have some absolutely amazing songs. Note that before the third verse, a filter is removed, making his voice crystal clear. It reflects the meaning of the song- what if there is more to existence than what you know? What if you aren't what you could have been? Remember your dreams, what happened to them?
It's an amazing song, and it pisses me off that little emolings like that kid give NIN a bad reputation.