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#55 - Except with the Tracer butt pose they came back with an even a…  [+] (1 reply) 05/29/2016 on Overwatch porn is being... +5
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#83 - pentol (05/29/2016) [-]
Tracer  Pose Design 101  The Animation of Overwatch  Extra Frames

Despite what this video says, i dislike the new pose, and prefer the old one. I think it is because the left arm runs opposite/against to the central line. Or maybe it is because the new pose looks like it should collapse pretty quickly. Most ordinary humans would not be able to hold it for two whole seconds.
#1 - I have no clue what is going on in this video, anyone care to explain?  [+] (9 replies) 05/24/2016 on Per Request +10
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#10 - muffincannibal (05/24/2016) [-]
Wrapped a plastic bag around his head and suffocated himself. Then the cops arrive.
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#21 - dierdred (05/26/2016) [-]
Nope, I saw the original post a few years back on bestgore.com Fuckers strangling himself with some type of string.
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#5 - cdsams (05/24/2016) [-]
Ice cream truck didn't help the sad man.
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#4 - Jesusnipples (05/24/2016) [-]
guy 360 noscoped himself because he had sadz, rip in pepperonis
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#3 - Azacu (05/24/2016) [-]
the guy has a very strange attraction to the wall and wants to hump it, but the police find out and arrest the man.

j/k he hanged himself and the ambulance didn't get there fast enough.
#2 - afireinsidebrad (05/24/2016) [-]
guy hung himself, i swear you can actually see when his life ends because the color drains from his facei think
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#9 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (05/24/2016) [-]
Well shoot now that you mention it I can tell clear as day.
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#6 - wraithguard (05/24/2016) [-]
Yeah, I think the color drains out because there's no more pressure from his heart, and it starts collecting in the lower body.
#7 - afireinsidebrad (05/24/2016) [-]
that, and his fucking neck stretches
#86 - While I absolutely loathe certain aspects of Uni, it is stuff …  [+] (3 replies) 05/23/2016 on college +2
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#108 - fatminion (05/23/2016) [-]
if you play your cards right, you don't have to give up the goofy, nonchalant uni life. Here are some tips:

- don't engage in small-talk at work. You'll end up becoming friends with co-workers and end up doing bull shit like "grabbing a pint after work", at which you'll just end up discussing work and it will be boring as hell. Also, if you distract yourself by chit-chatting at work, you'll probably end up working an hour extra each day, dipping into potential amazing time. If you concentrate and get your job done super fast and super good, you can probably take half-days a few times a month because you're way ahead of schedule.
- if you can, be your own boss. This means sleeping in, getting wasted at noon, spending 3 months on holiday but still being able to get a little work done from your hotel. Not everyone can handle this kind of life, but you need to maximize your free time and have the ability to do stupid/fun shit pretty much when you want.
- talk to strangers. As people age, many get boring. If you talk to strangers, you'd be surprised at the excitement and fun you could have. Just yesterday I played pingpong with a trained Polish army mercinary who can kill with one blow. How? you might ask? I just straight up walked up and said "hey, can I play?" (we have ping pong in the park). We ended up talking for hours and I got invited to his house to drink with him and his old war buddies.
- try as much as you can. Someone suggest getting prostitutes? Don't be a prude, just do it! Friend wants to visit some shitty African country for some reason? Go with them! Who knows? Maybe it'll be awesome! You walk by an Afghani restaurant that nobody seems to be at? Go in and order the most expensive thing! If you continually try new things, you'll find so much cool shit and will probably get into tons of crazy situations and will have tons of cool stories.
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#89 - leonhardt (05/23/2016) [-]
Think of it this way, unemployment is the most laid back you'll ever be
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#90 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (05/23/2016) [-]
Yeah but that's depressing. At least with Uni I'm bettering myself. Should hopefully secure a job pretty soon after graduation, perks of going with a CompSci major
#18 - Okay real talk Supernova was MY ******* ****. I'm still upset …  [+] (1 reply) 05/19/2016 on Day 14 mountain dew +1
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#20 - luciafoxx (05/19/2016) [-]
dude seriously, now we're stuck with Pitch Black shit's not bad though and Baja Cum