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    Wheres the WALL!?!? check Description Wheres the WALL!?!? check...
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    pokemon fusions by seoxys pokemon fusions by seoxys
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    i read manga for character development i read manga for character...
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    jokes jokes
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    right? right?
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    new shower new shower
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    Discordantly Discordantly

latest user's comments

#104 - wheres that from?  [+] (1 new reply) 01/25/2015 on Stop! It's HAMMER time! +2
User avatar #114 - orelse (01/25/2015) [-]
No idea.
#36 - stays the same? . . . . you mean learning bl…  [+] (3 new replies) 01/13/2015 on REKT +41
#112 - legitimately (01/13/2015) [-]
User avatar #57 - kameken (01/13/2015) [-]
That thing she totally used all the time once each?
User avatar #102 - kyleassante (01/13/2015) [-]
how many times did zuko napalm strike? once. how many times did he do the same break dance stand flame kick? every episode.

If we have to pick one person who grew the most it's toph. she moved a rock, then a melon army that was also on fire, then metal! if we don't count the obvious aang who surrounded himself in all elements and slapped a grown man in the chest.
#10 - but do you like him? 12/28/2014 on Whatever happened to these... 0
#8 - it wont work cus youre a brony but phanact might like you  [+] (22 new replies) 12/28/2014 on Whatever happened to these... +3
User avatar #9 - phanact (12/28/2014) [-]
He's essentially denounced that he's a brony, I believe.
#11 - anonymousbrony (12/28/2014) [-]
oh boy, someone relevant on FJ recognizes me and actually remembers something I said.
senpai noticed me
User avatar #22 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
hey he remembers how i found his wifi doesnt he PHANACT
User avatar #23 - phanact (12/28/2014) [-]
User avatar #24 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
you better or i come over and rape your xbox
User avatar #25 - phanact (12/28/2014) [-]
do it
its got an open hole for the power cable i lost
User avatar #26 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
you didnt lose it i stole it
User avatar #27 - phanact (12/28/2014) [-]
User avatar #30 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
also theres a new one that seems suspicious i connected to it and check the network and found a computer open to the public and it just had a bunch of gore photos like all of the same dead woman with progressively less limbs per picture
User avatar #32 - phanact (12/28/2014) [-]
uhhh that's a big red flag
User avatar #37 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
i found the house and the police were there but the wifis still up and the powers been cut
User avatar #38 - phanact (12/28/2014) [-]
User avatar #41 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
btw i think those pictures were from inside the house because as i drove by a officer ran out and threw up in the bushes
User avatar #39 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
yea forreal the house doesnt have a basement and i know because a friend of mine lived there a few years back so it just gets creepier
User avatar #28 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
btw that wifi is still up with the same name and everything here
User avatar #29 - phanact (12/28/2014) [-]
what was that name again?
User avatar #31 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
Phanacts Favorite Hideout
User avatar #33 - phanact (12/28/2014) [-]
User avatar #34 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
i forgot what tfw was
User avatar #35 - phanact (12/28/2014) [-]
that feel when
User avatar #36 - sonicsyndicate (12/28/2014) [-]
thx m8y
User avatar #10 - odderror (12/28/2014) [-]
but do you like him?
#2 - Can we have flying mounts in WoD already. I cant be the only w…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/28/2014 on Fat Bear Man on a Goat... 0
User avatar #8 - iamnotgoodwithname (12/29/2014) [-]
flying is a real sore subject it seems. you got one half of the community wanting to fly and the other half saying "its just like dem olden days" i do hope they give it to us because its a real pain in the rectum to get around nowadays
#2 - i want to stick my dick in that glory hole so bad 12/28/2014 on Stolen from chin times four 0
#112 - I love you for your honesty and im in about the same boat 12/28/2014 on Double standard bitches +1
#15 - Ok time to educate you. First, the Warlords of Dreano…  [+] (8 new replies) 12/26/2014 on Gift From Hell +37
#85 - animedudej (12/26/2014) [-]
i've been doing mostly just garrison and some heroics the last few weeks. and i can say that just garrison stuff has gotten me 3 or 4 lvl 640 pieces. (blacksmithing of course)
#80 - anonymous (12/26/2014) [-]
Raid finder is not real raiding.

Panda expansion ruined everything with "don't have the legendary? fuck off" mindset. Impossible to catch up etc.

I used to do realm first tier raiding and my guild kinda feel apart at the beginning of the shitty panda expansion. Couldn't find a good guild. Not doing normals because not casul and already cleared. Fell behind because missing heroic progression was detrimental. GG.

For casual raiding. Sure the game is plenty accessible. But not if you want to get anything legit done. Some may enjoy playing with randoms and idiots who keyboard turn and do actually still continue to stand in the fire despite nearly a decade of playing.

I miss the thrill of the realm first race. Which in my opinion is the only thing worth playing alongside hardcore PVP. Everything else is filler.
User avatar #75 - rheago (12/26/2014) [-]
I liked WoW more when it was more about the levelling and exploring than about endgame raids.

I levelled from 30-40 mostly from just exploring things and doing fun stuff.
Now you have to get max level straight away or else it's boring as hell
#56 - anonymous (12/26/2014) [-]
dis nigga trying to defend a shit class game and its shit tier community. raids are so dumbed down for children they hardly pose any fun for those who enjoy complicated runs with real benefits. pvp is and has been broken for a while nerfing fun gimmicks but buffing whats really op for no apparent reason than the classes kept bitching about being under powered because they'd rather be able to do everything instead of relying on the situational conditions of their classes, also the entire story line went to shit with the "parallel universe" bull shit they're trying to pull off face it, wow's run out of ideas and will die soon.. just in time for wow 2 to come out and buy them more time. they removed the grind, which goes against the wow feel of earning what you get and not being handed it. all this from just about everyone i know who played WoD. most of which have played since vanilla and wont touch it anymore because of the age reduction and blizzard failing to deliver
#57 - anonymous (12/26/2014) [-]
sincerely; someone who wanted to get into wow but decided not to when the people who practically suck blizzards dick said it was garbage.
#49 - anonymous (12/26/2014) [-]
"dps is the easiest role to fill"

Everyone knows tanks git it easiest.
#70 - anonymous (12/26/2014) [-]
Easiest for the raid leader, silly
#47 - blackrookfiend (12/26/2014) [-]
Thank god someone sees sense. On the topic of story though, I don't think you realize how strong a point you make, because the lore in BC was a kick in the nuts to a lot of long time fans.

I've been playing since I was a tyke in Vanilla and I can say for sure that while aesthetically certain elements of Vanilla and BC were my favourites(along with half the score of TBC holy shit that stuff is awesome), the raids and lore in it were almost non-existant in terms of good story execution. They killed off all three of the Illidari generals AND Kargath Bladefist, when there could have been one million things to do with them. Instead, they wanted to wrap up the stories with a little bow, rather than explore the amazing oppurtunities present, and that's very telling of the era the game was present in.

WoD on the other hand, has solved nearly every problem of fan complaint by both bringing back and NOT bringing back the older characters lore fans loved the shit out of by making the next setting an alt universe. Exploration of each older clan and what makes it tick and by extension each Warlord is present at all times, and characters like Durotan and Yrel are far better than any we've had appear exclusively in WoW to date.

Now if only Garrosh Hellscream hadn't been completely wasted but for the end of Nagrand...

#15 - I'm sure the king is pleased with your devotion  [+] (1 new reply) 11/04/2014 on #EbolainDoritos +6
#31 - urapooper (11/04/2014) [-]
#3 - i thought there was going to be 6 seasons and a movie to this …  [+] (2 new replies) 10/31/2014 on Well Played... +3
#49 - crosskill (10/31/2014) [-]
Season 6 has been confirmed.
Yahoo! has bought the rights to Community.
So we will probably see season 6 in the fall of 2015.
User avatar #4 - deescalation (10/31/2014) [-]
As long as there is kickstarter, and the cast is alive, there is a chance
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