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#3 - [TRIGGER ALERT] The pay inequality is there because women are …  [+] (2 replies) 11/16/2014 on (untitled) +3
#7 - anon (11/16/2014) [-]
The wage gap is also not true because it is talking about everybody, with every job. Men are statistically more likely to go for higher paying jobs, like business. Women usually take lower paying and more personal jobs, like teachers. The 1 in 5 thing is just for a certain city, and the person who conducted the research for that said it was not a reflection of anywhere else.

tl;dr: Wage gap and 1 in 5 thing is completely wrong.
#9 - metalocalypsefan (11/22/2014) [-]
id also like to see the data they use. more importantly I'd like to know their definition of sexual assault. Because if it covers anything and everything from slap on the butt up to rape, that leaves a lot of area between that honestly isnt as serious as sexual assault makes it sound. and most of the data is probably slanted toward the lower end of sexual assault. that while still illegal and in bad taste, isn't really that serious (at least not as serious as rape or other forms of serious sexual assault). but is "oh no he slapped my butt" or "he peeped at me in the shower" count too then that data doesnt really represent what they're saying it represents. In addition to this the data they say is in terms of an entire woman's lifetime. So that 1 in 5 in some cases means this woman once upon a time 20 years ago got felt up inappropriately, but this other woman was raped 2 times in the past year. But they are both just 1 in 5... doesnt exactly paint the same picture.
#1 - Picture 11/16/2014 on Onichan +27
#90 - whats with diaper fetishes? reminds me of that weird manch…  [+] (2 replies) 09/28/2014 on Cringe comp numbruh 3 0
#201 - anon (09/29/2014) [-]
there are many different kinds of diaper fetishes 1 those who are doing it for safety and security 2 those who enjoy wetting/messing 3 those who enjoy acting like a kid and enjoying freedom from adult responsibilities 4 those who want to be dominated or submissive 5 those who want to care-take those who are into number four 6 those who are incontinent and just join the groups to find something to talk about 7 those who enjoy wearing but not using 8 those who are lazy and wear for preference of not having to get up to pee
im sure I missed a few
ive studied several sexual fetishes and diapers happen to be one of the "safer" fetishes...there are many fetishes out there that are far worse...like fucking cars/animals/latex/bdsm/and the list goes on. psychologically diapers usually is more about keeping yourself comfortable or safe but there are extreme sides to every fetish. you wouldnt believe how many people are into one crazy thing or another.
7 billion people = lots of crazy fetishes
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#131 - galkawhm (09/29/2014) [-]
One of my friends has one. He says it has something to do with dominance.
#13 - fixed  [+] (2 replies) 09/09/2014 on DYK Comp #39 +118
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#14 - iwasthepapercut (09/09/2014) [-]
I don't get it
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#15 - doctornick (09/09/2014) [-]
Mike from monsters inc is covered by ads like in the movie