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#142 - well damn I was unaware that that part of the Civil Rights… 7 hours ago on Apologies from an Arkansan 0
#25 - as dumb as that is, they have every right as a business to ref…  [+] (39 new replies) 16 hours ago on Apologies from an Arkansan 0
User avatar #130 - jokexplain (7 hours ago) [-]
Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Injunctive Relief Against Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation

SEC. 201. (a) All persons shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, and privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, as defined in this section, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.

and yes, this business counts as 'place of public accommodation'. all businesses that are advertised publicly count as that
User avatar #142 - notguitaraddict (7 hours ago) [-]
well damn
I was unaware that that part of the Civil Rights Act existed
thanks for clearing that up
User avatar #35 - meganinja (14 hours ago) [-]
Not based on race, gender, religion, etc...
User avatar #73 - checkemtrain (12 hours ago) [-]
Yes,they actually can.It 's america, murder may not be legal but you can do almost whatever the fuck you want.If a private business owner wants to ban a certain people from his store he is welcome as fuck to do it,but business will be slower,people will demonize and dehumanize him,and all the other political bullshit that comes along with this liberal fuckwad of a society.
User avatar #74 - meganinja (12 hours ago) [-]
I'm pretty sure there are laws that say you can't.
User avatar #77 - checkemtrain (12 hours ago) [-]
Probably,but I see them as wrong.The government shouldn't be able to tell private business owners what they can and can't do.We don't live in a socialist society.Yet.....
User avatar #82 - meganinja (12 hours ago) [-]
The government should be able to tell private business owners what they can and can't do. I think 1950s West Virginia coal mining towns is the last time it's happened in America, but when you give businesses too much power they make people their slaves.

All these pro capitalism people seem to forget how powerful a monopoly can be. Most big business owners are cruel and relentless. It's how they got the position in the first place. They'll do whatever the fuck it takes to make money, and if they can legally get away with selling your mother into prostitution, they'd do it if it made them money.

I don't want to live life as a serf.
#83 - checkemtrain (12 hours ago) [-]
That not what I mean though.What im getting at is that these people shouldn't be forced into serving people they don't want to serve.It 's their business,its not like other business' will follow after they see the Crucifixion done to him by the jewish/progressivist media anyways.
User avatar #84 - meganinja (11 hours ago) [-]
Unless the majority is racist. During Jim Crow bad shit would happen to a business if they allowed blacks and whites together. Allowing so much power to the people scares me, because people are unpredictable. I'm left handed, and if suddenly there were people going around lynching lefties, I'd look to the government for help.
User avatar #86 - checkemtrain (11 hours ago) [-]
Of course,but the mindset has changed.Do you really think letting these people not serve muslims will start off a chain reaction?NO.And i'll tell you why. People will boycot the business' as they did before,and it works.With all the shaming and boycotting and all that other bs piled together it can make a man faced with bankruptcy change his ideals.

Plus im all for the free market,but being forced to serve customers he doesn't want to serve is pretty much against free market. Seriously,sometimes people just can't MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS. I'm not referring to you of course but people these days just don't know when to get the fuck out of someone else's life and stop telling them what they morally can and can't do.
User avatar #89 - meganinja (11 hours ago) [-]
This is Arkansas we're talking about here in the first place. And I highly doubt it will start a chain reaction because of this one case, but the reason we need government intervention is so that it doesn't happen. Running a business doesn't put you above the law, nor should it. I think the only times a business should be able to deny service are if 1) the person doesn't have the money or has no paid previously, 2) the individual is causing a scene somehow (could be aggressive behavior, or simply not conforming to a dress code) or 3) you are closed.

Why should businesses be allowed to discriminate?
User avatar #90 - checkemtrain (11 hours ago) [-]
Because its their business,they created it with their own hands.Its like making your own wooden horse with your two hands,and then your mom tells you to let that kid that bullied you across the street to have a turn at it.Now I understand fully how the government should intervene at times when people are obviously abusing the system,but they should NOT intervene when a business man is doing what he wants with his business selling to customers wise.Its his own goddamn choice if he wants less money,not the governments.
User avatar #91 - meganinja (11 hours ago) [-]
It's too easy to be abused though, there would have to be too many exceptions that the whole thing would basically be a waste of time. There are too many places with 1 grocery store for miles. If that place won't sell to a specific group for no rational reason, then those people will likely starve to death. And don't tell me that's going to be a rare occurance, because if they had the power, many small business in rural areas would do just that. Minorities are such a small amount that the dropped business would be negligible, and you could run your own small scale eugenics program. How the fuck do you not get this?
User avatar #94 - roninneko (11 hours ago) [-]
On private property, the Constitution does not apply if it conflicts with the decisions of the property owner. That is why you will see a sign in most restaurants etc. that reads, "Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone."
#92 - checkemtrain (11 hours ago) [-]
I agree,things like that could happen, which is a very bad thing indeed. But we aren't talking about not selling necessities of life, we are talking about guns. and btw I get it, I'm just looking at the whole Forrest, not one tree. Maybe the rules of selling to everyone necessities should stay that way, but guns are far from necessities. And it is just one place this is happening at. I believe in small government, not one that can bully business owners into doing what they tell them to with their stuff.

Sorry I have a different opinion on this matter than yours.
User avatar #44 - tsoper (13 hours ago) [-]
Especially based on race, gender, religion, etc.

In my opinion, i think they should be able to refuse service to anyone for any reason or no reason at all. I mean, it is their own store. If they dont want customers thats fine, theyre the ones losing business.
Just like A&F can refuse fat chicks by not adding fat clothes, so can grocery stores by refusing to add non-meat products for vegetarians.

Its competition, so if Target refuses to sell to blacks one day, they could go to Walmart instead or buy it off the "black" market.
User avatar #45 - meganinja (13 hours ago) [-]
Assume I were black and your world were reality. I go down to my neighborhood grocery story 'no blacks allowed'. I then laugh and think "Haha, they're going to lose out on business" as I starve to death.
User avatar #160 - defeats (4 hours ago) [-]
You Americans need to stop seeing guns the same way you see food and water. You do not need guns to survive.
It's like bars, they should be able to turn away anybody they do not want to serve. people do not need alcohol to survive.

Sure, everybody deserves equal treatment, but don't compare not getting to shoot guns with not eating.
User avatar #193 - meganinja (1 hour ago) [-]
Why not? I'd rather die than live in a world so cruel that I wasn't able to have the same standard of living as everybody else because of the color of my skin.
User avatar #194 - defeats (48 minutes ago) [-]
... This is exactly my point, fuck me...
"they ban us from a firing range, OMG this world is so cruel".

Not being able to use a firing range doesn't affect your standard of living. Not in any way, shape or form.
User avatar #195 - meganinja (47 minutes ago) [-]
I shouldn't be allowed to do something I want to do because somebody doesn't like the color of my skin?
User avatar #196 - defeats (45 minutes ago) [-]
I don't give a shit about that. That wasn't my point, I never said anything about what you should be allowed to do. What I said was, not being able to use that firing range is not a breach of your human rights, don't act like it is one.
You sound like a Tumblr user.
User avatar #197 - meganinja (33 minutes ago) [-]
I don't give a fuck about the thing being a firing range dumbass. Get it through your thick skull it's the motherfucking CONCEPT of being denied goods and/or services based off race. I for one do not want to return to the 1950s world of segregation. It's not being an SJW to call out racism when it ACTUALLY IS RACISM.
User avatar #46 - tsoper (13 hours ago) [-]
Which means that all the rest of the black people in the United States would starve to death too.

Im sure black people would have made their own grocery stores by that time, which say "blacks only".

If you were the only black person in the U.S., then yes, youd starve to death probably because you dont belong here. Like how you wont find many muslims in Russia.
User avatar #47 - meganinja (13 hours ago) [-]
Cool. When I live in Alaska I'm not going to give a shit about all of the places anywhere else that will let blacks buy food. When there's only 1 store within about 100 miles and they won't let me in, I don't give a shit about how other people are elsewhere. Sure this shit might fly in urban areas, but when you live in a rural area and are possibly the only of that minority around, or there's a very limited number, then it could lead to deaths.
User avatar #48 - tsoper (13 hours ago) [-]
Exactly, you dont live where you dont belong.
Saying that my world existed, would you purposely try and move to a rural area? If so, then you arnt very smart for doing so.
User avatar #50 - meganinja (13 hours ago) [-]
Sounds like a shit bag of a world to me. I hate cities. Why should I have to live in a shit hole because I'm a minority?

Next you're going to be saying if I get killed somewhere for being a minority I shouldn't have been somewhere as a minority, and that it's the peoples' rights to kill who they want to kill.
User avatar #51 - tsoper (13 hours ago) [-]
Youre right, it is a shit world. But that was just an extreme example of stores not allowing certain types of people.

Im sure muslims can live without guns. And i highly doubt walmart will ever not allow certain types of people to come to their store.
User avatar #52 - meganinja (13 hours ago) [-]
It's the concept though. You shouldn't be able to discriminate based on something the person can't control.
User avatar #53 - tsoper (13 hours ago) [-]
But that's violating personal freedom though.

If I owned a store, i should be able to control who can come in and who cant. Just like if I was ever a boss, i should be able to reject people from working at my place for any reason, whether its because im sexist, racist, or just dont like the person.
User avatar #62 - meganinja (12 hours ago) [-]
it's violating personal freedom to not let others violate somebody else's personal freedom?
User avatar #71 - tsoper (12 hours ago) [-]
Well, you wouldnt like it if someone breaks into your house and yells discrimination if you try and kick them out.
User avatar #72 - meganinja (12 hours ago) [-]
My house isn't a business.
User avatar #75 - tsoper (12 hours ago) [-]
But it's your own property. Just like the guy's store is.
User avatar #76 - meganinja (12 hours ago) [-]
My house isn't offering goods or services.
User avatar #78 - tsoper (12 hours ago) [-]
What part of property do you not understand?

It does not matter if you are offering goods of services, if you bought/rented an area to place your own restaurant or store, then you own every part of it and you can deny service to anyone you want.
User avatar #85 - meganinja (11 hours ago) [-]
It's not right to deny somebody service based on something somebody can't change. It's lowering the standard of living for those people for senseless reasons. I know the term bigot has lost a lot of meaning with these SJWs rampaging about, but if you really think that then you're truly a bigot. Do you also think that if somebody is on your property you should be able to enslave them? It's your property, after all.
User avatar #149 - tsoper (5 hours ago) [-]
No, but youre able to shoot them if they dont get out.
User avatar #43 - obviouscaptain (13 hours ago) [-]
I too like living in a society where the goverment forces buisnesses to do things they dont want to do for no reason
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note to self
Jerry Brudos
User avatar #9 - vincento (11/28/2013) [-]
sorry ;__;
User avatar #10 to #9 - notguitaraddict (11/28/2013) [-]
for what?
User avatar #11 to #10 - vincento (11/28/2013) [-]
accidentally flagged on of your comment
unflagged it right after but still
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lol it's cool man
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fite me irl
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I'll deck u m8
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nice profile picture.
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thanks dude
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you're welcome :)
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Hello son.
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