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#10235086 - awh you lil cutie you ;D 3 hours ago on autism autism autism autism +1
#147 - Yeah but then you have to like have a plank to put the KB &…  [+] (1 new reply) 4 hours ago on XBL and PSN down? 0
User avatar #149 - OtisMcWonderful (4 hours ago) [-]
Not really. I've done just fine with the keyboard in my lap and the mouse on the couch arm rest. I just prefer the X360 controller since most modern games support it automatically with no need for extra software like DS3tool.
#60 - Yeah and if you're any good at enchanting then you can enchant…  [+] (1 new reply) 5 hours ago on Bethesda and stuff 0
User avatar #61 - emiyashirou (5 hours ago) [-]
How fucking much is the best version of it then? Because I had +125% mana regen on my armour, +15% on both my ring and amultet and the mask that I think gives 50% bonus mana regen, my mana never lasted for more than 4 seconds.
#57 - So you didn't level hp? that's where you dun goofed son  [+] (4 new replies) 5 hours ago on Bethesda and stuff 0
User avatar #58 - emiyashirou (5 hours ago) [-]
I wasn't level 32 at the time, so I levelled a fuckload into hp for a mage character.
#60 - noonelikesdan (5 hours ago) [-]
Yeah and if you're any good at enchanting then you can enchant any armor you want with the ability to regen your mana and if you get the best version of this enchantment you will never hit 0 mana.
User avatar #61 - emiyashirou (5 hours ago) [-]
How fucking much is the best version of it then? Because I had +125% mana regen on my armour, +15% on both my ring and amultet and the mask that I think gives 50% bonus mana regen, my mana never lasted for more than 4 seconds.
User avatar #59 - emiyashirou (5 hours ago) [-]
Was level 32*
#4 - Last one. REKT 11 hours ago on dumblr garbage +15
#57 - Then what if I'm playing a game that doesn't have controller c…  [+] (3 new replies) 11 hours ago on XBL and PSN down? 0
User avatar #146 - OtisMcWonderful (5 hours ago) [-]
Wireless KB/Mouse? Or you could use key mapping software like Xpadder. If you don't want an X360/Xbone controller, Logitech controllers were pretty nice back in the day, so I'm sure they still make some decent ones.
#147 - noonelikesdan (4 hours ago) [-]
Yeah but then you have to like have a plank to put the KB & mouse on and I use my old PS3 controller
User avatar #149 - OtisMcWonderful (4 hours ago) [-]
Not really. I've done just fine with the keyboard in my lap and the mouse on the couch arm rest. I just prefer the X360 controller since most modern games support it automatically with no need for extra software like DS3tool.
#39 - Dude doesn't say **** about not wanting to be in … 23 hours ago on fuck you -1
#14 - Well everyone was making a huge deal about it, if you didnt pi… 23 hours ago on Battlefield 3 - £0.74 0
#12 - But it was free a few months ago.....  [+] (2 new replies) 23 hours ago on Battlefield 3 - £0.74 0
User avatar #13 - fatguystrangler (23 hours ago) [-]
Dude that is SO helpful. I'll get my time control device..
#14 - noonelikesdan (23 hours ago) [-]
Well everyone was making a huge deal about it, if you didnt pick it up then well, your loss. BF3 is mainly dead now anyway, mainly just a bunch of metro conquest servers.
#8 - I just wish I could couch play my PC :c  [+] (43 new replies) 23 hours ago on XBL and PSN down? -1
User avatar #12 - OtisMcWonderful (20 hours ago) [-]
HDMI cable, X360/Xbone controller, Steam big picture mode. Done.
#57 - noonelikesdan (11 hours ago) [-]
Then what if I'm playing a game that doesn't have controller compatibility, also fuck xbox controllers, make me feel like im holding someone nuts in each hand and what if I didnt want to play something on steam?
User avatar #146 - OtisMcWonderful (5 hours ago) [-]
Wireless KB/Mouse? Or you could use key mapping software like Xpadder. If you don't want an X360/Xbone controller, Logitech controllers were pretty nice back in the day, so I'm sure they still make some decent ones.
#147 - noonelikesdan (4 hours ago) [-]
Yeah but then you have to like have a plank to put the KB & mouse on and I use my old PS3 controller
User avatar #149 - OtisMcWonderful (4 hours ago) [-]
Not really. I've done just fine with the keyboard in my lap and the mouse on the couch arm rest. I just prefer the X360 controller since most modern games support it automatically with no need for extra software like DS3tool.
#32 - lolollo (14 hours ago) [-]
> X360/Xbone controller
#151 - OtisMcWonderful (4 hours ago) [-]
>>#41, >>#38, >>#35,

>Replying with only "greentext" and the same reaction image

Holy shit dude. Literal autism. chuckbillrow brings up good points and you know it. PC is about having the ability to use whatever input you want. If I want to use my tablet for mouse input and a gamepad in my left hand, so be it.
#228 - lolollo (2 minutes ago) [-]
You know my favorite form of irony? When someone fails to recognize sarcasm as sarcasm, and calls the individual in question stupid because they've taken what they've said at face value. This wasn't even me trying to troll someone into an emotional reaction, this was me poking fun at the "PC gamers call everyone casuals" stereotype for my own amusement, and the amusement of anyone who'd recognize it.

This wasn't even me trolling you, this was you trolling yourself.
#229 - OtisMcWonderful (52 seconds ago) [-]
User avatar #148 - OtisMcWonderful (4 hours ago) [-]
It just werks™. Many games released in the past few years support it right out of the box. I do prefer KB/Mouse for most games though.
User avatar #34 - chuckbillrow (14 hours ago) [-]
every PC gamer should have a controller because some games just work better with them and the 360 pad is the standard
#35 - lolollo (14 hours ago) [-]
> Needing a controller to play a game properly
#36 - chuckbillrow (14 hours ago) [-]
racing games and platformers are undeniably better with a controller just like how FPS and RTS are undeniably better with mouse and keyboard and flight sims are undeniably better with a flight stick

the real strength of PC is the ability to use what ever type of input device best suits the game not better graphics or steam sales
#99 - questionableferret (8 hours ago) [-]
Actually, I deny that FPS games are better with a mouse and keyboard and I deny that shit hardcore. For one, a keyboard/mouse config forces you to be stationary whilst a controller lets you have a wider range of movement during play which is just a vanity feature but it's a much appreciated one that is pretty global to the appeal of the controller in the first place (though it is most appreciated in racing games).

I seriously don't get why people prefer the mouse/keyboard for FPS games. Maybe that is just because I enjoy Halo as a shooter more than any other shooter in the genre and Halo is a pretty hefty genre-hybrid between shooter and platformer where the responsive and varied movement necessary to properly compete in the game lends itself much better to a thumb-stick than a less-versatile key-based movement system.

Then there's the aiming. Whilst some tout the superiority of the mouse I've always found mice to be very clunky ways of interacting with the game-world. I've long-since gotten over the learning curve necessary to be able to aim precisely with a thumbstick at high sensitivities and the dual-stick system just feels like a more fluid way to interract with the game, plus I never find myself missing because of the thumbstick, more because of my own error or my target's amazing ability to dodge or to be behind walls and shit.

Finally there's just the kinesthetic feel of the whole thing. To me nothing in the shooter genre feels more natural than the triggers on a controller. When it comes to just feeling like you're making an impact upon the game clicking a mouse doesn't compare to trigger-pulling. It's not that there's not some satisfaction from click-popping someone's head off, just that on average I find the triggers just feel better.

I think this might just be because I like Halo and Halo gets the absolute best out of the controller to the point where a keyboard/mouse just can't compete but I do find I just prefer the controller in general.
User avatar #157 - OtisMcWonderful (4 hours ago) [-]
Some sort of analog input on a keyboard would be nice, but I think it'd just be a gimmick. If I want to move a little, I can just tap the keyboard. If I want to move a lot, I just hold the key down. It's not optimal, but it does work.

It's mostly the mouse. Aiming with a mouse is much more accurate and doesn't require that the game has some sort of autoaim to compensate. If someone has shitty aim, they just have to deal with it on PC. On a console, they just have to get close enough, and the game locks on for them. As far as the near non existent platforming you bring up, I did just fine with Mouse/KB in Halo. Another thing is being able to jump without taking away your ability to look around. The only way this can work with a controller is to bind it to a shoulder button or trigger, and I don't remember Halo 3 allowing that. Halo 3 is the last Halo game I played since Microsoft decided to sell more X360s rather than port the games to PC.

You don't "find yourself missing" with analog sticks because of the autoaim mentioned above. I was playing Halo 3 just last week, and watched the reticle attach to a grunt and follow it for a solid 3 seconds, until it ran behind cover, so don't tell me this doesn't exist. A good compromise would be to have official controllers with trackballs in place of the right analog stick. That way you get the accuracy of a mouse, analog triggers, and analog movement.

Not much to say about this point. I like clicky stuff. A lower travel distance makes it feel more responsive.

Personally, I think Halo plays best with a Mouse/KB setup, but everyone likes something different I suppose.
#227 - questionableferret (2 minutes ago) [-]
Dat Shovel Knight pic has too much booty for me.

But aye, Shovel Knight is a pretty telling example of where the industry is headed in the next few years. Into the past, though not necessarily backwards. We've hit the wall of graphical fidelity to the point where trying to improve on what we already have is just gonna be a waste of resources. Some devs have taken this to mean they should focus less on graphics now and more on gameplay and with the resurgence of retro-styled games (thank you Mojang) graphics are becoming less and less important, with games like Shovel Knight demonstrating that perfectly.

It's going to be interesting to see what kind of games come out over the next few years because I sincerely hope we see these now-ancient genres resuscitated by the indie devs who can make them on the cheap but deliver on the quality. That combined with the resurgence of old games through systems like Nintendo's shop and other digital-media services like steam I think we might well be standing at what could very easily be the start of an era of games that is not separated by time, but by style.

The new, AAA games are going nowhere, but all the old games are coming back into the spotlight.
#202 - questionableferret (3 hours ago) [-]

Eh, clicky stuff feels more responsive but triggers feel more satisfying in my books. The satisfaction you can get out of squeezing the shit out of a trigger is glorious and the feeling just isn't matched by click-popping someone's head off (fun though that may be).

I maintain that Halo plays best with the controller. Even if we were to concede that the controller made the game less responsive it would at least ensure that the game was far more balanced and equal, since nobody's equipment would be any different from anybody else's (at least not significantly).

The contoller is just the most balanced and satifying way to experience a shooter game and it's just a shame that some games inject auto-aim into the multiplayer.

Either way, have you played the Halo 5 Beta? Oh my god that shit looks just magnificent!
User avatar #206 - OtisMcWonderful (3 hours ago) [-]
That's actually one reason I love the GameCube triggers. Full analog with a digital click at the bottom. Fucking delicious.

And I maintain that it plays best with Mouse/KB, at least for me. It's all subjective. you like what you like, and I like what I like. I just wish that Halo would start releasing on PC again.

And nope. I don't have an Xbone or a PS4 and don't plan on having one for a while. There just aren't any exclusives that I feel are worth getting for either system right now.
#208 - questionableferret (1 hour ago) [-]
Dat click tho... hnnngh!

And yeah I'd rather see Halo on the PC than not. It's a fun game and I dislike exclusionary tactics like exclusive titles (that said, I'm a total fucking slave to them. I need my Halo fix... well, I did... then Halo 4 came out and kinda soured the feel for me. The Halo 5 Beta looks magnificent though so... kinda torn.)

And I don't have the Xboner either but Halo 5 might be enough to shift the console for me. We'll have to wait and see on that one. The Halo 5 beta though... it looks fucking glorious. It looks, sounds, and I assume it feels like a next-gen Halo game. It manages to both go back to basics (discarding the idea of equipment and abilities altogether) but innovates on those basics in ways I can really get behind, like how your shield-regen resets whenever you sprint so you don't regain your shields until you've stopped sprinting.

And the sound design... I'm just hoping the whole game is up to that level of quality. I'd suggest you check out some vids on it because it really looks like Halo's getting back on form.
User avatar #210 - OtisMcWonderful (1 hour ago) [-]
Really though. That's one thing I don't get. Microsoft is always talking about how they love PC gamers, but then they don't put their biggest franchise on PC. They'd be rolling dough from it but maybe missing out on some Xbone sales .

If it goes back to basics, it might be pretty good. Halo 1 was the shit on PC. I actually still have it installed.
#213 - questionableferret (1 hour ago) [-]
Here's the thing. Microsoft dominate the PC gaming market. They own it. They absolutely monopolise it because regardless of what components you put in your PC, regardless of where you buy the games or where you play them... you're gonna be playing on Windows. Sure, some games work on Mac too (something I appreciate as my work computer is a Mac and it's nice to get some gaming in in the down-time) but if you're a serious gamer you're going right to Microsoft.

What Microsoft DON'T have sewn up though is the console market. They actually have competition in the console market, serious competition. Sony and Nintendo are the Old Guard of the industry (with Nintendo being the clear veteran and winner of the first great Console War). The console market is their battlefield and they need to get as many people buying their consoles as possible. Microsoft don't have that many big, show-stopper licences to their name anymore (well, none that they actually fucking USE *cough* Banjo & Kazooie! *cough*) and whilst they may have more than Sony who have only got Little Big Planet (since none of their other big-selling games are really franchise games that offer an unique experience that will keep bringing people back) they are choked to death under the crushing weight of Nintendo's DECADES worth of 1st-Party exclusives. I mean... holy shit... and they don't even milk all of them. Metroid's been on the back-burner for years...

So Microsoft need all of their guns in the war that isn't really a certainty. If Valve release a Steam OS I'm pretty sure you'll see Halo go to PC to help fight on that front too but as it stands it's understandable as to why Microsoft conduct themselves in the way they do.

And yeah, Halo 5 is back to basics. A lot of gimmicks are now gone. No dual-wield, no equipment, no loadouts, etc. The majority of changes are just basic changes to the movement in the game which are simple but really allow a much more satisfying range of play-options.
User avatar #215 - OtisMcWonderful (1 hour ago) [-]
And hopefully that's slowly coming to an end. Around half of my Steam games are available on Linux right now, with that number growing. Hell, even older games are getting Linux releases, like Brutal Legend. I was totally surprised to see that in the list of available games on my laptop.

Please don't bring up Banjo Kazooie. That ended on the N64 as far as I'm concerned. Nuts and Bolts didn't exist. Metroid is something I'm waiting on. It's one of my favorites, and I'd snap up any new Metroid game without a second thought. I even enjoyed Other M Super Metroid will always be my favorite though. .

And hopefully Halo doesn't bring any bullshit like GFWL when it comes back to PC.

I don't know if it'll be enough for me to get an Xbone anytime soon, but that's nice to hear.

#217 - questionableferret (1 hour ago) [-]
Regardless of how much support Linux is getting it has no chance of dethroning windows as the most-used gaming platform. For one, most gamers are too casual to deal with the stuff needed to get Linux working properly. It's nice to see Linux getting some love but at the end of the day it too inconvenient to ever shift microsoft out of it's top spot or to even pose much of a threat. It may well catch on in the pro-gaming world though, so there's that.
User avatar #219 - OtisMcWonderful (56 minutes ago) [-]
I don't know... Ubuntu is about as casul as it gets. If my grandparents can use it without issue, I'm sure the rest of the gaming casuals can use it just fine. I don't think it'll ever be as big as Windows, but the fact is that its gaming library is quickly growing.
#221 - questionableferret (32 minutes ago) [-]
Hrr, we'll have to wait and see. It'd be nice to see Microsoft contested.
User avatar #222 - OtisMcWonderful (31 minutes ago) [-]
Definitely. More competition is always good for the consumers.
#223 - questionableferret (15 minutes ago) [-]
Not always, but in general it tends to be favourable.

Maybe it'll get Microsoft off their arses to clean up Windows.

As for Banjo Kazooie... I've got some good (if a little speculative) news for you. Have you ever played Shovel Knight? If not then shame on you, dumbfag, go play it now in all it's retro-SNES glory: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zddBfV3fpM

BTW, dat music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysCxbfg1VvY

Anyway, if you pay close attention you'll notice it's somewhat inspired by old SNES games (you gotta look real hard, it's pretty subtle). Basically, the people who grew up playing those games are getting crowd-funding to make the games of their childhood dreams. Mordern games may be fucking expensive to make but SNES games are comparatively cheap!

And it's not just the SNES games coming back, its the collectathons too:

So, if games like these continue to get the attention and critical praise that they're getting I think it shouldn't be too long before we see the bigger companies trying their hands at getting some of that action. After all, indie games have long-since supplanted the major gaming companies as the winds of change in the industry.

So keep your hopes up, bro.
User avatar #226 - OtisMcWonderful (9 minutes ago) [-]
I forgot to add that I'm pretty hyped for A Hat in Time too.
#224 - OtisMcWonderful (13 minutes ago) [-]
>implying I don't own Shovel Knight on PC, Wii U, and 3DS
#198 - questionableferret (3 hours ago) [-]
It does work but it feels shitty and it's much more fidgety. A compromise necessary for a digital medium.

Bumper-Jumper is well known as being the controller configuration of choice for serious Halo player and... well... it does what it says in the tin. And 'Non-existent platforming'? Dude, either you're a shite Halo player or you don't know what platforming is. The trick-jumps in Halo 2 are a really integral part to the feel of the game and traversing the maps has always been as much about avoiding the drops as it has been about shooting other people. Take for example 'The Pit'. There's no bottomless pits (which is kinda ironic given their prevalence on other Halo maps) but well-timed jumps are necessary for maintaining the high-ground efficiently. It's not exactly Super Mario but it clearly exists and if you're trying to get the best out of the game you're gonna be doing it pretty-much constantly. The movement element in Halo has always been one of it's biggest selling features.

And yeah, I detest auto-aim. As someone who can actually use the thumbsticks I don't need it and I found it distracting in the later instalments of the series. I'm pretty sure you can turn it off in at least one or two of the games. It's always bugged me since I don't need it, however the auto-aim is much less of a factor online in Halo 3 though it did get ludicrous in Halo Reach.

That said, the auto-aim is the fault of the game, not the controller. And giving controllers with trackballs immediately invalidates the standardness of the controller, which is one of the biggest advantages to them (everyone has the same hardware and you don't get hyper-competitive pricks with special KB/M setups giving themselves a clear advantage over everyone else). That standard control setup is probably one of the reasons why Console Halo is the best shooter there is, since the entire idea of the game is about everyone being equal and skill being the deciding factor.
User avatar #205 - OtisMcWonderful (3 hours ago) [-]
The shitty and fidgety "feel" is pretty subjective. I like it myself.

Was Bumper Jumper in Halo 3? I saw southpaw & legacy or whatever they call the layout with aim and movement on a single stick and never looked past those since most games just have either just those or in the case of games that have more, it's just more variations based on those. The platforming seems pretty standard fare for an FPS that allows jumping to me. It's nothing special.

I think it's an option for Halo 3. I don't know about anything past that since I never played them. Either way, I would leave it on myself. The sticks are too short and stubby on the X360 for it to be accurate enough for me. Mainly because I use high sensitivity. It feels sluggish otherwise.

Well the thing is, having a trackball would remove the need to have auto aim in the first place. I don't know if you've actually used one, but you really should if you ever get the chance. It's amazing. Now as far as everything being equal because of the controller, that's a lie. I play just as well with an old, shitty membrane switch keyboard and a ball mouse. Anyone who tells you they play better because of having X keyboard or Y mouse is lying to you. This is something I hate within the PC gaming ecosystem. "You only beat me because you have better hardware." Complete and total bullshit.
#207 - questionableferret (1 hour ago) [-]
I agree with pretty much all of that but the last paragraph gives me beef.

Whilst the majority of the time you win the game through skill I've got a gaming mouse and I promise you it has given me the edge in gaming and made general interaction with the game an awful lot easier. It's cheap but if the game allows you to exploit it with more versatile/suitable hardware then them's the goods. If I lose it's usually my own fault or maybe occasionally some lag here or there (though I don't like to blame lag and shit) but if I win I'm pretty sure my setup gives me an edge that might not be the deciding factor but it certainly helps.

That's something I really like about controllers. Atop that subjective 'feel' that I personally prefer from the controller I've never felt like my hardware was holding me back or giving me an edge.
#209 - OtisMcWonderful (1 hour ago) [-]
I don't really feel like my current mouse and keyboard gives me an edge, even over my back up stuff which really is a shitty membrane switch and a ball mouse . I do feel like a controller does hold me back when it comes to FPS games though. Even with the downfalls of using a keyboard for movement, the mouse more than makes up for it.

I actually made my dream controller for a thread on /vr/ once. Pic related.

SNES style start, select, shoulder buttons, and face buttons.
Face buttons in diamond pattern 6 button config.
Neo Geo Pocket style D-pad.
Wii U analog stick and a trackball.
Dreamcast triggers with an digital button when pressed all the way.
VMU because that shit is cool.
Turbo switches for all buttons.
All wrapped up in a translucent dat 90s tech fashion semi-Genesis inspired housing.

#211 - questionableferret (1 hour ago) [-]
For me it'd probably be the XBone controller with better triggers. I like simplicity and I think the controller was the one thing the XBone got right. I've played it though and those rumble triggers are just lovely. A digital click would just top the whole thing off for me. I like the flat thumb-pad like the Nintendo 3DS has but I like pushing my thumbsticks about, it just feels more dynamic.

Ooh, but credit to the Dualshock 4, the grips on that controller just feel sooooooo good. It's a joy just to have it in your hands so I'd appreciate something like that on my perfect controller too.

I've never liked translucent stuff though. Give me mat black so the stains won't show up as much. Shiny plastic just looks shitty if it's not perfectly pristine so I've always preferred my controllers to be black and free of sleekness/shinyness.
#212 - OtisMcWonderful (1 hour ago) [-]
I actually did make a simple black version, but I didn't like it as much. I made quite a few different versions. I started with an N64 styled controller and made small changes over 7 revisions.

I'd only fix 2 things about the Xbone controller. I don't like the ginormous shoulder buttons and the D-pad sinks into the housing too much. Scale the shoulder buttons back a little and make the D-pad have less travel time to register, and it'll be pretty nice. Oh and I lied. One more thing. Gimme PC support without needing a microUSB cable or make a wired version. I don't want the cable falling out while I'm trying to play.

The PS4 is alright too. I think it could use a more Vita-like D-pad though. It's not clicky enough.

>I've never liked translucent stuff though.
Blasphemy. 90s translucent stuff was matte anyway, not like the gloss translucent stuff we have now.
#214 - questionableferret (1 hour ago) [-]
It was matte but it was also translucent and call me crazy but I've never liked to see the motherboard inside the controller. I've always liked the idea that the controllers are more mechanically-minded than technical which is a blatant lie but I'm sure you get what I mean. A solid black matte finish just suits my sensibilities and whilst I liked the idea of the Dreamcast's little mini-controller-ception it's too cumbersome for my tastes and I never really used it.
User avatar #216 - OtisMcWonderful (1 hour ago) [-]
You'd love the N64 analog stick then. It's basically 2 slotted wheels that measures light with an optical sensor. It's actually a digital "analog" stick, but funnily enough, it's technically more accurate than modern sticks.
#218 - questionableferret (1 hour ago) [-]
Aye, but that accuracy came at a cost and the cost was cost. It was a step forwards but not one that was significantly far enough ahead of the pack to prompt it to become the norm, which is a real shame.
User avatar #220 - OtisMcWonderful (52 minutes ago) [-]
It was the first analog stick on a console, so there's credit due there.

It was definitely enough to push other companies. Sega didn't have an analog stick for the Saturn, nor did Sony have an analog stick for the PlayStation until after Nintendo revealed the N64 analog controller. Both Sega and Sony released controllers with analog sticks afterwards as a kneejerk reaction. If you wanna go a step further, Sony didn't have rumble either until after the Rumble Pak was announced for the N64.
#38 - lolollo (14 hours ago) [-]
> Inability to master all types of game with a keyboard and mouse
#39 - chuckbillrow (14 hours ago) [-]
#41 - lolollo (14 hours ago) [-]
> Having cancer
#42 - chuckbillrow (14 hours ago) [-]

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