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#34 - I've always really enjoyed summoning things. I dunno how often…  [+] (1 reply) 07/07/2015 on Send Help 0
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#35 - manofparody (07/07/2015) [-]
No problem. I've played the game a ridiculous amount, so if you need any advice or anything, just holler.
#24 - so my buddy just bought the 4 pack for myself and some friends…  [+] (12 replies) 07/07/2015 on Send Help 0
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#130 - blubblub (07/07/2015) [-]
Make a gold pickaxe before armor and other shit with gold, since it's the only thing excluding corruption/crimson pickaxe that can pick meteorite.
A full meteorite armor + meteorite gun space gun is fucking awesome for a mage character since it takes away the mana cost for the space gun.
crimson is always better than corruption, it's a bit harder but has way better stuff, like the crimson rod. fun for the whole party
but if you've just started then try to buy shit from the traveling merchant, like the code 1 or katana if you're going melee
you can make boss items that summons bosses and it's a great way to farm for items and dosh.
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#33 - manofparody (07/07/2015) [-]
I can't speak for the extreme mode, because I haven't replayed it with extreme from the beginning, only at the end.

If you're playing it with friends, great. Since there's 4 of you, that works out even better.
First, decide what spec you all want to be. It will make it vastly easier to split up gear, and make sure nobody gets greedy. There are 4 gear variants:
-Summoner (summons minions to do the work for them, and allows "artillery" mobs to be placed to assist in holding certain areas)
-Ranged (Pretty self explanatory. End game has stealth armor that increases damage/crit and lowers threat generation)
-Magic (My personal favorite. Magic comes in all varieties, from magical throwing knives, to tentacles that shoot out, to a prism that decimates an entire area, to raining hellfire or ice shards that obliterate enemies. Very high payout for damage, but you're the squishiest class in the game. At end game on extreme mode, you'll die in 2 hits.)
-Melee (Extremely powerful at end game. The melee class becomes the tank around mid-game, gaining threat generation accessories and huge damage reductions. At end game, the melee class is probably the strongest when it comes to extreme, just because it has an insanely high survivability.)

Now, the only real problem with these 4 variants, is the summoner. The summoner is almost impossible at the beginning, and requires farming to actually be anything worth wild. I recommend the summoner to take melee until it's possible to be a summoner. The melee items are very easy to get at the beginning, and there's freakin' tons of it.

As for splitting up loots and such: Everyone should be sharing heart crystals/life plants equally, while still giving the melee just a tad bit more until he's maxed out. Mana crystals should immediately be given to the mage until he's maxed out, while sharing a few with the summoner, just in case he gets a summoning item or 2.

Before you defeat the wall of flesh, make sure everyone has the best possible gear pre-WoF. If you down him with sub-par gear, you're going to have a terrible time when hard mode comes.

Make a base pretty, and strategical. My friend's and mine's first base was a huge bunker with side doors, most of it being underground. The 2 side doors were exchanged for actuator walls to prevent NPCs from going outside and mobs from coming in. It also made it extremely easy to defend.

And to inspire the summoner, because he's probably going to hate his build: The end game summoner armor is the coolest fucking armor in the entire game. You have a celestial guardian who follows you around and you can place anywhere you want to defend that area. The celestial dragon is also INCREDIBLY strong when made bigger with multiple summons. All you have to do is place your summons/artillery, and fly around and dodge shit. Your minions will do everything for you.
#38 - camzore (07/07/2015) [-]
Starting out with a new character in expert mode is fucking horrifying. Zombies literally 2-3 shot you at night, stuff can literally do over 90 damage a hit, but after you get tungsten/silver ore armour it's a little more bearable.
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#60 - theacespecialist (07/07/2015) [-]
Expert mode is fucking real. I have 800 some hours in terraria, so I wasn't expecting to get shit on like I am. Really have to relearn every boss fight, and use what you know about the game. Its pretty crazy.
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#63 - camzore (07/07/2015) [-]
Yeah me and my mate just defeated the WoF on expert mode, it was agony. I then proceeded to get fucked by the slime rain that occured straight after entering hard mode because all the slimes suddenly became as strong as Terminators.
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#64 - theacespecialist (07/07/2015) [-]
I've been getting shit on by skeletron, and I was stuck waiting for friends so I wouldn't get to far ahead, so I did about everything I could besides progress. I got a full set of warded stuff, and im about to go try this again
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#65 - camzore (07/07/2015) [-]
Yeah Skeletron is the hardest one I've experienced so far. It took us 3 tries to realise you need to kill the hands first before you start dealing real damage to the head. And you don't even get a great expert item from it, just an average ranged weapon that uses resources bones needed to craft armour. If you can build a big platform arena, get 1 or 2 camp fire and use the Cthulu shield I don't even like the item, but it's really hard to dodge the head otherwise to dash away from him when he starts spinning his head because you can't get hit by it if you want to sustain a long battle, the damage is just too insane. An Ironskin potion, regen potion and swiftness potion are pretty much necessary because it's pretty much impossible to consistently dodge those skulls he shits out.

Don't get too hung up on defeating skeletron, the Dungeon offers a fuckload of gold but the items you need cobalt sheild, muramasa, etc are still the same and we didn't get any new items from spelunking the dungeon. So far the Worm Scarf has been by far the best new item we've gotten, that and the new hellfire bow.
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#66 - theacespecialist (07/07/2015) [-]
Yeah the worm scarf is magic. Even looks cool. I've been using a mix of whatever the hell I feel like will work best. Usually bone javalins with a beekeeper and the bee's knees, which is great btw. The Cthulu shield is super cool as well. Gotta love the eyeball themes in terraria
#34 - nizarut (07/07/2015) [-]
I've always really enjoyed summoning things. I dunno how often we'll get to play as a group but i think the summoner would be my personal choice. Thanks for the info
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#35 - manofparody (07/07/2015) [-]
No problem. I've played the game a ridiculous amount, so if you need any advice or anything, just holler.
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#26 - karenoniks (07/07/2015) [-]
Go to a desert, get yourself a cactus set, get bombs/dynamite, go to crimson/corruption, destroy orbs/hearts, wait for a meteor to fall down, get a platinum/golden pickaxe, dig the meteor, make a full set of meteor armor and a laser gun. Now you have a gun with 25 damage that fires rapidly with piercing bullets and unlimited ammo.
That's how I always start, great for first three bosses, for dungeon boss you might need a Minishark that you get from Gun Dealer, and then for hell boss you need Phoenix Blaster that you craft from a Handgun (found in dungeon) and 10 hellstone bars (hellstone ore founs in hell).
If you play on normal mode then meteor is gonna carry you through all non-mechanical bosses, on expert mode you need to be smart.
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#84 - yzerboy (07/07/2015) [-]
Good luck if you think that a beginner can handle the new desert enemies and is able to dodge enough of the mobs/pitfalls of the crimson/corruption.

Best advice I would have is to just start by chopping down some trees. Use the newly acquired wood to make a workbench so you can make a wooden sword, since the short sword is garbage, then kill some slimes with it. Make some torches and start cave exploring. If there aren't caves nearby try digging diagonally into the ground to find a cave and start mining ores untill you can get better gear.
Once you have done all of those things you probably have gotten enough of an understanding of the game to continue with just the information given to you by the guide.