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#55 - snowshark (03/21/2013) [-]
Actually, Australia and the UK have only two big differences. Two differences that massively effect the cultures of the two countries but not enough to stop them from sharing many fundamental truths.

The differences are:

The climate an the wildlife.

In Australia, a culture grew to be fairly out-going and somewhat brash because it was necessary in order to both enjoy life on the continent and to survive the harsh living conditions. The weather promotes outdoor activities and, due to the geography of the country, people were very close to both the seaside and a wild, untamed outback full of nasty, bitey, stingy animals.

Indoor activity was rendered unpopular to a degree because of the heat and veriety of shit to do outside down there.

Then you've got the UK. Even though, because it's an island, a lot of people live close to the sea (as in Australia) the climate makes outdoor pursuits frankly dismal. We have very little wilderness to explore in 4x4s and little reason to explore it, given that there's very little of interest out there. The seaside is also dismal at the best of times and people generally don't enjoy themselves to the same degree.

Because of that, the culture is very insular, enjoying indoor activities over outdoor ones. Not to say there are none, as paintballing is somewhat popular... though it is also the only outdoor activity that is both easy and cool to do, so it placates a lot of people's wishes to do stuff outdoors without the necessity of practice or experience as is the case in Australia.

However, even then the two cultures are fundamentally very similar. We tend to like the same things, share the same ideals, consume the same products and both seem to have a healthy respect for the same things.

It's when you really see these things that you can really feel the shared cultural history of two parts of the same ex-empire.


Pretty much just the heat, aye.