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#121 - I don't think we, as insignificant as we are in the scheme of … 03/02/2016 on Stars burn bright till they... 0
#119 - Is there a new (presumably more powerful) telescope on the way…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/02/2016 on Stars burn bright till they... 0
#131 - archael (03/02/2016) [-]

Enjoy waiting impatiently like other nerds who find out. I'm practically giddy myself.

And yes, you read that right. It can potentially see 13.5 billion light years away. Makes The Hubble look like a pair of cheap binoculars.
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#140 - ninjabadger (03/02/2016) [-]
Sweet Mother Theresa

I bet my astrologist friend already knows about this, but dammit I'm gonna have to remind him.
#156 - It's a matter of perspective since they both act on opposite s… 03/02/2016 on It's All Over 0
#25 - Don't send them back... give them the option. No bac…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/02/2016 on Anon's class makes America... +5
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#51 - thesunpraiser (03/03/2016) [-]
"Man, I made a mistake coming to Africa, I think I wanna-"
#178 - I live in Ohio and rent is pretty good depending on the city. … 03/02/2016 on Liberal gets a taste of... 0
#240 - Alright since we're using generalizations... Do you p…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/02/2016 on John Oliver cuck BTFO'd +1
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#316 - lolollo (03/03/2016) [-]
Here's the problem though...

1. Your argument for Sanders amounts to nirvana fallacy. Dude has some amazing ideas, but because they might be "too weird", might as well not try. That's not a reason. It's a defeatist attitude. Getting rid of segregation and legalizing gay marriage was "weird". Now it's a norm. Obamacare was run like an old Toyota with shitty breaks and missing turn signals, but if wh at you needed was a car to get to work...are you better off walking? It's still a step in the right direction.

2. Fuck Hillary, moving on

3. I'm desperately hoping that your linchpin reasoning ISN'T just "he has a backbone". That's a shitty goddamn reason. Having a backbone is how conmen make a living. You need to be able to look around your candidate and question him or her. If they're really confident, they should be able to give you an actual answer besides repeating that he has "many many plans".

what plans? Describe them! Describe how!
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#343 - ninjabadger (03/03/2016) [-]
You misinterpreted the point I was making in the first section. I don't even know where you injected "it's too weird" from. I'm going to assume you assumed I meant any social change was wrong, which I was not advocating... but certain ways in which one goes about it are.

He has steps in the right direction that are, to me, unquestionable. He also has steps in the wrong direction. But we don't like to think long term. If you believe that liberalism in it's wholesome sense is the ultimate form of a perfect government then look to Sweden or other European nations. I'm not saying he shouldn't try some of his ideas... but rather that some of them are probably not going to be as positive as intended (so be cautious with some of them, enact the very obvious ones).

Plenty of people can question trump. Many have. I don't know what you're trying to insinuate here, but good lord you're giving me nostalgia of my critical thinking prof. I should elaborate in saying I respect a leader that has a backbone, someone who is not willing to bend to everyone that demands it. Yeah that's not always good, but it's not always bad. Perspective. It's not, also, my only form of reasoning or whatever you're calling that. I made brief observations on 3 candidates, no where close to being as thorough as one could be on such a large subject. I don't care to be thorough. I thought the "I hate politics" part made that clear.

We're both very obviously biased here, but we're invested a little differently.

I'm too lackadaisical for this kind of stuff.

I don't know man, wanna talk about what you think in a positive way about these candidates? Like you know, not attacking personality or anything. Just hey I like this plan, or I like this one (rather than I don't like this one). I'm assuming your views lean more with Sanders or some 3rd party dude (hey I'm more of a 3rd party dude myself). I've talked with people on all sides, so I've heard most of it. A lot of people tend to resort to "well Trump's a total dictator!" or "Sanders is a communist" or "Hillary is a cunt"... that kind of putting the opposition down to advance your own mentality is pretty silly to me. But hell it's effective in the media... one of the great sacrifices we made to be so 'connected" with each other and the world. I mean especially when you consider America is so goddamn diverse, it's just odd to put it into black and white (especially when you have a side...)

#41 - I would probably draw cash or something like that first... …  [+] (1 new reply) 03/01/2016 on /a/ gets deep +1
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#44 - harrykuntz (03/01/2016) [-]
I can't draw, so I'd draw a pill that gave me the power to instantly magically create anything I could imagine, thent ake the pill and just imagine the other stuff into existence
#35 - >Something glitches >Viewing range gets ****** up …  [+] (1 new reply) 03/01/2016 on My eyes are already bad. +21
#46 - mvtjets (03/01/2016) [-]
just close your eyes nigga
#40 - I enjoyed ME3's online a lot... I got to play as a ge… 03/01/2016 on здесь ничего нет +3
#74 - That *clink* was so satisfying though. Still sucks. 02/29/2016 on When your day goes from... +1