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#121 - The issue is whether or not they can absolutely tell they don'…  [+] (2 replies) 05/28/2016 on Dindus on the run +1
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#129 - deutschblut (05/28/2016) [-]
The stupid on this site is starting to out-weigh the funny again....

I hope a cop shoots and kills you and your family, you worthless sub-human!

And for the record, I was an officer for 4 years.

Never shot random people on the streets for no reason at all, simply because "I can't tell if they have a gun".

BTW-Here is a newsflash for you: GUNS ARE FUCKING LEGAL TO OWN, YOU IDIOT!
#138 - anon (05/28/2016) [-]
I have officers in my family too. Were you an officer in the US? I ask because your name could suggest otherwise. It matters.

That's the whole reason I'm trying to defend cops, because they are not all bad. I guess you're proof of it as well.

You seem particularly attached to this subject. Petty insults, shaky ad hominem, your story is one of many. It doesn't make you right or wrong.

Guns are free to own, you're goddamn right. Killing people isn't, nor is shooting someone. Only way to prevent that is preemptively.

Why not instead of shakily trying to make yourself feel better, respond to some of my earlier points instead of blowing off kilter. You can't honestly tell me the point about compliance is wrong, given you supposedly served. Hell if you actually were a cop I would expect you to understand a little about what I am saying. So either you're lying or have some warped perspective.

Before you do that, I'll give you this one. There are most certainly some cops out there who just don't do their job right. They are as corrupt and crooked as the people they're supposed to bring in. But not all of them, in fact I would wager a good majority are just average or good cops. You just have vendetta against the bad ones, I think.

Also, way to block me dude. Real mature. I'll just guess you're either a troll account or you're as dumb as you sound.
#274 - Picture 05/28/2016 on Wenches... 0
#39 - same 05/28/2016 on Oh MY +10
#30 - I don't much either, most of the games people do at those part…  [+] (2 replies) 05/27/2016 on And Stretch +1
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#31 - adplum (05/27/2016) [-]
dont beat yourself up over things like that. Even if you were going to break up soon, its better to keep loyalty and maintain self-respect. Sex is just sex.
I can definitely relate to not being able to sleep. The few parties ive been to ive been awake most of the night because loud noises+drunk+trying to sleep is not a good combo
granted they were small, only about 8 people, but they definitely knew how to be loud.
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#32 - ninjabadger (05/28/2016) [-]
Yeah that was about the amount we had at our small party, I think the one couple left near the end of the night though.

And I broke up with my ex before meeting this girl. First time I met her, she was a friend of a friend (a girl that came to our little 6 dude dorm room). Thing was she was super forward and sexual, a kind of bubbly personality too (which fit to me for a shorter but curvy girl). We hit it off pretty quickly as I was the only one not uncomfortable with her sexual tones. We did a lot of talking, hugs and all that good jazz. Hell she even said she thought I was a great at giving hugs and we talked about relationships and shit. After a few weeks I got invited to this party and then barely talked to her after it. Damn shame. We even had a few good hobbies that lined up.

I totally agree with the sex is sex thing though. First time was with that ex I had and it was pretty mediocre. I guess most of us get a higher expectation out of it. It made me realize it's not about sex, it's about the connection between people. Now I'm all about that silly soul-mate kinda stuff. I would rather be with someone who I care about than one that constantly wants to do it.