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I'm a mecha anime enthusiast, mech designer for video games, and an independent rising animator.

I tend to write long essays for comments to be thorough with my points and avoid confusion.


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#32 - Just ignore it. We have plenty of better things to do.  [+] (2 replies) 11/26/2014 on Yeah, Okay then. 0
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#37 - huffe (11/26/2014) [-]
like jack off to cartoon girls
in all seriousness it's more constructive
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#33 - thenippyone (11/26/2014) [-]
yeah you're right
#49 - I'm just so happy i don't have to write essays about how both …  [+] (1 reply) 11/26/2014 on 8 Gold Rings Like I'm 0
#63 - jelopi (11/26/2014) [-]
I remember those
You would type like paragraphs of text talking about the issues of both sides in like every post. Sometimes you would get a shit ton of thumbs, and sometimes you would get only like 3 or 4.

Either way, I'm impressed you kept on trying to use long and factual logic for so long. I wonder if you're gonna do the same thing with the chimpy riot case.
#46 - FINALLY!!! I can stop writing long-ass essays and I can enjo…  [+] (5 replies) 11/26/2014 on 8 Gold Rings Like I'm -10
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#75 - iamkagji (11/26/2014) [-]
Nah, you'll still be an idiot and find something else to be necessarily contrary to because you refuse to see the facts
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#89 - iamkagji (11/26/2014) [-]
*unnecessarily contrary, i dun fucked up
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#85 - priestoftheoldones (11/26/2014) [-]
Wait, are you implying feminists are an actual problem?
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#88 - iamkagji (11/26/2014) [-]
The SJWs function off of backroom deals and nepotism, manipulating their way into positions of power and influence. They "control the narrative", altering information subtly in ways that support their cause. The problem isn't that they do this, it's that everyone is too fucking stupid to notice them doing it.

They killed the Occupy movement, killed the atheist community Which was not the best to begin with, but was harmless and potentially beneficial , have fucked with legislature I cannot call a manhole a manhole in washington state or I could get a $200 fine, same with any other "gendered language" and are influencing educational policy in a horrific manner. They're only a problem because people don't just shut down their stupidity and instead ignore them. However, ignoring them is what they need to function. They can't pull their bullshit without while people are looking at them and pointing it out. They've been doing this shit for longer than I've been alive and with the growing influence of the internet they're only getting more and more power.

The fact that you think they aren't a problem is part of the reason why they are. Important people take them seriously and they run almost all colleges and schools now.
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#54 - bogbean (11/26/2014) [-]
you mean you've been shitposting too much with all these posts
#34 - There needs to be a Mr.Bean style movie of 3 french men trying…  [+] (1 reply) 11/26/2014 on France Fighting Isis -1
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#37 - herecomesjohnny (11/26/2014) [-]
pink panther isn't miming but it's in the spirit
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