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#59 - **nikolaier used "*roll picture*"** **nikolaier rolled image ** 05/29/2016 on Roll for a new Overwatch... 0
#1 - Im just happy that bull is not legal in my country  [+] (2 new replies) 05/29/2016 on ISPs +1
#2 - zukunft (05/29/2016) [-]
How many cable providers do you have? I mean, I am paying $40 for internet and it's decent speeds and I use a lot of bandwidth. I do have the option too between DSL and dial-up. When it comes to cable, there can only be one company because who wants 10 different cables ran to your house by competing companies.
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#3 - nikolaier (05/29/2016) [-]
There are 4 providers here who provide internet for about 20€ to about 60€, depending on how fast you want it to go. For example, one service you can get is 250 mb/s download, 25 mb/s upload, unlimited volume for 55€ a month while another service is 20€ for 25 mb/s download and 1.5 mb/s upload speed, also with unlimited data volume.
And to clarify, its illegal for companies to meet and secretly agree to raise their prises so as to make more money. If I remember correctly there is quite a large fine for doing that.
#216 - with a name as blue as yours, you should know that saying you …  [+] (2 new replies) 05/29/2016 on /fit/izen challenges himself +2
#230 - angryninja has deleted their comment.
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#219 - cptmongtard (05/29/2016) [-]
Aye it is but mistakes are made
#189 - pinning a bastion who just got into his tank form feels more s… 05/29/2016 on Press Q to play of the game 0
#85 - zarya on arcade, i feel for you 05/28/2016 on she is bea 0
#48 - Picture 05/27/2016 on It's not a quarter +2
#115 - that just means they couldnt aim for **** since two headshots … 05/27/2016 on healslut +3
#46 - tracer in arcade mode is like that annoying fly you cant get r… 05/27/2016 on How I feel when playing as... 0
#59 - and its fun every time 05/27/2016 on How to not die like a... +24
#9 - They are pretty much the reason I had a bidoof on my team at a… 05/23/2016 on sod off 0