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#73 - Australian quarantine law which is both extreme and …  [+] (1 reply) 11/25/2015 on a moment of silence for the... 0
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#74 - tealkangaroo (11/25/2015) [-]
sorry, yeah I meant Australian quarantine laws in regards to international travel

I want none of that american rabies shit
#22 - The only Christians who act like this in modern times are eith…  [+] (1 reply) 11/24/2015 on Making Jenner look like shit -1
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#23 - iqequalzero (11/24/2015) [-]
And the only muslims who act like that are radicals.
#3 - "I am the jizz" -johhny depps daughter  [+] (1 reply) 11/24/2015 on a moment of silence for the... +128
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#4 - fatminion (11/24/2015) [-]
brilliant. fucking brilliant.
#9 - They make pretty awesome neighbours  [+] (1 reply) 11/24/2015 on Mormons Inc. +32
#85 - internetnick (11/25/2015) [-]
Every time Mormons move near me, they bring over cookies
#14 - answer to B) "you should be burnt in fire, that's what sh…  [+] (3 replies) 11/24/2015 on Making Jenner look like shit -4
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#19 - iqequalzero (11/24/2015) [-]
Could just as easily be any of the various brands of Christians.
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#22 - nibblebrsingr (11/24/2015) [-]
The only Christians who act like this in modern times are either WBC or some of those more insane SK groups
User avatar
#23 - iqequalzero (11/24/2015) [-]
And the only muslims who act like that are radicals.
#12 - No it wouldn't high profile sexual offenders go to a certain p…  [+] (9 replies) 11/21/2015 on Eat Fresh +2
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#49 - malinko (11/22/2015) [-]
yeah there is one for sex offenders where i live. a whole prison right down the road filled with hundreds of pedophiles and rapists. good thing i dont have kids
User avatar
#51 - logiblack (11/22/2015) [-]
If someone were to escape they sure as hell wouldn't stop by to rape a children on their run, I'd reckon.

I don't see why people living near prisons feel weird about it.
I'd actually feel safer. Who'd want to rob someone next to a prison?
It's like robbing the family above a police department.
#53 - reinbowxdash (11/22/2015) [-]
**reinbowxdash used "*roll picture*"**
**reinbowxdash rolled image**"rape a children".
#56 - logiblack (11/22/2015) [-]
You rite. Was thinking whether to rape children or rape a child.
That does sounds funny out of context.
User avatar
#116 - randomwanker (11/22/2015) [-]
So are you gonna rape children or just a single child?
#57 - reinbowxdash (11/22/2015) [-]
**reinbowxdash used "*roll picture*"**
**reinbowxdash rolled image**read what you just wrote out of context.
User avatar
#52 - malinko (11/22/2015) [-]
i suppose that makes sense.
User avatar
#42 - commoncrunch (11/22/2015) [-]
[citation needed]
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#13 - vexille (11/21/2015) [-]
Welp, 10/10 justice system.
#6 - this is all ********  [+] (18 replies) 11/21/2015 on Eat Fresh +8
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#7 - scootabot (11/21/2015) [-]
I think she was a cheerleader, or something.

She didn't get a full sentence, like Jared. She'll be at home watching her kids and enjoying her life while men have been sentenced to statutory rape and sent to jail (and was put on a sex offender list) for consensual relationships.

A woman can suck off a bunch of little boys and get away with it, but a man can't even have pictures of himself nude when he was younger without rousing suspicion. Guy takes pictures when he's 17. Turns 18, gets counted as a sex offender for pictures of HIMSELF.
User avatar
#44 - hoponthefeelstrain (11/22/2015) [-]
my friend who was 16 was trading nudes of herself to a drug dealer in exchange for weed and she got charged for distributing child porn. She's very female. It happens to both sexes you just don't hear much about it with women.
User avatar
#140 - scootabot (11/24/2015) [-]
He wasn't sending them out to anyone. They were on his phone and they confiscated it and found the pictures. He had no intent to distribute it, but was still classified as a sex offender anyway.
User avatar
#141 - hoponthefeelstrain (11/24/2015) [-]
that's fucking dumb. I'm sorry dude.
User avatar
#16 - fornowjr (11/21/2015) [-]
link to the woman accused?
User avatar
#18 - scootabot (11/21/2015) [-]
It's just as bad as an older man saying "Who wants their pussy licked" to a bunch of drunk, young girls.
User avatar
#22 - quantumranger (11/21/2015) [-]
Girls that he himself got drunk.
User avatar
#17 - scootabot (11/21/2015) [-]
I'll find it.


Says that she has to spend every other weekend in jail for 2 years because she offered to suck off her 15 year old son's friends all after getting them drunk. One of them accepted, but then recalled it and said that he felt violated.

Basically, she was like "Who want they dick sucked?" to a bunch of young boys.
#45 - anon (11/22/2015) [-]
so you approve of men doing it to consenting underage girls but switch the genders and you're riled up?
User avatar
#135 - scootabot (11/22/2015) [-]
Absolutely not.

I'm saying that Jared is getting his prison sentence. Where's the punishment for the woman? She's getting a slap on the wrist for doing the same thing Jared did, perhaps a little worse in the act, as she offered sex to all of her son's friends. Jared had child porn on his computer, so that makes them even.

This woman should be held to the same standards that Jared is, but she isn't. Hell, I knew a man who had a consenting relationship with a minor ( i didn't agree with it, but that's not my business ). He was 21 and she was 16, something like that. You see a lot of that in the South.

They were in it for the long haul, as far as I could tell. They were really sweet on one another and it's basically this 'I'm gonna marry you' stuff. Anyway, her parents found out before she could turn old enough and they had him thrown in prison for a year for statutory rape.

That's one full year, however, I did the math for this woman. She goes in and out of prison every other weekend for two years for raping a minor. She gets a full year spent in prison. This is raping a minor. A 40 year old woman fellating a 15 year old boy, not to mention getting them drunk beforehand.

A woman gets the same sentence for raping a minor that a man gets for a consensual relationship with one. Both of these are fucked up, but I guarantee that if this was a 40 year old man having sex with a 15 year old girl, he would be getting 10 years, minimum. Not that 'every other weekend' bullshit.
#33 - anon (11/22/2015) [-]
She's hot. I'd normally pay this kind of woman to suck me off.
For free? When I was a teen? In the middle of my puberty? Hell yeah! Rape me all you want, lady.
User avatar
#34 - scootabot (11/22/2015) [-]
That's the issue.

Just because you're a beautiful woman, that doesn't mean you should be able to get away with injustice.

She got minors drunk, offered them all sex, performed sexual actions against a minor, and still only got a slap on the wrist. A man does the same exact thing, he gets, easily, ten years in prison.
#92 - anon (11/22/2015) [-]
>double standards
that implies that men and women are the same
they're not

it's obvious this was probably a harmless situation
User avatar
#134 - scootabot (11/22/2015) [-]
In the eyes of the law, when someone commits a crime, it shouldn't be, "Well, she has a vagina, therefore, she won't be put in prison." or, "He has a penis, he'll get the regular sentence."

I think it's really sad that the courts will give women a slap on the wrist for committing the same exact crime a man does.

Let's say a woman murders her child and a man murders his child. The woman will be put in jail for, say, five years, depending on what happened. The man, however, will be put in jail for 10-20 years, maybe more. Just because he has a benis DDDD

Justice is supposed to be blind and issue due punishment for everyone who commits these crimes. It's the reason why Lady Justice has a blindfold on. Though, jurors and judges love a good sob story and absolutely adore pretty women.

But this is a case where a woman raped a 15 year old boy after getting him drunk. Jared had sex with a 16 year old prostitute, sure, but at least she was consenting. The child porn thing will add onto his sentence, but the rape of a minor is a serious felony and this woman should have been put in prison. Instead, she gets every other weekend at a jail so that she can spend time with her family.

What kind of bullshit is that?
User avatar
#40 - basalm (11/22/2015) [-]
I personally don't find her attractive.
But to the point, I agree.
Double standards suck ass.
Part of it has to do with them getting all whiny in the court room, using Ethos appeal to get out of their deserved sentence, which is totally asinine.
We should implore jury members to look past a person's emotions, and to look at them through the eyes of the law.
Of course, if Lady Justice didn't have a blindfold on....
User avatar
#19 - fornowjr (11/21/2015) [-]
Thanks. Looks like the judicial still has a ways to go.
User avatar
#20 - scootabot (11/21/2015) [-]
A very long way to go.

I hate that the courts are against men. :/
User avatar
#8 - nibblebrsingr (11/21/2015) [-]
I want to get of this ride
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