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#302 - newprinny
(11/03/2012) [-]
Pow! In practice, a pathetic avian of flightless persuasion, cast posthumously as both plebeian and paladin by my pernicious employer. This appearance, no petty parody of providence, is a punishment of powers beyond perceivability. However, this penguin-like presence of a bygone person stands petrified, and is pushed to procure a most precarious pastry as well as protect panties of the poignant employer who employs his position. The only path is perfection; a pilgrimage, done of penitence, for the profit of peace, at least for a pithy point in time, for my apathetic patriots... Positively my palaver perplexes you, so allow me to add that it is a great pleasure to meet you, and you may call me Prinny, dood.
#307 to #302 - evilicious
(11/06/2012) [-]
Hello, Prinny! It's my pleasure to be in your presence!