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#15 - Well good, cause 99/100 times that won't work she's supposed t…  [+] (11 new replies) 04/29/2015 on My life +217
#103 - Ken M (04/30/2015) [-]
Back in high school I got marked wrong a lot not because my work was off. I just didn't use the way they gave us because I didn't know that way. Therefor losing points
User avatar #71 - cackrel (04/30/2015) [-]
Ah! But mate.
That's called engineering. ;)
User avatar #95 - ninjaroo (04/30/2015) [-]
In one of my first year engineering classes we learned a method to find a point on a graph.

Essentially, pick a point between two extrema. If it's higher than what you want, go halfway to the lower extrema. If it's lower than what you want, go halfway to the higher extrema. Half the distance you go every time until you're close enough that it doesn't matter anymore.

We don't even try to do it mathematically, just go "Eh, this'll be good enough"
User avatar #96 - cackrel (04/30/2015) [-]
Nice What kind of engineering are you in?
User avatar #97 - ninjaroo (04/30/2015) [-]
Instrumentation and Control is my degree, but I want to move into automation engineering. Software that teaches itself, essentially.
User avatar #98 - cackrel (04/30/2015) [-]
ah, cool!
I'm hopefully getting into a B.S. in Biomedical engineering.
User avatar #62 - rainbowrush (04/30/2015) [-]
Maybe he did it another correct way, but not the teacher's way.

In middle school, I got a grade lower or more on a lot of tests for doing it differently than what we'd learnt, but still completely correct. In High School I got to use whatever method worked, though some were more recommended. For instance, one we were taught in middle school was recommended not to use, as it was slower.

We should try not to assume when we have as little info as we have. In my experience, when someone loses points for doing it a different way, it's because of a bitch of a teacher.
User avatar #58 - superanonymouspers (04/30/2015) [-]
Something I do hate though is when teachers mark it wrong and don't even tell you what you did wrong. Like, I get they're trying to let you figure it out for yourself, but still. If i'm wrong about something, I want to be told why so that I can learn from it.

or at the very least give me a freakin hint.
#57 - ThekidsTEN (04/30/2015) [-]
but still, it is correct. some of the fault should lie on the test writer for doing a problem you could use an incorrect formula. It is probably the teachers fault for writing the test like that. A correct answer is always worth full points, and an incorrect answer should be given partial credit for the correct work (with ECF)
#59 - Ken M (04/30/2015) [-]
It's not always you see someone with such a blue name write something so incredibly stupid.
#60 - ThekidsTEN (04/30/2015) [-]
shut up normie
#126 - A lot of people in this thread seem to be upset that the nurse…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/23/2015 on Girl surprises her nurse +8
#130 - fnoogernooger (04/23/2015) [-]
#4 - Obviously fake: >Black >Doctor >pick one op  [+] (1 new reply) 04/19/2015 on killed my sides 0
#6 - Ken M (04/19/2015) [-]
hah haha hahahhahahhaahha. :|
#74 - i have that one too 04/11/2015 on Romanians 0
#71 - No sorry, I already had it try again.  [+] (2 new replies) 04/10/2015 on Romanians 0
#72 - mrfefe (04/10/2015) [-]
#74 - neutrality (04/11/2015) [-]
i have that one too
#37 - I want a rare fefe. mrfefe please hear my cries.  [+] (4 new replies) 04/09/2015 on Romanians +4
#48 - mrfefe (04/09/2015) [-]
Is a fefe emperor rare enough?
#71 - neutrality (04/10/2015) [-]
No sorry, I already had it try again.
#72 - mrfefe (04/10/2015) [-]
#74 - neutrality (04/11/2015) [-]
i have that one too
#39 - CALL DR.JONES HE NEEDS TO GET THOSE ARTIFACTS TO A MUSEUM. 04/09/2015 on (untitled) +1
#55 - ummm, here's the horse mod i guess......  [+] (1 new reply) 04/08/2015 on Skyrim Mods at their best +2
#64 - yiffcario (04/08/2015) [-]
This is the first comment you see in the comments..
#12 - even if it did, i mean the first 399 were just practice. 04/03/2015 on Archer Hits Aspirin +6
#46 - To the Deer Lady Kin ketchup: "You're not a deer, however… 04/02/2015 on tumblr Logic #2 0

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