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#17 - Picture 09/25/2014 on SJW +4
#25 - Imagine if one day everything just went back to normal. …  [+] (1 reply) 09/22/2014 on We're fucked +4
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#51 - Einsty (09/22/2014) [-]
Normal, what is that?
The time before SJW became a reality?
The time before corruption became exposed left and right?
Or the time before 4chan was founded?
Or was it the time when there was still no corruption?

Well, maybe it's none of that, just a time when things in general were more clear.
And when was that? Secret agencies and organisations have been here from the time the first city encircled itself in muddy walls. For one reason or another, from global agendas to cheese tasting, they were there from all the way back.

Or was it when things were better for the common man?
At least in the western world, it was never better.

Or was it the time before man was forbidden to speak his mind (or her mind, like I give a fuck)? From the dawn of spoken word, people killed each other over words. Sometimes in gruesome ways. The fact you're reading this serves to prove that I can say whatever I damn please and not have KGB on my ass.

There is no normal, there never was.

Normal as you have used it, is an abstract construct of delusion. That there is a state in time when things are simply ok. On a microscopic level, they might be. You can feel happy with your family, have a good job and just enjoy the joys of life. But that doesn't mean shit ain't happening elswhere.

In this sense, I wish things would turn "normal". That the circumstances of our existence would be bearable and clear to understand, that life would only present reasonable obstacles so that we may grow and achieve greatness, whatever may that mean for each and any one of us.

We can only dream, for no matter how hard you will work to get humanity to this state, there will always be someone who would like to see your dream crumble in ashes, for whatever selfish or deluded goal. Be it Rotschild, some US govermental agency (why do you have so many, it's a clusterfuck) or just some guy who wanted to watch the world burn.
Now I don't want to discourage you from trying. Only for you to not cry when it fails.
#23 - Picture  [+] (2 replies) 09/20/2014 on D'awwww +51
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#42 - ubermasterfaggot (09/20/2014) [-]
Awww, my heart is melting.
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#28 - bleachedpheather (09/20/2014) [-]
she has to hold ryuko's hand so she doesnt lose her way