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#5 - I bring sauce.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/29/2014 on Kawaii Lee Jones 0
User avatar #7 - riftbreak (12/30/2014) [-]
Thank you sensei
#373 - Gimme porn! 09/21/2014 on gamergate bullshit whatever 0
#15 - 1. Guy cums on girls face (must get some on forehead...it is e… 09/21/2014 on Na Na Na Na Na +2
#20 - I never thought 4G was fast, I believe it to be rather slow actually. 09/15/2014 on Steve jobs would approve 0
#20 - No, not really. But I can see that from the viewpoint of a for… 09/07/2014 on Animation so much better... +8
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#107 - Picture  [+] (34 new replies) 09/01/2014 on comparing temperature +194
#383 - zhater (09/01/2014) [-]


yeah, why don't you go fucking deal with ISIS or something with that pathetic military of yours?
#284 - coledu (09/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #378 - tanabata (09/01/2014) [-]
Found the amerifat.
#397 - coledu (09/01/2014) [-]
#330 - camzore (09/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #255 - tantcancer (09/01/2014) [-]
I'm sorry, I'm retarded so can you explain the month, day, and year pyramid at the bottom?
User avatar #305 - shorea (09/01/2014) [-]
In America 01/09/2014 would mean January 9th, while in the rest of the world (pretty much) it's September 1st.
User avatar #426 - tantcancer (09/01/2014) [-]
#299 - anonymous (09/01/2014) [-]
Days are shorter than months are shorter than years
Months are longer than days are shorter than years
User avatar #175 - demigodofmadness (09/01/2014) [-]
American English basically attempts to make things roll off the tongue the easiest, "The 23rd of March" takes slightly longer than "March 23rd" so we changed it.

For many places 0 is very cold and 100 is very hot, whereas with Celsius you stay at the beginning half I believe? Not sure for the most part. I'd much rather use Celsius in a lab than in everyday use.

SI units instead of metric is simply because we don't want to change, originally a long time ago someone made inch and foot the standard units and then miles and yards just arbitrarily and we stuck with it.
User avatar #278 - spacefield (09/01/2014) [-]
yay for writing in military style
is the 23rd day in March in the year 2014
User avatar #268 - scant (09/01/2014) [-]
I say "23rd March" in speech, but I still write D/M/Y.
Dunno why you guys felt you had to change the written format to follow the spoken word format. In speech most people say the month by name not by number so there's no need to clarify.
User avatar #184 - lamarisagoodname (09/01/2014) [-]
^ what he said

the day / month / year format is official where I live but it's far easier to simply say march 23rd instead.

I disagree that it should be used as an official format seeing as the amount of administrative confusion that it brings isn't worth the convenience but that's just my opinion
User avatar #166 - meganinja (09/01/2014) [-]
It's not arbitrary, it's just not centered around having easy conversions. Not saying it's better than Metric, but calling it Arbitrary and retarded to exaggerate the differences is only hurting your own cause by making you look like a pompous ass.

And the date system is easier because that's how you say it. I.E. you would say it's March 17, 2017, and then would write the date the same way.
User avatar #345 - Daeiros (09/01/2014) [-]
based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

On Fahrenheit's original scale the lower defining point was the lowest temperature to which he could reproducibly cool brine (defining 0 degrees)

The precise origin of the yard is not definitely known. Some believe it derived from the length of a stride or pace. One postulate was that the yard was derived from the girth of a person's waist, while another claim held that the measure was invented by Henry I of England as being the distance between the tip of his nose and the end of his thumb.

As for the numbers themselves, base 12 and base 16 do each have their own merits, but what possible logical reason could you have to do your maths in base 10, your weight in base 16, and your length in base 12? Nothing fits together and the only reason not to make it fit is "well that's just the way it's always been"

And people who write the date dd/mm/yy instead of mm/dd/yy do not say March 17th, they say the 17th of March.
User avatar #342 - tomtomat (09/01/2014) [-]
At least in Sweden, we say the date first. 1st of September, 2014. In Swedish, putting the month before the date sounds really retarded. Differences in language.
User avatar #151 - deathchain (09/01/2014) [-]
YYYY/MM/DD archival masterrace.
#131 - drewbridge (09/01/2014) [-]
#315 - franta (09/01/2014) [-]
They did it thanks to German know how. Google name Wernher von Braun. First american ballistic rocket were old V2 rocket with USA flag on it. Apollo also had rocket designed mostly by german scientists.
#142 - betars (09/01/2014) [-]
Statistics thread?
Statistics thread.
countries with free healthcare.
#263 - mrloki (09/01/2014) [-]
**mrloki rolled image** ehhh, you should remove Brazil from that list, while SUS (sistema unico de saude) the "free health care" - does exist ... it's known more as free deathcare ...

You go in for emergency surgery because you got run over by a truck and it they schedule your "emergency surgery" 48 hours after you've got to the hospital. You go in with a heart attack, you get out dead, because there are no doctors to treat you...

If you want to have medical assistance in Brazil, you need a plano de saude - a paid health care - those will try to rob you and won't actually offer you quality service, but you can get emergency help and some normal doctors for when you got a wild rash or something
User avatar #141 - scant (09/01/2014) [-]
Science put a man on the moon.
Guess what scales of measurement science uses
#182 - Ethshar (09/01/2014) [-]
Whatever measurements the scientists feel like,that's what.
User avatar #218 - scant (09/01/2014) [-]
Except it's metric units. Sorry.
User avatar #369 - Conquistador (09/01/2014) [-]
I think it's kelvin that's mostly used in science.
User avatar #436 - scant (09/01/2014) [-]
Scientists do not only measure temperature.
#404 - anonymous (09/01/2014) [-]
How hot is it to the moon

How cold is my fuel tank

please m8
User avatar #140 - rplix (09/01/2014) [-]
This is pretty stupid because I would bet 100% of a rocket's design is based off the metric system.

Astronomy universally(no pun intended) uses the metric system for measurable quantities.
User avatar #144 - thesoulseeker (09/01/2014) [-]
You obviously haven't heard of this incident:

Although SI units are almost exclusively used in scientific circles.
User avatar #146 - rplix (09/01/2014) [-]
Never heard of that, but just shows how the imperial system can fuck things up.
User avatar #147 - thesoulseeker (09/01/2014) [-]
Nah, it just shows that even super smart scientists make idiotic mistakes due to misunderstandings. My hate towards imperial units has little to do with this one.
User avatar #115 - kokanum (09/01/2014) [-]
We're stuck with it till our economy is better. If we chance now, all of our "Socialism" is going to want us to replace every instrument of measurement in existence, causing a bigger economic problem. There are flaws, but it doesn't hurt anyone as much as if we would chance it.
User avatar #124 - blacklightsun (09/01/2014) [-]
The word you are looking fore is "change"
"Chance" means opportunity.
Just wanted to help, don't kill me
User avatar #132 - kokanum (09/01/2014) [-]
Oh yeah, sorry, I mistyped that. Thanks for that
#257 - I usually browse FJ naked  [+] (1 new reply) 08/17/2014 on Father Admin +2
#634 - koeln (08/18/2014) [-]
Proof! pls
#183 - Gaben - Sale 08/11/2014 on Anyone know the song name? +2
#166 - I would probably not notice, as I don't hang around here everyday. 08/10/2014 on What to do? 0
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