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User avatar #783 - corpsebride
(08/06/2012) [-]
You know, everypony has been asking about you.
"Where has he gone?" they ask.
My only reply is, "I don't know. All I can do is wait for him to come back."
You can live for what seems like forever, can't you? I am just like everypony else, I can only wait for a lifetime, Doctor.

Ever since you left in the TARDIS, I have been waiting. I remember the echo, the sound I hope to hear with each passing day. I remember how I chased after you. The warm tears going down my face. There was this weird pain in my chest once I
knew you were gone. I have never felt that before. Is your heart supposed to hurt, Doctor? Dinky came home from school that day, her little hooves clicking the ground.

"Where is Daddy?" she asked, smiling.

"Now Dinky, Daddy had to leave for a little while. Everything is going to be okay. Daddy will be home soon enough, sweetie."

..Sometimes, when I miss you alot, I'd think that you were still there. Looking at me from the TARDIS and I just couldn't see you. Remember the day we met? Everypony used to call me names until you came around. Nopony defended me
but you. You would brush my mane out of my eyes, and wipe away my tears. "Derpy," you'd say, "there is no need to cry. I am here, and as long as I am here, nopony will hurt you.". You always stuck to that.

Dinky has grown alot, hasn't she? She has even got her own cutie mark! My, how time passes. I've grown alot, haven't I, Doctor? I don't like this room I am in. It is so white. There is no color. You always liked color. At night here, I lay
awake. Sometimes, I imagine you sticking your head in, with a big smile on your face. You'd say, "Sorry I have been so long, m'dear. " and you'd brush my mane out of my eyes like when we were younger.
User avatar #784 to #783 - corpsebride
(08/06/2012) [-]
Nopony comes to visit me anymore, Doctor.
But, I know that you will. You told me so when you left all those years ago. Your voice sounded funny, had you been crying?
"Don't let me abandon you, Derpy!" What does that mean, Doctor? Does it mean you'll come to visit me? I sure hope so. I remember when you would hold my hoof in yours. I wouldn't feel pain anymore. It hurts, Doctor. Why does it hurt?

Please visit. Please hold my hoof like you used to. Please Doctor, make it stop hurting. There are these beeping sounds in this room of white. I want to close my eyes, but I am afraid that if I do, I won't get to see you. What if you come
to visit and I miss it?

It hurts too much... Please Doctor... The beeping is about to stop... It hurts too much to keep my eyes open... I can feel the tears going down my face. I am sorry, Doctor...

"There is no need to cry. I am here, and as long as I am here, nopony will hurt you."

But you aren't here anymore, Doctor. And it hurts too bad. Can't I close my eyes? I can feel them closing slowly... The beeping sounds are getting longer.... Instead of going up and down on the screen, it is going in a straight

Looks like I am going to miss your visitm Doctor...

But no matter what...

Please always be my muffin....