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#749 - krazy_kid286 (06/22/2012) [-]
...How bad did Kid piss you off...?
User avatar #750 to #771 - necrolaugh ONLINE (06/22/2012) [-]
not bad kid
i like it!
User avatar #751 to #772 - krazy_kid286 (06/22/2012) [-]
Thank you, it took a few death-threats from you and a song to finally get me to do it.
User avatar #752 to #773 - necrolaugh ONLINE (06/22/2012) [-]
well i like it kid
and i was over at my friends (the reason why i didn't have online)
User avatar #753 to #774 - krazy_kid286 (06/22/2012) [-]
Good to know that you weren't just ignoring us.
User avatar #754 to #775 - necrolaugh ONLINE (06/22/2012) [-]
no no kid why would i ignore the herd
you guy's are like my online family
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