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hi. I sometimes make OC. But not the funny comics.


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#62 - Nah, that comparision does not work. You either are or aren't …  [+] (2 new replies) 11/20/2015 on The Religion of Peace +1
#84 - shadowgandalf (11/20/2015) [-]
Yeah, but there is a universal guideline called "the quran" in islam's case.
As long as they follow that thing, they remain followers of islam and thus remains muslims.
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#88 - therandomsquid (11/20/2015) [-]
thats like saying that because they both use the bible Westboro Baptists, and other Protestant groups, and Catholics are the same thing. in any religion there are innumerable interpretations of religious text, hence the divide of Shiite and Sunni Muslims which has sparked conflict for hundreds of years because they interpret the qaran differently. To different sects of some religions there is no greater offense than being told you are not believing the right way or something to that effect. In other words the believers of the qaran have been so divided over their interpretations for so long that to call that text a "universal guideline" is a contradiction to centuries of history and warfare.
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#161 - anon (11/12/2015) [-]
yup, got one of those too.
#133 - thrifty (11/11/2015) [-]
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