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Why hello there. BritJunkie.

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#12 - **** YEAH 04/23/2011 on Dubs 0
#9 - **myhamsterisaliar rolls 66** Roses are red, Violets are blu…  [+] (7 new replies) 04/23/2011 on Dubs +21
#21 - notrollallowed (04/23/2011) [-]
#19 - jimmyking (04/23/2011) [-]
you sir are the winner
#17 - warthrash has deleted their comment.
#16 - asdfcookies (04/23/2011) [-]
Ding ding ding! we have a winner! :D
I'll post a picture and deliver like a good boy
#14 - iam captainobvious has deleted their comment.
#12 - myhamsterisaliar (04/23/2011) [-]
#13 - tiagodisouza (04/23/2011) [-]
#311 - Let's disregard the concept of porn here and focus on the firs…  [+] (21 new replies) 04/23/2011 on Gay? +12
#422 - destroyeth (04/24/2011) [-]
No, gay sex is gross. It doesn't matter what animals do because humans are not animals. Animals eat their young and kill each other for mating rights. But lets not do that because animals do it, lets just sex eachother where poop comes from. Gross.
User avatar #425 - myhamsterisaliar (04/24/2011) [-]
Humans kill each other out of spite. Moving on from that point, are you calling gay sex anal? Lots of straight couples do anal too, and I'm pretty sure without the help of a strap-on lesbians can't "sex eachother where poop comes from". If you find sex with an arse involved gross, then surely the concept of normal sex succeeds in disgusting you too? I mean, fuck, there's a vagina and a penis and natural hormones everywhere! Or am I misunderstanding your oh-so-brilliant point? You're just a homophobe? Good for y- wait, no, that's not good, it's fucking ridiculous. Not liking something you don't understand is like me saying "oh Americans are disgusting" - everybody is equal, regardless of sexuality. And not a single fuck was given that day.
#426 - destroyeth (04/25/2011) [-]
I don't know what makes you think anal sex is comparable to normal sex (your words, but incredibly accurate). Gay sex is gross because its two people of the same gender. I don't hate gay people, I hate gay sex. Its unnatural and gross.
User avatar #427 - myhamsterisaliar (04/25/2011) [-]
So you're saying gay people shouldn't have sex? That's just the same as saying straight people shouldn't have sex.
#430 - destroyeth (04/26/2011) [-]
Gay sex is not the same as straight sex. Its pretty ridiculous and presumptuous to assume that homosexuality is somehow equal to normal sexuality. There is no gay gene because its a perversion. You'd have to say pedophilia is natural if gay is.
User avatar #440 - myhamsterisaliar (04/26/2011) [-]
I find it hard to believe you really just compared paedophilia to homosexuality. Homosexuality is just a sexuality. Heterosexuality is just a sexuality. A person's preference does not define them, and in no way is being gay 'perverted'. Being a Paedophile is a choice, it's an action you choose to do. Being gay is not a choice. I bet you'd vote for Palin.
#442 - destroyeth (04/27/2011) [-]
How can someone choose to be a pedophile? Most pedophiles hate what they are. Its a perversion, a compulsion they find irresistible. How is that different than the perversion of homosexuality? Its not. Its conditioned or traumatically forced.
User avatar #446 - myhamsterisaliar (04/27/2011) [-]
Then so is heterosexuality.
#447 - destroyeth (04/27/2011) [-]
That is obviously an excuse to try and support "alternative" sexuality.
User avatar #448 - myhamsterisaliar (04/27/2011) [-]
No excuses, just reasoning.
#449 - destroyeth (04/27/2011) [-]
You just said that heterosexuality is derived from conditioning or traumatic experiences. Your comment of "then so is heterosexuality" wasn't even supported by anything other than what appears to be your opinion, which is obviously biased. MADNESS!
User avatar #347 - ChaoticEvilReborn (04/23/2011) [-]
Humans are the only species that is consciously gay, e.g. they are aware of the fact that it's two guys (usually). Before the hate comes down like fire, I'm gay. And my Philosophy is, "Love is blind, so it Gender is irrelevant."
User avatar #428 - ChaoticEvilReborn (04/25/2011) [-]
Do me a favor, and look at my comment again. I in now way, shape, or form tell you that mine is better or more righteous.
I want you to sit down, because you've obviously skipped a basic education and lack the normal social ability to consider another persons opinion.
Come back to me when your ready to have a normal conversation. Until then, ignoramus.
#431 - destroyeth (04/26/2011) [-]
Its quite obvious from your tone (and your attempt at insulting me by calling me ignorant). I know your opinion isn't better or more righteous because its wrong. lol
User avatar #437 - ChaoticEvilReborn (04/26/2011) [-]
And that last comment is what shows that you're retarded. I never said mine was right. I never said yours was wrong. I never judged you, but you just judged mine. So there. It's all clear to me now.
#439 - destroyeth (04/26/2011) [-]
Well, congratulations on your revelation! It must be convenient to just declare yourself right whenever someone disagrees with you. Then again, if someone disagrees with you again you can just call them ignorant instead of presenting a valid point.
User avatar #441 - ChaoticEvilReborn (04/26/2011) [-]
I didn't. You declared an opinion wrong, which is a degree of stupid so severe, I don't even know the proper response besides the obvious "You're a fucking dumbass.".
#443 - destroyeth (04/27/2011) [-]
Well, at least you acknowledge that your response wasn't proper. Your opinion stated as fact doesn't make it such, so "the obvious", as you see it, is a self righteous injustice to you and anyone reading that ignorance.
User avatar #444 - ChaoticEvilReborn (04/27/2011) [-]
At the very least you began to improve your vocabulary. I never came to state my opinion as fact, nor do I ever infer that it was fact. But what I did say WAS a quote that I saw a long time ago by God Knows Who at this point. Unless of course we are speaking about the "consciously gay" sentence, in which case yes it is indeed fact. Or at least a theory of observation.
And to go to your "perversion of homosexuality" I have never felt an irresistible urge to have sex with another guy. The fact that you bring that up is funny, because it was disprove (alongside the 'sleeping thought' theory) years ago.
#445 - destroyeth (04/27/2011) [-]
So if sexual urges aren't considered irresistible, would you say they are pure choice?
#423 - destroyeth (04/24/2011) [-]
Well my philosophy is that gay sex is gross. Who are you to judge me for my opinion and what makes your opinion somehow better than mine or even more righteous? Keep your gay sex to yourself, cause that stuff's gross!
#615 - It's annoying when an American actor/actress tries to portray …  [+] (5 new replies) 04/06/2011 on Dumb bitch +30
#648 - LordShesho (04/06/2011) [-]
It's annoying when British people portray Ame-

Wait, no it isn't.
#633 - kevenb (04/06/2011) [-]
#655 - leothewiseone (04/06/2011) [-]
User avatar #646 - SandwichArtist (04/06/2011) [-]
lol, that could double as a weirdest boner gif
User avatar #625 - hearshot (04/06/2011) [-]
Unless we do actually have a stick up our ass. But even then, we're stoic motherfuckers.
#699 - I'm pretty sure the UK is in about 3 trillion pounds debt. 03/27/2011 on If the Internet were the World 0
#244 - Picture 03/20/2011 on If Only +34
#381 - Link related: http://funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/1440623… 03/15/2011 on Today 0
#66 - What's this from? 03/13/2011 on wait what 0
#73 - Reminds me of the slutty girls at my school, with skirts so sh… 03/12/2011 on 8th Grade Whore Comp +4
#506 - Puppies love ******* I? 03/10/2011 on PUPPIES, SO MUCH PUPPIES +1
#481 - So I herd u ******* LOVE PUPPIES.  [+] (2 new replies) 03/10/2011 on PUPPIES, SO MUCH PUPPIES 0
User avatar #502 - WhiteyMcCrakrHonky (03/10/2011) [-]
I love fucking puppies
User avatar #506 - myhamsterisaliar (03/10/2011) [-]
Puppies love fucking I?
#4 - My father is an alcoholic. 02/23/2011 on Playable Angry birds... +2
#1 - Fail troll is a fail. 02/21/2011 on phuckewe's profile 0
#94 - A chocolate drink?  [+] (1 new reply) 02/21/2011 on I laughed +5
#100 - drpepperchick (02/21/2011) [-]
#535 - Bitch can't even spell ugly and her profile picture is mainly … 02/21/2011 on Fishing For Compliments +9
#167 - I say dear fellow, that comes as quite a surprise! I'm current…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/20/2011 on Finding Nemo 0
#214 - Loststorm (02/20/2011) [-]
Why then, good sir, I shall take your word for it! After all, I have always been keen to trust the delightful ways of felines with monocules.
#23 - anus molestus - troublesome old woman superbum - arrogant …  [+] (5 new replies) 02/20/2011 on Finding Nemo +22
#59 - Loststorm (02/20/2011) [-]
I went to google translate and typed in the "superbum" one.
Came back as "the proud one"
#167 - myhamsterisaliar (02/20/2011) [-]
I say dear fellow, that comes as quite a surprise! I'm currently partaking in a Latin GCSE course and superbum means arrogant as pumilio means dwarf! You know back then they made dwarves juggle? Spiffing!
#214 - Loststorm (02/20/2011) [-]
Why then, good sir, I shall take your word for it! After all, I have always been keen to trust the delightful ways of felines with monocules.
#32 - onilinkz (02/20/2011) [-]
#49 - IrishDylan has deleted their comment.
#1015 - Done and dusted. 02/18/2011 on LISTEN UP FJ! 0
#7 - It's a joke. Dumb clitoris. 02/16/2011 on I'll do anything! 0
#2 - I'm 12 and what is this?  [+] (4 new replies) 02/16/2011 on I'll do anything! +1
User avatar #4 - daltonkorntallica (02/16/2011) [-]
Your profile says you're 18. stupid cunt.
#7 - myhamsterisaliar (02/16/2011) [-]
It's a joke. Dumb clitoris.
#6 - blandknight (02/16/2011) [-]
people lie about their age on the internet?
#3 - electro (02/16/2011) [-]
How old did you say you were?!??
#10 - Why thank you! Enjoy your new funnyjunk life :) 02/16/2011 on Read Desc. 0
#7 - Enjoy >.< 02/16/2011 on Read Desc. 0
#4 - Please forgive the failness. Number 2 coming up.  [+] (8 new replies) 02/16/2011 on Read Desc. +2
#17 - Wingwongwillie (02/16/2011) [-]
Thanks for that Bud, Hey I don't suppose you could do the same for this one could you? ill thumb your stuff up again.
#11 - Wingwongwillie (02/16/2011) [-]
Hey bud, I know this would be nsfw but ill thumb up your stuff too if you could photoshop fake semen onto this picture and then pm me the pic. or post it in nsfw. thanks.
#12 - Kingofpenguins (02/16/2011) [-]
User avatar #13 - Wingwongwillie (02/16/2011) [-]
cmon, shes hot...
User avatar #14 - Kingofpenguins (02/16/2011) [-]
Yeah, but have you heard of pornhub?
User avatar #15 - Wingwongwillie (02/16/2011) [-]
yeah, what about it?
User avatar #8 - Kingofpenguins (02/16/2011) [-]
You have won
#10 - myhamsterisaliar (02/16/2011) [-]
Why thank you! Enjoy your new funnyjunk life :)
#1 - Give me 20 minutes and I'll see what I can do. 02/15/2011 on Read Desc. 0
#461 - Picture 02/13/2011 on Yes I Do 0
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User avatar #7 - myhamsterisaliar (11/06/2011) [-]
how did this get here I am not good with computer
User avatar #5 - dudelydude (09/16/2011) [-]
How do you caption gifs
User avatar #6 to #6 - myhamsterisaliar (09/17/2011) [-]
If you have photoshop - preferably CS5 - you open the .gif, go to window - animation and go to the last frame/ highest layer and put the text on there. When you're done, click file - save for web and devices to save it as a .gif. Let me know if you have any problems and I'll be glad to help :)
#3 - insowietrussia (06/19/2011) [-]
I know
I know
User avatar #2 - youdouche (03/16/2010) [-]
you sir are a saint
#1 - anonymous (12/30/2009) [-]
*Wiggles index finger to your face* Tyra is FIIIEEERRRCCCEEE!!!
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