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    Kids Kids
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    The Smarterest The Smarterest
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    Sex Change Sex Change
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    Frickin Movie Lies Frickin Movie Lies
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#92 - DevilsCalling (11/23/2015) [-]
Roman on guard.
#91 - DevilsCalling (11/23/2015) [-]
this is Roman, he was my soulmate for the 8 wonder months i got to know this one of a kind soul. roman was rescued from destruction. and i was told he was vishous and couldnt be trusted and to never EVER touch his tail. when my 2 year old niece grabbed his tail and pulled my brother flew at this dog ready to kill him thinking he was going to attack. however this gentle giant simple stared at us and whimpered for a moment before my brother grabbed her and pulled her away from the dog. i took him home and within three days i knew the rumors were in fact lies. this guy was a gentle cuddly bear. he laid at my feet and he guarded my home. he would sit at stare out the window for hours at guard kinda like the terminator in T2 at the gas station. he was goofy and he was just my best friend. he had a brain tumor and began to loose his ability to walk. i would carry his 175 pound furry butt outside to pee, and i hand fed him and watered him. wednesday he lost his ability to walk and on that friday i made an appointment monday to have him put down. saturday he walked for the last time. i heard his paws and got up to see him leaning heavily into the wall coming for me. i went right to him and he collapsed into my lap. i spent the night petting him and bawling. begging him to let go. and save me from being the monster that destroyed him. i went to work sunday the next morning and a hour later i recieved a call that the GF thought he had passed away. i went home and found him with his head towards the door. and he was gone. i dropped to my knee's and cried over my friend for hours. i took him out to my parents farm and buried him in a grave marked with a rock and a lilac bush. i would have gladly took a decade off my life to have him a little longer. he was abused as a puppy and im glad i gave him the best 8 months of his life. i have never trusted a human as much as i trusted my friend.
#110 - anon (11/23/2015) [-]
Gods dammit why did I read this post. I saw the cute doge picture, the wall of text, and I knew it wouldn't end well.

But I wanted to believe man. I wanted to believe this giant beast could pull out strong. So fucking tired of hearing people say how they prefer small dogs. That smalls dogs are the best. That they're the cutest. FUCK THAT MAN. The big ones never get enough love.

I'm sorry Roman. You looked like a beast of dog. And a hell of a friend.
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#114 - DevilsCalling (11/23/2015) [-]
i took him because i seen his face. and i thought of turner and hooch...and idk she said he was mean but i kinda wanted a guard dog. i got both. Roman didnt like strange people and was on guard around them. like if someone tried to break in he would die stopping them. but he was more to us as just a lazy little snoring farting fuzz ball...he'd sit on the couch with me. or he'd stare at me like this when he wanted to go outside and he would do this sigh thing...oh man i miss that soul
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#76 - supercookieduster (11/23/2015) [-]
i just had to put my beagle down a month ago. cried like a little girl. miss her so much
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