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#3 - Gonna be a green Christmas.  [+] (1 reply) 06/06/2016 on Super ginger +8
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#13 - ivehadworse (06/06/2016) [-]
Snow MiserHeat Miser Song  The Year Without A Santa Claus

aw yis
#10 - Does this **** really happen in the states? I'm from Newfoundl…  [+] (4 replies) 02/17/2016 on Why I don't support Black... +7
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#25 - alalalalal (02/17/2016) [-]
Usualy happens in cuckville, or where people are too meh about it
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#17 - herosoldier (02/17/2016) [-]
It's not as prevalent as the internet makes it out to be but it is happening to a large amount of colleges.
#11 - shabeetus (02/17/2016) [-]
Im going on a limb here, but I think this shit happens at nearly every University, where the liberal SJW mindset spawns. It might not be as bad as in the video, but it happens. Way back in highschool I laughed at SJW and tumbleristas, thinking they were rare in real life. Started meeting people in college, added them on facebook, and noticed they seriously posted things about "white privilege", the fake wage gape, and of course BLM. Hell, last year a bunch of these idiots got together, laid down across a pedestrian bridge, and grabbed at anyone trying to walk past.

Thankfully, I believe most of them grow up as they experience real life outside of college
#12 - mundomundo (02/17/2016) [-]
Thanks bro, I live in the biggest city here which only has 100k people but I've never head of or seen anything close to this. Thank god we have the collection of decent human beings that is the FJ community.
#4 - Picture 10/31/2015 on KAPPA! +2
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