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    grandpa's will grandpa's will

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#124 - HAHAHA SEXUAL INTERCOURSE HAHAHA am i funny yet u guize?  [+] (1 reply) 07/21/2015 on 5 nights in Amy 0
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#128 - MrMustacho (07/21/2015) [-]
she was though
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#1 - so.... like paypal?  [+] (2 replies) 09/09/2014 on (untitled) 0
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#13 - jokexplain (09/09/2014) [-]
paypal isn't exactly like a credit card, it's not accepted everywhere [amazon for example]
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#3 - captainprincess (09/09/2014) [-]
Paypal's not so much a replacement as it is the middle-man between transferring your money from the bank to the internet

I use it, but would never STORE my money on it
#4 - >pirating >stealing money as if i was gon…  [+] (28 replies) 09/09/2014 on yes +200
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#79 - mtndewisgreat (09/09/2014) [-]
When you get the product though, you lessen the demand. Yea, you probably wouldn't have bought it, but if you have it then the demand for it goes down. What you need to know, is it's not about you. It's about the whole of demand, when tons of people get it free, you know there has to be some people that would have paid money for it in certain circumstances. And who's to say you wouldn't have? You change your mind every day, so the chance is still there. When there is a monitor at my work (Office Max) that is outdated, you know what we have to do? Smash it. That way instead of lessening the demand for a monitor by giving it away, we keep the demand and have a newer one to sell. It happens everywhere, and like the content says, because they want money.

Not rooting for either side, but just giving you an idea what this topic is really about.
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#99 - wisdomtooth (09/09/2014) [-]
How does that work exactly? You dont pirate something and just give it to someone else who really wants the product, thus lessening the demand for it. All you'd be doing is just downloading it for yourself in most cases. If you arent going to buy it in the first place, how does that lessen the demand for it?
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#100 - mtndewisgreat (09/09/2014) [-]
Because there's no potential for it anymore, you already have it. Before downloading it, there's still a chance. Nobody knows what they may change their mind on later.
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#101 - wisdomtooth (09/09/2014) [-]
But what about the example that you gave with the computer monitor? I can understand how giving away an outdated piece of equipment away might reduce demand in the market, but how does that relate to taking something for yourself in the case of pirating? I can understand how pirating something would take away the potential for it to be bought, but in most cases if someone really wants something, he or she will purchase it anyways
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#103 - mtndewisgreat (09/09/2014) [-]
I'm not sure what you mean,
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#105 - wisdomtooth (09/09/2014) [-]
"When there is a monitor at my work (Office Max) that is outdated, you know what we have to do? Smash it. That way instead of lessening the demand for a monitor by giving it away, we keep the demand and have a newer one to sell"

You smash the monitor instead of giving it away to prevent a loss in the demand for the product, I understand that, but how does that relate to piracy?
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#106 - mtndewisgreat (09/09/2014) [-]
Piracy creates lower demand, if you already have the game for free, how can they get you to buy it? The flip side of this is advertisement. If you show the game to your friends and let them play it, the company might make more sales. Usually though, it's a net loss in money.
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#111 - wisdomtooth (09/09/2014) [-]
If it's a game you dont enjoy in the first place, then why would you buy it anyways? I treat pirating as my own personal demo system. If I like the game, then I'll buy it! There's no reason not to if you're getting your moneys worth of entertainment and enjoyment from it. If I dont like it, then I uninstall it. It's a hell of a lot better than spending 60 dollars on a high end game, it turning out to be shit, and then having your money be completely wasted. There are barely any people out there other than teenagers or college students with lack of money who would never be able to buy the game in the first place as well, so the demand virtually doesn't exist from those groups in the first place
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#120 - mtndewisgreat (09/09/2014) [-]
And that's what I mean about advertising, I'm sure there are people who just download every game and play it whether or not they know anything about it, and there are people who specifically watched and waited for one game to download and play it. You are correct, but the numbers still show that there's a reason to create demand. To keep people from stealing games. Some people don't steal, they just test and buy. Some don't. Like I said, it's a numbers game, money you know. Pirating is still a loss of money in the long run for companies. Not saying some companies deserve it, or that I wouldn't buy a game I ended up liking anyways. I'm just talking about the facts.
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#122 - wisdomtooth (09/09/2014) [-]
Yeah, it's really unfortunate when people download games they get the full entertainment out of and still dont pay for it, just to be stingy. It's basically the same as sneaking into a movie theater to watch a movie. Piracy is a touchy topic, because there's good that it brings and there's also a lot of bad that it brings. Especially in the music industry with how easy it is to just download an artist's whole discography for free
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#42 - keltainenlumi (09/09/2014) [-]
Kind of. Because all files have some value.
#56 - shadowgandalf (09/09/2014) [-]
But when you pirate, you are ultimatly making your own file.

If i simply wrote a program by hand, that had the exact same code as photoshop, what would you do then? Adobe never made the file i have, i made it myself.

Similarely in the real world, Citroën have patent on a twisted gear. Since they have the patent for that, even if the other car companies make their twisted gears themself, they STILL have to pay royalities to Citroën.

Please tell me, how patents and copyright is not stealing itself.
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#62 - keltainenlumi (09/09/2014) [-]
When you pirate you are using a file someone else made without their permission.

If a person invents something he gets all the rights for that shit.
#72 - shadowgandalf (09/09/2014) [-]
1. No you aren't. Similarly, you are not using someones else cake, if you know how to make it, and make your own.

2. No he doesn't. And he shouldn't either.
Can you imagin the complete disaster it would be for the medical world, if you could patent medicine? Like holy hell, welcome back dark ages.
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#156 - tealcanaan (09/09/2014) [-]

It's funny you bring that up, because yurocucks have a hard time enforcing medicine patents (lol 80% of medical discoveries come from the U.S., because they are properly payed there) and instead use essentially stolen intellectual property so they can actually afford public medicine. Guess who makes up for the cost of r and d lost to europeans . So you can fuck off with your shit analogy, it works exactly that way. If people aren't restituted for their work in medicine or electronic projects, THEN you'll see a dark age and stagnation of intellectual achievement.
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#83 - keltainenlumi (09/09/2014) [-]
But you only know how to bake that cake because of that person who invented it.

You can patent medicine.
#107 - shadowgandalf (09/09/2014) [-]
Not in sane countries, aka anywhere else than USA.

Also, not really. Being the first to make something, dosn't mean others wouldn't have made it later on, or even a better version.

Just look at the iPhone. People credit that for being the first smartphone, where in reality, the windows phone was out years before that.

Yet iPhone came out later, and was the better product of the time.
Now imagin if microsoft had taken copyright to touchscreens on mobile phones... Horrible, no?

I will argue to my death that copyright and patents are THE most damaging things in existence to humanity, in their current form.
It's just two major cockblock of innovation and technology.
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#108 - keltainenlumi (09/09/2014) [-]
So if a person invents something they shouldn't get any rights over it? That pretty much makes people not want to invent stuff.
#109 - shadowgandalf (09/09/2014) [-]
Yeah, because there was NO innovation at all pre- patents and copyright.
Oh wait..

Anyway, i said in their current form.

If you changed it from having patent/copyright over any use or improvement of the product, to pantent/copyright of that EXACT THING, then we can begin talking.
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#60 - imalex (09/09/2014) [-]
no your not your illegaly copying the original file through a person who stole it and put it on a torrenting site
#61 - shadowgandalf (09/09/2014) [-]
.... Which is making your own version.
If you use tools like a hammer and a saw, to make a tree house that look just like your neighbor's, is it not then your own achivement and property?
Or is it your neighbor's for comming up with it first?
User avatar
#65 - imalex (09/09/2014) [-]
yes but your neighbour doesnt have a copyright on his treehouse

by your logic, if you want to download something make it yourself

wanna download a episode of walking dead? make it yourself, just like the original?

you didnt make it, you stole it, its copyrighted and can get you sued if you distrubute it
#68 - shadowgandalf (09/09/2014) [-]
Also, gl suing me in a country that does not have similar copyright laws to yours.
#69 - imalex (09/09/2014) [-]
how fucking dense are you
#71 - shadowgandalf (09/09/2014) [-]
Forgot pic...
#77 - anon (09/09/2014) [-]
saved. that pic is awesome!
#70 - shadowgandalf (09/09/2014) [-]
Right the fuck back at you.
#67 - shadowgandalf (09/09/2014) [-]
When download something, you create an exact copy of it, via your computers ability to read and remember.

Your computer is the tool, the original file is the blueprint.
It dosn't mean anything if it's easy to do, because thats the entire idea behind tools to begin with.
#341 - you're gonna share that tape or not?  [+] (1 reply) 09/06/2014 on This is why world hates... 0
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#605 - megayoming (09/07/2014) [-]
My father had it. Im not going over to his house and looking through 500tapes of pron movis and they are all VCR.
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