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#65 - People rioted in Ferguson because the cop didn't even go to tr… 12/04/2014 on No, Fuck you. 0
#34 - Comments section here: "Where is the rioting and outcry n…  [+] (3 new replies) 12/03/2014 on No, Fuck you. +6
User avatar #60 - kameken (12/04/2014) [-]
Wow, that...

Really just doesn't make any sense at all.
User avatar #65 - mtu (12/04/2014) [-]
People rioted in Ferguson because the cop didn't even go to trial even with the speculation and confusion around the evidence, which incited rioting. This case on the other hand seems straight forward, where he'll go to court and be sentenced. No one's rioting because justice is served.

The other half of my comment was the fact that no one heard about this, which is another reason why it wouldn't be addressed in a public manner. Black leaders won't talk about it because almost no one knows about it. Why does no one know about it? It wasn't made national news by any news outlet, which seems to further indicate black on black crime is not interesting or newsworthy to white people, since they're the majority in the United States. You can't air a story that won't sell to the majority of the population.
#35 - lardking (12/03/2014) [-]
probably because all the news nowadays is sensationalist and will only cover the stories that get the most viewers
#104 - Yeah I totally agree. Same thing when people say Mexican to de… 12/01/2014 on Daquan AKA Mr. Steal Yo Gurl 0
#102 - YEAH! People need to stop using that! Everyone tries to use it… 12/01/2014 on Daquan AKA Mr. Steal Yo Gurl 0
#101 - Yeah, there definitely has to be changes in both communities f… 12/01/2014 on Daquan AKA Mr. Steal Yo Gurl 0
#98 - My best friend is mixed race, and I wouldn't use the N word ar… 12/01/2014 on Daquan AKA Mr. Steal Yo Gurl 0
#96 - I agree its been a pretty good discussion. I don't think you'r… 12/01/2014 on Daquan AKA Mr. Steal Yo Gurl 0
#94 - It does make sense that not everyone is going to think the sam… 11/30/2014 on Daquan AKA Mr. Steal Yo Gurl 0
#89 - Then why in God's name can't we just stop using both terms? Wh…  [+] (13 new replies) 11/30/2014 on Daquan AKA Mr. Steal Yo Gurl 0
#103 - stillhearingvoices (12/01/2014) [-]
Yea I use color over ???-American. Makes since seeing as color is easily identifiable. There is a reason children do it and it's not because they are racist, but because it is simple.
User avatar #104 - mtu (12/01/2014) [-]
Yeah I totally agree. Same thing when people say Mexican to describe anyone Hispanic. People get really offended by that, my high school was forty percent hispanic and Puerto Ricans and Mexicans don't like each other, and anyone with south or central american heritage is not cool with just losing their cultural identity.
#100 - stillhearingvoices (12/01/2014) [-]
Side question. What's up with African-American? If they were born here then they are just American. Same as Mexican-American. Black people being British-American. I always found those titles to be racists because the color of their skin won't let them simply be called American.
User avatar #102 - mtu (12/01/2014) [-]
YEAH! People need to stop using that! Everyone tries to use it to be politically correct but they totally glaze over black people born in Jamaica, etc. I just use Black. People are usually cool with it.
#99 - stillhearingvoices (12/01/2014) [-]
I hope no one tries to read these I have them out of order. Probably best to let it go between people on the basis of how they feel about racial humor. I know a black woman who hates it when nigger or nigga is used by anyone. I respect that because while she is older she has put her foot down completely on the word. I know another black woman who is only fine with black people saying nigger and nigga. I think that bothers me because there is no improvement any which way. She is saying, "This is our word and no one can use it even if speech is to be free." Alright I think I'm done with the racial word discussion for now I'm not sure where we ended up, but it was fun. May Daquan be with you.
User avatar #101 - mtu (12/01/2014) [-]
Yeah, there definitely has to be changes in both communities for progress to be made. Good talking to you dude, I'm not sure where we ended either, but I think i'm gonna take away some good stuff from this. Take it easy.
#97 - stillhearingvoices (12/01/2014) [-]
Yea I don't think we'd be able to drop the words. Tell someone not to do something because it's bad and they will want to do it more. I think humor would be the only way to go. If people found stereotypical and racist words funny if they were used right and you'd be an idiot if you didn't make it funny then we'd be alright. That might happen after two more generations. I'm already seeing people my age making stereotypical vines about their own race and using words with their friends that they wouldn't use with strangers. Slowly getting their. Black in white and white in black. After that's all done we just have to get rid of the Jews and it'll be near perfect.
User avatar #98 - mtu (12/01/2014) [-]
My best friend is mixed race, and I wouldn't use the N word around him because I know it makes me uncomfortable. I respect him enough that I don't feel an extra urge to say it even though I'm not supposed to. And I don't know the situation if these guys have black friends or not, or if they're in a similar situation to you where your black friends were cool with it, but if they had someone close to them say it makes them uncomfortable would they keep saying it? I wouldn't feel comfortable saying the N word then telling some black guy to grow up and stop living in the past if he got offended. I wouldn't feel like I was in the right or more forward thinking than him. I think since none of us have any experience being black we don't get to make calls on them. And I agree they shouldn't make calls on us, but when's the last time you saw content where the comments was just black people shit talking white people? Not to say it doesn't exist, but it seems to happen a lot less frequently.

You might be right in the fact humor is the way to go, but you can agree a large portion of the content and comments about Ferguson have held very little comedic merit. . To me, it definitely just seemed like a lot of guys getting a lot of thumbs for really racist remarks. This content here? I definitely agree has race humor that's totally acceptable, this shit is funny.
#95 - stillhearingvoices (12/01/2014) [-]
No reply button for your recent comment for some reason. The part about Obama is just anger towards the policies he has done or not done. It's like them just calling someone the most hateful name they can think of. I'm not sure if the rest of your comment was reinforcing my point or not since you claim some to be white trash. I enjoyed all of this and the wall of purple lines. Do you think I'm racists? Just a question on how you've felt towards my comments.
User avatar #96 - mtu (12/01/2014) [-]
I agree its been a pretty good discussion. I don't think you're racist, and I think you have validity in some of your points, but racism is such a weird thing. It's not in black in white (lol). With the Obama thing I'm saying that people can't claim the "I'm not a racist, I only hate this group of lazy inconsiderate people, I hate anyone of any race like that" since obviously he's more successful than basically any of us will be. And that's just it. If you're using a word to express as much hatred and hurt someone as much as possible, and you're basing it on their race, is that not racist? You can say its because of their character flaw, but when you're using a slur that indicts their race then that in itself seems racist. It seems like you're attributing this flaw to their race rather than their shitty character. We should just attempt to keep race out of the insults we hurl at people.

And what I was trying to say about the white trash thing is that if everyone sinks to that level then we're just perpetuating the problem. Racism will only lead to more racism, so why don't we just stop using slurs? I agree we can't take words away from people but people can become conscious of the fact that words hold power, and maybe we should choose them more carefully. I'm just looking for people to be more thoughtful. Maybe thats too optimistic.
#90 - stillhearingvoices (11/30/2014) [-]
Try to take a word from a human and you will infringe on their freedom of speech. White people don't feel entitled to the word if you listen to certain types of music it may be noticed. You are packaging different sized eggs together even if they are the same color and that is racist. If you are looking for morals then go to a Christian website. If you are looking for people expressing themselves over the web (because doing so in public will put you on the chopping block for expressing your freedom) then stay on FJ. You are the only one who has made a snap judgment based on race when the FJ community makes up such a small portion of total whites in the world and you claim whites feeling entitled to a word. I think you fit in better than you think.
User avatar #94 - mtu (11/30/2014) [-]
It does make sense that not everyone is going to think the same way. I guess that makes everyone who uses the N word on funnyjunk white trash then. Seeings as how they made snap judgements on the looters, I guess I get to make snap judgements on them. Also, we have discussed this idea about the difference between blacks and "niggers", then why do quite a few people think they should be able to label Obama a "nigger" since he doesn't fit this mold that many people on Funnyjunk have come to use to define a "nigger". I am cool with the people on Funnyjunk who don't use the N word, and I know not everyone here is racist.
#91 - stillhearingvoices (11/30/2014) [-]
It's been a few hours since you commented back. If I was yo gurl then Daquan would have stole me already.
#87 - I'll cheers to that. I just wish less people would use it and … 11/30/2014 on Daquan AKA Mr. Steal Yo Gurl 0
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