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#29 - In Australia we said sorry to our Aboriginal Population, aaaaa…  [+] (10 new replies) 07/20/2016 on Australia weighs in +5
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#91 - ihateeverybodytoo (07/20/2016) [-]
Dude, everyone knows its a scam, even the blacks that kill cops
#69 - swarmlordmaster (07/20/2016) [-]
back when i was in school we had to say something about them at the start of every speech. and sometimes they walk around the city saying "give us back our land"
#67 - baronvonhuckle (07/20/2016) [-]
And even that was a complete crock of shit.

My ancestors weren't even IN Australia during the so-called "stolen generation".
#51 - anon (07/20/2016) [-]
well, ya cant push a tire down a hill if its already at the bottom
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#39 - isradam (07/20/2016) [-]
Aboriginals, New Zealand Maoris, basically all the natives of your region, are fucking gold.
Not even once have I read anything bad on the internet about anyone indigenous to those parts, and if the internet doesn't talk shit about you, it fucking means something. Bless your entire country, I hope I'll be moving there in a few years.
#65 - baronvonhuckle (07/20/2016) [-]
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#48 - lotengo (07/20/2016) [-]
>Not even once have I read anything bad on the internet about anyone indigenous to those parts,
Go to /pol/ at the time of day when a lot of Aussies are online and request an abbo story thread
#46 - anon (07/20/2016) [-]
Look just steer clear of the dark skin aboriginals.
You got tonnes of white people that are 1/3241 aboriginal from the "stolen generation" using their aboriginal blood to get benefits but they'll leave you alone for the most part.

If you go to Darwin or some shit in the outback you'll really really dislike them. Petrol sniffing weirdos.
#42 - anon (07/20/2016) [-]
You clearly don't hang around any of the same places I do. Lot of people consider Aboriginals to be the most backwards culture on earth. I do like a lot of their old cultural stuff, but seriously, they had to ban petrol from their towns because they keep drinking it, put up ads warning them to not sleep in the road, and have absolutely staggering child sexual abuse rates.

Maori's are pretty cool though, typically.
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#41 - Darianvincent (07/20/2016) [-]
I've heard no good things about abos from any Australian
#35 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 07/17/2016 on Post unclean desktop/fav... +1
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#50 - sparkskitsune (07/17/2016) [-]
Scenic overwatch map? Nice.
#8 - Source?  [+] (5 new replies) 07/15/2016 on boned +2
#9 - anon (07/15/2016) [-]
fucking headline in the content, retard
#17 - sylvanio (07/15/2016) [-]
no need to be a dick about it, it doesnt even say what website.
#37 - anon (07/15/2016) [-]
You're still a retard.
#41 - pingun (07/15/2016) [-]
anon, you lost.

Google isnt great for headlines.