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#66 - that one guy on the right who runs directly into a wall  [+] (5 replies) 08/26/2013 on on october 12th +43
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#135 - whenallelsefails (08/26/2013) [-]
Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out, I actually laughed
#97 - xaal (08/26/2013) [-]
He just flops! hahahah
#96 - xaal (08/26/2013) [-]
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#117 - moevleboevle (08/26/2013) [-]
no he did
#73 - rubydude (08/26/2013) [-]
#54 - pretty sure thats also around the time they discontinued the n…  [+] (11 replies) 08/01/2013 on Did you know... +5
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#66 - RequieminMortis (08/01/2013) [-]
I wouldn't know. I just made that entire story up as an excuse to use that gif.
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#94 - retributionthepimp (08/01/2013) [-]
You'd be one badass tour guide.
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#82 - hamsterball (08/01/2013) [-]
for a second there I believed that until I read your comment
#148 - doubledisme (08/01/2013) [-]
I sorta smelt fish
the arena was made in Rome not Greece
and im no weapons expert but it would take a bomb of todays military standerds to kill 50 people like that
lastly I dont think (or know) that greek fire would explode like that
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#149 - hamsterball (08/01/2013) [-]
1) what does greece have to do with this?
2) a bomb of today's standards would kill and injure hell of a lot more say 100-200 (depends on where it was dropped)
3) if any flammable material is in a confined space(barrel) it will explode (ie gunpowder if lit by match in open air it would just burn, but if say in a cartridge it would explode since it is again in a confined space)
#151 - doubledisme (08/01/2013) [-]
I though he said the arena was in greece but im half asleep so I assumed that when he said Greek fire
I agree but it rarely does
and as I said I dont know if it would cause an explosion as big to kill 50 in an instant
im sure it would destroy the front part of the ship if it were kept there and since we dont exactly know how they made greek fire we will never find out its chemical properties (and reactions such as sploiding)
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#159 - hamsterball (08/01/2013) [-]
believing that since the boats were only 5-10 feet away from each other, with about 20 men on each boat i think it's possible.
He said that the emperor got 2nd degree burns from, if the boat was in the center, 310 feet, with a fireball visible from the city, and using gasoline as a benchmark (now i'm not an explosion analyst, so i'm just guesstimating) which from watching mythbusters about 2.5 gallons creates a diameter of about 10 feet, and I have been 50 feet from gasoline explosions. from that they are still really hot. so I'm guessing there was 155 gallons of greek fire or 10-11 10 gallon barrels which would create about a radius of 194 fireball, which I believe would be enough to give someone 2nd degree burns from 310 feet away.

TLR: I beileve the ship had 10-11 10 gallon barrels on board which would create about a radius of 195feet fireball.
#163 - doubledisme (08/01/2013) [-]
good math only two complaints
one you should not usse gasoline as a medium since its not greek fire what you want to test (if we were to test it)
and secondly dont believe everything on mythbusters half of the times they dont know what they are doing or talking about
example 1
they failed to make a meaat bullet and if im correct they deemed it impossable
example 2 they actually thought that ninjas would run on water
in real life they would stick bamboo sticks in the water remember where they are and when soldiers are around jump from pole to pole (psycological warfare)
so its still false but sorta true
if you want to continue this shiz about myth busters (droping the greek fire thing you turned me around) pm me
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#167 - hamsterball (08/01/2013) [-]
I agree but my guess is gasoline is the closest thing we have to greek fire (naplam would be too hot and would burn longer than greek fire imo)
I used mythbusters since it was an easy example to find. such as when they had the gasoline bomb seeing if you could survive an explosion if you swam underwater, but yes I do agree not all of the things they do are always right, like for the fact about the Hindenburg being covered in thermite when it was just static electricity build up.
#168 - doubledisme (08/01/2013) [-]
on a good note lets get outta here before that stupid pic of spider man comes up
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#169 - hamsterball (08/01/2013) [-]
#165 - Im not saying I don't believe you, I don't live there so I don…  [+] (1 reply) 07/29/2013 on Polandball High 0
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#207 - mymiddleleg (07/29/2013) [-]
Its all the citizens choice and the way things are going here we are sick to death of the EU
#155 - sure, once they make an exit clause  [+] (3 replies) 07/29/2013 on Polandball High 0
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#162 - mymiddleleg (07/29/2013) [-]
We are better off without it, all it's done is drain our income and tbh i hope we are not there when the EU sinks
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#165 - mrradical (07/29/2013) [-]
Im not saying I don't believe you, I don't live there so I don't know much, but I doubt the UK will leave within the next 10 years
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#207 - mymiddleleg (07/29/2013) [-]
Its all the citizens choice and the way things are going here we are sick to death of the EU