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#145 - anon (08/08/2012) [-]
How about trying to ride a dog while not using your upper body and having to stay nearly still while doing it. A horse is so sensitive to your weight that if you turn your head they will notice. The people doing dressage aren't just sitting on a horse, they are giving that animals possibly hundred of ques in a routine.

Tell me this, do you see the riders move that much? Nope. They pretty much sit still (to us). Do you think horses do the routines on their own? Fat chance. Every gait change, every turn, every sidestep and lead is cued by the rider.

This is not even touching on the physical aspect to riding English. It's pretty much your thighs keeping you on that beast. And just training a horse to accept all that noise is back breaking. I've seen a horse bolt and nearly kill her rider.. Over a shadow.

It's hard, man. Don't discount someones hard work just because you think it's easy. I don't try to judge your spots, you don't try to judge mine. Unless you've actually dabbled (just dabbled) in dressage you don't get a say in this matter. Try a couple lessons, come back when you can't feel your ass, and have another looksee.

Not hatin, but damn. At least be somewhat informed about a subject before you try to make statements like that. It takes years and years of practice and hundreds of thousands of dollars for these people to get that good.