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#28 - Oh Oedipus, you silly bastard. 03/25/2015 on Popcorn +2
#56 - Nope. They've only got a year of fresh water left.  [+] (3 new replies) 03/22/2015 on 1 year of water left +3
User avatar #67 - Abortedwafflez (03/22/2015) [-]
Rip all the gays and mexicans.
User avatar #144 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/23/2015) [-]
Rip half of America's food production too.
User avatar #97 - hanakoikezawa (03/23/2015) [-]
top kek
#33 - I guess we're all posting our Golden Retrievers. Here's mine w… 03/22/2015 on Lazy fetch +1
#41 - They didn't destroy the canon terribly there. Noble Team was s…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/22/2015 on I liked REACH +1
User avatar #43 - farokhmanesh (03/22/2015) [-]
But it does detract from them, because of what happens with Noble Team, what happens with Red Team in CASTLE base can't happen (because it's essentially accomplishing the same thing, keeping the Sigmus IV crystal from the Covenant).
#38 - Plus in the books, Halsey wasn't aware of the S IIIs existence…  [+] (3 new replies) 03/22/2015 on I liked REACH 0
User avatar #40 - farokhmanesh (03/22/2015) [-]
That is probably one of my biggest ragers. SIIIs shouldn't have been on Reach, and Jorge shouldn't have been in a unit with a bunch of SIIIs. Plus, the SIIIs on Reach had to have been Alpha or Beta Company Spartans to be old enough so that goes against Ghosts of Onyx saying they all died (aside from Tom and Lucy). But that is the new canon and it is stupid. So the new SIIIs, that no one was supposed to know existed, are the heroes of Reach instead of the 26ish Spartan IIs of Red Team, who not only inflicted MASSIVE casualties on the Covenant, but survived (a handful of them at least) and ended up destroying the Unyielding Hierophant alongside Master Chief. Crap makes me buttmad, man.
#41 - mrmcput (03/22/2015) [-]
They didn't destroy the canon terribly there. Noble Team was selected from Alpha and Beta company Spartans that were especially gifted and they were reassigned to a special unit. That's why they had Mjolnir instead of SPI armor, and why they were on Reach. Plus it doesn't detract from the Spartan IIs, since they were on a separate mission on a different part of the planet.
User avatar #43 - farokhmanesh (03/22/2015) [-]
But it does detract from them, because of what happens with Noble Team, what happens with Red Team in CASTLE base can't happen (because it's essentially accomplishing the same thing, keeping the Sigmus IV crystal from the Covenant).
#11 - Comment deleted 03/21/2015 on How to Date Taylor Swift 0
#44 - My opinion on Fallout faction alignment The Followers of t… 03/18/2015 on The Good +1
#246 - And remember the 30 Years War where every major power in Europ… 03/16/2015 on War +2
#55 - So? Does this somehow detract from our military spending? 03/14/2015 on *Heavy Breathing* +13
#37 - Theodosius made Christianity the official state religion of Ro… 03/12/2015 on Smack +5
#4 - The Mexicans are getting crafty with their border crossings.  [+] (1 new reply) 03/12/2015 on I am a vengeful god +2
#6 - jerichoswain (03/13/2015) [-]
Abort! we've been discovered.
#27 - Blades of Fury  [+] (1 new reply) 03/11/2015 on 11 times 0
User avatar #32 - pokemonstheshiz (03/11/2015) [-]
#13 - Just don't mention Burger King. 03/11/2015 on Tumblr Comp 0
#126 - Money buys pancakes  [+] (1 new reply) 03/10/2015 on Take your pick 0
#134 - auntayjemima (03/10/2015) [-]
Well then...
#22 - What about when Dumbledore had to fire the Halo Array to stop … 03/10/2015 on that's a twist +5
#385 - Electric Spray 03/09/2015 on What's Your Poké Move? 0
#19 - To be fair, the whole American system was designed around prev…  [+] (13 new replies) 03/06/2015 on Politics +11
User avatar #55 - douthit (03/07/2015) [-]
The problem is that Congress has done TOO MUCH already.
User avatar #39 - kommandantvideo (03/07/2015) [-]
More like designed to cater to the wealthy and nobody else...
User avatar #46 - sketchE (03/07/2015) [-]
youre a dumb ass
User avatar #47 - kommandantvideo (03/07/2015) [-]
>implying i'm wrong

protip: i'm not
#62 - Ken M (03/07/2015) [-]
User avatar #48 - sketchE (03/07/2015) [-]
ok then prove youre point
User avatar #51 - kommandantvideo (03/07/2015) [-]
1. the existence of lobbying (or, in simpler terms, legal bribery),

2.excessive tax cuts for the incredibly wealthy, for the sake of "trickle down economics" (which is a fake ideal created by the rich to make the poor feel like if they work hard and long enough, they can be as wealthy as those on top -- which is impossible, because for trickle down economics to exist, the rich have to part with their money... which they don't),

3. the rich control the media, which has #1 influence over the thoughts of the common man, and as a result, controls the vote
User avatar #52 - sketchE (03/07/2015) [-]
so youre using modern examples to prove that in 1788 this countries government was formed with the intention of making things easy for rich people and screwing everyone else over
User avatar #53 - kommandantvideo (03/07/2015) [-]
that's correct. I never stated that the country was founded with the intention of letting the poor be in complete control, in fact it is recorded that many of the founding fathers set up voting restrictions in order to avoid mob rule, as they felt it might be if everyone and their brother could simply go to the polls and vote on election day.

but that was also a time before the mass media. the country was run by the rich back then as well, however in different ways. the rich would use their wealth to hold lavish parties for entire communities, and serve drinks like rum, as long as the people would remember their names when it came to the ballots on election day. what they did is very similar to what the wealthy robber barons of the industrialist era (1880-1920's) when they had their little political rings going, the most notable example of which being boss tweed and tammany hall.

but the wealthy of today take it a step farther. they aren't just getting huge tax cuts, they're doing things which the wealthy of the olden days couldn't, such as abusing tax havens, manipulating the media such as television news stations (which you cannot deny have much more influence over people nowadays than any amount of media manipulation of the days of ole may have had), lobbying themselves, using their wealth to fund huge campaigns for themselves which well meaning, but poor politicians cannot do. an example of this would be ron paul's 2012 campaign. you just look at that and you can see the blatant manipulation of media, where media outlets will ignore his name on statistics charts, not mention any advances he had made in states, and in some cases just flat out ignore him on charts
User avatar #54 - sketchE (03/07/2015) [-]
throwing lavish parties to get a vote does not sound like oppression. the media is run by private corporations telling them they cant give their opinions is violation of their first amendment rights. what youre telling me is that the rich had power and used it. not that the government is oppressing the poor.
User avatar #73 - kommandantvideo (03/07/2015) [-]
I never once in my argument asserted that the government was meant to be oppressive of the poor via the rich. Merely that the government is controlled solely by the rich, and that the poor have truly no say in the government

I've stepped forward and provided my evidence for my side of the argument, let's see you do the same.
User avatar #75 - sketchE (03/07/2015) [-]
"More like designed to cater to the wealthy and nobody else... "
your proving that yes money does have an effect on government. not that the government was designed to favor the rich and ignore the poor. if you want to say the government has become predominantly controlled by the rich fine. but take into account that rich people tend to have a reason for voting even if it is to further there own cause when the poor who drasticly outnumber the rich are more likely to say "my vote doesnt matter"

my point was that the government was not designed to ignore the poor and give the rich benefits. you proceeded to prove how the rich utilise the system in a way that benefits them
#68 - Ken M (03/07/2015) [-]
Buckley v. Valeo (1976) was a SCOTUS case setting the idea that money is speech
First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti (1978) setting the idea that corporations have first amendment rights

This redesigned Congress by changing our elections into an open auction to the highest bidder.
#87 - Nope, there's only been one Caesar in Fallout. He's still the … 03/06/2015 on Fallout: New-Vegas Honest... +1
#85 - Comment deleted 03/06/2015 on Fallout: New-Vegas Honest... 0
#83 - Caesar wasn't a Mormon. He was with the Followers of the Apocalypse.  [+] (1 new reply) 03/06/2015 on Fallout: New-Vegas Honest... +1
#85 - mrmcput has deleted their comment.
#30 - More of a politician than a general? No I don't think so. He w…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/06/2015 on Interesting Facts 0
User avatar #32 - whiskeyjacker (03/06/2015) [-]
When a man is captured several times and told to seek another career by his enemies I tend to consider him a pretty poor general. If it weren't for his popularity and his connection he never would have become leader of the American forces. He was for more successful as a politician so I would label him as such.
#67 - And the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong lost 19 times more comb… 03/06/2015 on ISIS VS The World +7
#44 - The guys in uniforms holding weapons are Japanese. The unarmed… 03/05/2015 on Nanking Massacre Photos 0
#36 - Wrong massacre dude. Japan did this to China.  [+] (1 new reply) 03/05/2015 on Nanking Massacre Photos 0
User avatar #42 - champaigne (03/05/2015) [-]
Oh crap saw mountain of skulls and thought indian burial ground my bad
#188 - He gets trapped and eventually starves to death because the on…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/04/2015 on Star Wars v. Star Trek Comp 0
#208 - nigsgonnanog (03/06/2015) [-]


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