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#72 - We have this one sauna game called ''Gollum'' In Gol… 09/26/2014 on GET DOWN MR.PRESIDENT! +10
#86 - **mrcunt rolls 987,325,022** Damn i'm poor  [+] (2 new replies) 08/14/2014 on Win a $50 visa card +10
#475 - ranurta (08/14/2014) [-]
**ranurta rolls 715,036,098**
damn thats a big number
User avatar #233 - animedudej (08/14/2014) [-]
**animedudej rolls 654,337,845** son of a bitch
#73 - Picture 07/29/2014 on Post that one GIF you never... +1
#660 - thank mr skeltal 06/23/2014 on thank mr skeltal 0
#1 - Picture 06/02/2014 on It's-a-me, motherfucker 0
#9 - Picture  [+] (3 new replies) 06/02/2014 on Scientifically proven to... +76
User avatar #58 - lunarmage (06/02/2014) [-]
I'd like the source too. What is scientifically proven?
User avatar #18 - haitsu (06/02/2014) [-]
spinninh so hard he's going to fly
#10 - atwfoomn (06/02/2014) [-]
#29 - Because **** you, that's why.  [+] (2 new replies) 05/18/2014 on homemade wolverine claws +13
#33 - evilwheatleycore (05/18/2014) [-]

It's dangerous to go alone
#45 - animedudej (05/18/2014) [-]
i can only begin to imagine the hilarious fights you'd get into with that on your forehead...

just be like "well" *heatbuts* "that's why"
#20 - But how do i build up immunity for smaller caliber bullets?  [+] (9 new replies) 05/14/2014 on Life Hack +100
User avatar #22 - codyxvasco (05/14/2014) [-]
Nerf>Airsoft>Paintball>Bee Stings> BB gun> Pellet gun> buckshot> Tiny bullets> Cannon Ball.

That's the progression.
User avatar #91 - commontroll (05/15/2014) [-]
Airsoft and paintball are more painful than bee stings. I hardly feel a bee sting.

But wasps and yellow jackets?
User avatar #87 - misanthrizzle (05/15/2014) [-]
>pellet guns to buckshot
sounds legit
User avatar #93 - codyxvasco (05/15/2014) [-]
idk what the fuck i'm talking about.
#51 - gumavkleci (05/14/2014) [-]
You missed arrows! but not sure if i would start with arrows or bolts :/
User avatar #36 - ttallonn (05/14/2014) [-]
I think there may be a small jump in progression somewhere in there.
#39 - alruneia (05/14/2014) [-]
yeah there might
#68 - lub (05/14/2014) [-]
whats this? an overabundance of bees in the studio? my briefcase full of bees oughta put a stop to that!
User avatar #21 - megaton (05/14/2014) [-]
play paintball?
#229 - Picture 04/13/2014 on Someone had to say it 0
#15 - tfw no gf  [+] (1 new reply) 03/20/2014 on me and my wife..do it alot :/ +8
#40 - mutzaki (03/20/2014) [-]
tfw no shower
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#3 - mrcunt (01/28/2013) [-]
so what kind of talismans will do that? i am so bad at this because i never used any other than the basic talisman for healing purposes. i used all my 98h om gaming on the other account in melee.
User avatar #5 to #3 - satrenkotheone (01/28/2013) [-]
Loyd's Talisman will scale with Intelligence. All the other talismans scale with faith.
#6 to #5 - mrcunt (01/28/2013) [-]
thanks, i am now going to blight town. going the harder rotue through gaping dragon
for xp. i have had really big brake for darksouls. so i dont rember much. even though i play sometimes with my old character but i go much different places than you go at start so i have forgotten so many places i dont remember how to get to the depths. but thanks for the help! :D
User avatar #8 to #6 - abaraxus (01/29/2013) [-]
Lloyd's talisman is a consumable item, not a casting talisman. Velka's talisman scales with INT.
User avatar #7 to #6 - satrenkotheone (01/28/2013) [-]
The Entrance to the depths is in lower undead burg. You should however go up the entrance on the left, it will lead you to the aqueduct that leads to Firelink Shrine. Beating the Gaping Dragon is a good choice. What console do you play Dark Souls on?

I would recommend farming XP before venturing into Blighttown. And use the Spider shield, please just do it.
And if you need more help, seek me up.
User avatar #1 - satrenkotheone (01/28/2013) [-]
Replied here because I couldn't continue the thread.

I had almost forgot about Pyromancies, but yeah. You should get 20 in Faith or so, that way you can get the Lightning Spear Miracle. I would use a talisman which scales with faith rather than INT, but that's your own choice and depends on which of the skills you invest the more in. But I advise getting the lightning spear miracle. Later you will free a guy in Lower Undead Burg. He will sell you sorceries. I recommend buying all his Sorceries when you can. That way you may stack up on twice the amount of sorceries than you're supposed to have.
User avatar #2 to #1 - satrenkotheone (01/28/2013) [-]
Weapon reinforcements:

Normal weapon reinforcements scale with skills. These are ultimately the high damaging ones all over. As many different creatures are immune to the elemental ones.

Divine weapons is a must because you have to go through the catacombs.

Fire weapons are overall good except against fire resistant enemies.

Same applies for lighting.

Chaos weapons are basically fire, but the damage scales with humanity up to 10+ humanity.

Occult weapons will be really useful in Anor Londo.

Magic and enchanted weapons do spirit damage. I can't remember which one affected ghosts in New Londo.
User avatar #4 to #2 - satrenkotheone (01/28/2013) [-]
Raw weapons have higher base damage, but does not scale.
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