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In college and working my ass of to pay for it. I use to make youtube videos (got back into it, check it out if you like bad lets plays :D) I like to draw and I like to playing video games (obvious :|)
I love the Souls series so check that shit out if you haven't. Love War Hamme (dont know much, new to it). I love tabletops and I'm currently working on making one (RPG tabletop, comedic)

Don't know what else to put here :{
See you around to anyone who stumbles into my account.

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#14 - Picture 12/14/2014 on hang in there +13
#165 - actually that episode IS the final ending. Do some reading. …  [+] (1 new reply) 12/14/2014 on Teen titans comparison +3
#366 - dannyvx (12/14/2014) [-]
I know it was the ending but it wasn't an ending
#102 - Picture 12/13/2014 on scenes from the UK porn... +6
#21 - He has done this before. Also he has said countless times that…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/01/2014 on Internet Aristocrat's Speech +1
#26 - anonymous (12/01/2014) [-]
and "social justice" is also a good thing in term. The idea that all can be equal and we should move on past superficial differences? thats not a bad thing. However, it cannot be a war, it simply has to be an attitude about how to live ones life. And some people mis-use it, to fund some politics so they can yell and throw a fit to get people to chance to be some perfect society, without understanding the very complex complications.

I'm not saying gamergate doesn't have pretention from some people, it does. However, what this man says is entirely insane. "you need to pick an extreme" no you dumb jerk, this kind of 3rd grade antagonism is what creates blinded religious fights to begin with.

If you feel that there isn't a direction, remember the ideals that drew you to it. And identify how to live those ideals yourself. Remember that anyone reporting for others needs to open about all relationships regardless of cost, and provide factual details work rather than blind conclusions.
#7 - This is my OPINION on Jim, AKA Internet Aristocrat and why I t… 11/30/2014 on motosuwa's profile 0
#3 - He has done this before. Also he has said countless times that… 11/30/2014 on Internet Aristocrat's... 0
#8 - too bad that isn't true. 11/30/2014 on Seems familiar +2
#80 - wut? lol when did I sent the friend request? I don't remember …  [+] (1 new reply) 11/20/2014 on subadanus's profile 0
#81 - subadanus (11/21/2014) [-]
helo modafoka
#271 - Who is distracted? What are you talking about? While EA is som… 11/19/2014 on Gamergate be like +1
#269 - Attention? What attention are you talking about? The movement …  [+] (2 new replies) 11/19/2014 on Gamergate be like +1
#270 - nimithecat (11/19/2014) [-]
Journalism integrity?
I love how feminism has everything to do with journalism when we could be taking care of things that actually harm the gaming industry, like EA.

You keep giving the wrong subject all the attention while the fat cats get away with everything while you're distracted.
#271 - motosuwa (11/19/2014) [-]
Who is distracted? What are you talking about? While EA is something of an issue that has to be tackle upon. The core problem lies on the Video Game Journalist who write hit pieces and do good PR for companies such as EA. GG is about going against journalism and demanding that they take gamers seriously and write articles for us, the ones who pretty much make them money. Yet they write articles such as "Gamers are dead" and they themselves bring sexism into our gaming culture. As a gamer, I clearly do not care what a character is wearing, because its the vision of the Director of the game and his staff. Yet these gaming journalist take it to themselves to write articles about how they shouldn't because its sexist. You see? We just want to discuss games and have fair video game articles on games(such as bad things EA has done, has any major Journalist site written bad PR on EA? I fail to see it.) GG wants honesty on journalist, BUT NO! they throw the sexist card because these women have thrown themselves into the issue, and Video game journalist are using this as an excuse to derail the issue. Also GG is NOT a single motive issue, its not unified, no leaders, meaning anyone who supports GG, at its core on Journalistic integrity, may have other things done, like removing Feminist ideologue away from gaming because its irrelevant to the issue and irrelevant to gamer.
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#7 - motosuwa (11/30/2014) [-]
This is my OPINION on Jim, AKA Internet Aristocrat and why I think he left.

He has done this before. Also he has said countless times that he would leave once he gained too much popularity. It was not right that so many people gave him **** for the lazy stream that he did in which clearly was meant to be a ******* fun live stream filled with anything goes since it wasn't GG related. I agree with most with what he says here. Although I still believe that GG can manage and succeed (IA aka Jim isn't a leader, he always claimed that hes not a leader and hes not the main focus, he only gave his opinion and ideas).
Hes right about people making money off GG, and im not including MundaneMatt or Sargon of Akkad since they made money before GG, those type of guys I'm not counting, I am specifically talking about all the new campaigns to raise money for things alike to BasedGamer, that **** is wrong and not needed and clearly it has nothing to do with what GG was originally was about.
And you can't even call **** out within GG since people are policing and anything will be called either toxic, shilling or even(maybe)harassing!
Come the **** on GG. Tell me Jim is wrong in these issues.
The entire point of GG to begin with was to take down Video game journos and to strike at their sites.
Jim using words like taking an extreme and choosing a side in a sense is correct and its what we should be since so many people are on the fence about the issues and won't even research deep like others have.
Example is when Sargon was talking about Digra or academia in video games and explain this to Total biscuit in a stream, and the viewers where telling him to stop because it was red pill! Like wtf! this is all related since its all part of the ideologues of these SJW within our gaming media.
But instead of striking while the iron is hot, too many people IMO didn't do their ******* research and took the neutral stance and just kept sending emails which worked to take down gawker but left a void in taking it further to end it. I don't see a clear future anymore.
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