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#22 - **mooghens used "*roll picture*"** **mooghens rolled image… 03/14/2016 on anon beats the system +6
#129 - >Willfully posting mlp content  [+] (1 new reply) 03/13/2016 on HIPS -1
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#134 - styxenstones (03/13/2016) [-]
I bet you just saw the pony and immediately thought, "Ugh, another brony faggot" Didn't you? See, this why don't try to be funny anymore.
#1013 - **mooghens used "*roll picture*"** **mooghens rolled image ** 03/13/2016 on Admin starts an army 0
#976 - **mooghens used "*roll picture*"** **mooghens rolled image ** 03/12/2016 on Let's protest, *roll for... 0
#60 - This comment section...  [+] (3 new replies) 03/12/2016 on HIPS +43
#128 - styxenstones (03/13/2016) [-]
tried posting this down there in brony territory, maybe you guys will like it better.
#129 - mooghens (03/13/2016) [-]
>Willfully posting mlp content
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#134 - styxenstones (03/13/2016) [-]
I bet you just saw the pony and immediately thought, "Ugh, another brony faggot" Didn't you? See, this why don't try to be funny anymore.
#22 - It's not. The by far majority of people will pull the lever, r…  [+] (7 new replies) 03/12/2016 on Trolley problem +34
#24 - anon (03/12/2016) [-]
Actually, that's just another version of the trolley problem. In the above trolley problem, a lot of people will pull the lever because they look at it from a utilitarian perspective (killing one to save many).

However, in a very similar version of the trolley problem, you are instead standing on a pedestrian bridge with very low railing which goes over the track which has five people on the track. There is also a very fat man on the bridge who is leaning against the rail directly above the track. You can push the man over the edge the trolley will be stopped (due to the size of the man) or you let the trolley go and kill the five. Most people in this version will not push the man, as they look at the problem from a deontological perspective.

Your example is very similar to the fat man version of the trolley problem, in that the act of killing the one is much less impersonal than just switching a lever. This is most likely why most people won't push the man (or kill the healthy patient) in order to save the others.
#68 - drewjitsu (03/12/2016) [-]
The fat man question is impractical. How do you know the fat man will stop the train? Only because you've been told in the question, the scenario is therefore impossible. Most people wouldn't do it because they don't know if a fat person will stop a train so they'd only be adding another body to the pile. As for the Sociopath doctor test, the problem in that scenario is assuming that the sociopath will sympathize with the other patients enough to jeopardize his medical career. For a sociopath, this is highly unlikely. The question states, as a rule, that you know you can get away with it. That isn't practical. There is always a risk. An psychopath (I distinguish them by nature vs. nurture, psycho and sociopath respectively) may take the risk and those 3 patients would forever be his trophy. But a psychopath may not sympathize enough with the patients to risk his career either. Not a good test.
#117 - anon (03/12/2016) [-]
I only needed the first two sentences of your reply, because that's all I needed to know you couldn't correctly analyze these problems. You're not suppose to question whether the man would actually stop the trolley or not. You also didn't question whether the switch in the first problem actually switches the track or if the speed of the trolley wouldn't derail it and still kill the five. These are not supposed to be "well, what if this" or "how do you know that" types of scenarios. You're supposed to take the situation as it is explained to you and accept all of the premises.
#144 - drewjitsu (03/12/2016) [-]
Those situations are impossible, though. The choice is dead simple when the outcomes are guaranteed. Because the situations are impossible, it's really easy to make a decision. The question doesn't accurately test anything because it's impractical.
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#63 - tyrson (03/12/2016) [-]
I think there's a difference, though, other than how impersonal the decision is. In the trolley problem, there are 6 victims of someone else's evil test. You are not picking WHO any of those 6 victims are, that decision is already made for you. You are merely choosing which victims will die.
In the doctor problem, and again with the fat man problem, the difference becomes clear. YOU are choosing who the new victim will be. Sure, there may be only one viable candidate, but it's a lot more than asking someone to get their hands dirty with the physical act of pushing or killing. It's about having the person in question make the decision to take someone who is outside of the terrible situation, and put them into the terrible situation in the hopes of saving the other victims.
#119 - anon (03/12/2016) [-]
But the one on the track is also outside of the situation and you are deciding to put them in the situation. In the original trolley problem, no one is tied up on the tracks. It is five track workers working on the active track and one person on the side track that hasn't been active for a number of years. None of them will see or hear the trolley or hear anything you try to shout out. So your "6 victims of someone else's evil test" is not true in the actual problem.

Same thing in the doctor problem, the 5 patients (it supposed to be five so there is a direct correspondence to the trolley problem) will die within the hour and the healthy patient comes in and is a match for all of them. This person is just as outside of the situation as the one on the old track or the fat man on the bridge. In all of the scenarios, who the one is is purely a coincidence of location, body size, or blood type.
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#37 - reloadedhamster (03/12/2016) [-]
Thats what i was trying to say lol
#119 - Could have cropped it better, but didnt ******* bother 03/11/2016 on Species +4
#101 - In this age of "muh inclusivness" "muh diversit… 03/11/2016 on Species +4
#92 - 27/12/15 Never forget The one da… 03/11/2016 on how to upset sjw's +1
#60 - why not just hang himself? or overdose on over-the-counter med…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/10/2016 on /k/ill yourself +1
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#66 - abomii (03/10/2016) [-]
Or bath salts and eat people faces