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#4 - Malnourished and jaundiced and scabby is he!  [+] (2 replies) 07/16/2016 on spongebob crackhead +21
#6 - anon (07/16/2016) [-]
If narcotical nonsense be something you wish!
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#7 - MoonOnAMish (07/16/2016) [-]
Then drop some pills and flop like a fish!
#10 - Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis? What does humor have to do with …  [+] (2 replies) 07/16/2016 on Who's that Turkish Leader?! +1
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#83 - iamchicken (07/16/2016) [-]
Literally like half of the General's Speeches are 100% top banter.
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#11 - pingun (07/16/2016) [-]
The occasionall jokes in the cutscenes when you spy on towns, or the traits with fun stuff.

I feel like that gave the game a nice touch.
#8 - Well **** dude, Medieval 2 is one of the best RTS games ever made imo  [+] (4 replies) 07/16/2016 on Who's that Turkish Leader?! +11
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#9 - pingun (07/16/2016) [-]
I love it too. Feels like a great game with humour perfectly added into it. Not forced like in far cry 3, but added perfectly while still being serious.
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#10 - mkchillin (07/16/2016) [-]
Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis? What does humor have to do with Medieval 2 Total War?
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#83 - iamchicken (07/16/2016) [-]
Literally like half of the General's Speeches are 100% top banter.
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#11 - pingun (07/16/2016) [-]
The occasionall jokes in the cutscenes when you spy on towns, or the traits with fun stuff.

I feel like that gave the game a nice touch.
#24 - I have a hunch he's gonna be a barbaric dude bro in the Justic…  [+] (13 replies) 07/15/2016 on Autism +2
#38 - slackerbro (07/15/2016) [-]
He better not, since he's supposed to be a head of state.
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#52 - wertologist (07/15/2016) [-]
Well Batman isn't supposed to kill either. The new DC movies aren't making very comic accurate characters. They are taking the big heroes and twisting them into whatever they think makes a good movie.
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#98 - emperorwatergate (07/15/2016) [-]
I thought the implication was that Batman was starting to lose his humanity because of the death of Jason Todd.

I liked Man Of Steel and BVS, but they could have been better.

Thankfully, Justice League will be a bit lighter.
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#142 - wertologist (07/15/2016) [-]
But batman's whole moral code is that he won't kill. When Jason became the red hood he tried to get him to kill the joker for what he did but he refused. Bvs batman may be sad about his death like the real batman, but the difference is that a real batman wouldn't give in. Batman wants to kill the joker sometimes, but he won't. In his words, "it would be too easy".

The Joker wants nothing more than to push batman over the edge so he can prove that anyone can be corrupted. This whole battle of the joker trying to break batman is shattered in bvs because that batman was killing people and branding people which was a death sentence. That ain't batman. He was also a piss poor detective.
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#132 - isradam (07/15/2016) [-]
I would have gladly accepted batman as a killer if they had slowly built up to it. If you just tell me Jason Todd died I'mma be like "oh ok".
But if you SHOW IT to me, make me see him die(again), make me see batman slowly spiral into greater madness, I would love that so fucking much.

... I might be a bit of a villain...
#58 - slackerbro (07/15/2016) [-]
Yeah ... you might be right.
Let's just hope the many disappointed reviews have taught them that generally what they think is wrong.
I mean ... I'm pretty sure they didn't, but let's just hope for it.
Forget it. Hope is dead. Humanity is doomed. Just give me the damn rope already.
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#61 - wertologist (07/15/2016) [-]
They aren't going to change now. They are trying to keep up with marvel and have planned all these movies. If they were going to change, they would have to retcon the man of steel/bvs by starting over(which would mean 1-3 whole movies), then rewrite the planned titles to fit in again.

If they decided to change, they would likely just get branded as the people who constantly start movies over. They are desperate to keep up with marvel movies. Changing now would lower their chances even more. They played a shitty hand and they have to go through with it. It's too soon for a new origin style superman movie. Casual movie goers would wonder what it has to do with bvs.

DC fucked themselves over.
#63 - slackerbro (07/15/2016) [-]
They could return to more accurate depictions of the character without having to do a complete reboot. Call it character development, or whatever.
But I get what you're saying.
I guess this just means there's a shit ton of superhero movies I won't see.
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#67 - wertologist (07/15/2016) [-]
For example, look at Arrow. The CW show based on Green Arrow. They changed so many established things over and over again.
"You have failed this city! I'm going to kill you!"
"I'm done killing"
"I won't kill you or anyone else despite it being the logical choice and I've already killed more psychopaths so this moral dilemma means nothing"
"I kill people again".

That's just the killing part. I won't go into the other shit they can't keep straight. The shows writing is fallen very low because they made so many drastic changes.
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#99 - emperorwatergate (07/15/2016) [-]
I think it's now supposed to be that Green Arrow only kills when absolutely 100% necessary (like with Count Vertigo, Ra's Al Ghul, and Damien Darhk).

And somehow Merlyn's STILL alive.
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#138 - wertologist (07/15/2016) [-]
They jumped all over with killing and not killing. Never staying on the decision. Constantly changing something like that is shitty writing. I love the show, but the writing needs a lot of work.

On a side note, I hope the kill Felicity. I Fucking hate her character. The whole thing with her and Oliver felt so damn forced.
User avatar
#65 - wertologist (07/15/2016) [-]
They won't do that either. Technically they could, but they won't. Character development is one thing, but these movie heroes are very distant to their comic counterparts. They can't just "develop" the characters away gram-negative they have already done. They can't make Batman un-kill those people, they can't make ww Greek, they can't make Lex not a creepy psychopath who knows all the heroes identities(unless they go the easy route of "I went so crazy I forgot it all" or amnesia). They pretty much forced the characters into these undoable things. They wrote them into what they are. If they changed them now after they've been established, it'll be ugly.

DC movies earned a bad reputation with man of steel. Rather than try to start over or learn from their mistakes, they just said "fuck it, we'll throw all these heroes in as fast as possible and people won't care about the other shit". Too bad for them. I know a lot of people who don't care for the upcoming DC movies by the last two were shit. A lot will still see it, but it'll burn their reputation with each shitty movie.
#66 - slackerbro (07/15/2016) [-]
Like I said: Hope is dead.
#3 - And now America is slowly but surely going the way of the Roman Empire  [+] (2 replies) 07/15/2016 on Evoteagemy Impec Zivi +5
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#4 - mrpotatofudge (07/15/2016) [-]
Romans left behind art work and shit

america will leave behind memes~
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#5 - pirateseatcarrots (07/15/2016) [-]
Memes are America's culture heritage...I'm cool with that.
#10 - My worst fear is that my dad thinks the same way about me. Whi…  [+] (2 replies) 07/13/2016 on Your dads left reviews. +7
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#20 - winterconcerten (07/13/2016) [-]
Go for it, send 3 resumes every day, keep a note of where you have send them to.
I used to be the same, exactly the same, but my stepdad didn't say a single word about it, I just noticed it. After landing a shitty job I did for a year I already noticed his responses changing if I needed a tenner or something. Now 3/4 years later I moved countries, changed jobs 3 times and got a family for myself. Last month I was there with my son and GF and he had tears in his eyes saying how proud he was. (note: I have never ever seen him cry before).
#19 - swagbot (07/13/2016) [-]

You got issues, kid.

As do the four unfortunate souls who thumbed you up.

Grow up.

You will be forever miserable if the only effort you put into your life is to the end of receiving the approval of others.

Stabilize your life FOR YOURSELF. Get a job FOR YOURSELF. get friends BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. Fuck what anyone else thinks. ANYONE.
#6 - If anyone wants to go to Samoa and will pay for my flight, hit me up  [+] (1 reply) 07/12/2016 on Everyone's Favourite Samoan +2
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#43 - hackhazardly (07/13/2016) [-]
I want to, but I'll be paying for my flight.
#3 - If he thinks that's bad, just wait until he sees backdoor sluts 9  [+] (2 replies) 07/12/2016 on peter +9
#4 - vorarephilia (07/12/2016) [-]
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#9 - deltoraquest (07/12/2016) [-]
its one of those bootlegs that skips a bunch of sequel numbers, back door sluts stopped at 5 >I refuse to see bds 6 as cannon, who the fuck is amy and why did she replace best waifu teagan?