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#35 - Im a track supervisor for a pretty large railway company, happ…  [+] (4 replies) 10/14/2016 on thomas aint got no chill +1
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#67 - fluttergrey (10/14/2016) [-]
I used to watch trains pass by with my grandparents as a kid... They are not silent.
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#42 - vigilum (10/14/2016) [-]
Wait, really? You'd have to be deaf to not hear them here
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#36 - shunkahawolf (10/14/2016) [-]
i live directly across from a switch yard and trains are not silent, also they shake the house when moving so it would impossible to not here or feel one coming.
#60 - anon (10/14/2016) [-]
as someone who lives near train tracks I can back this up, plus train drivers i can't remember what they're called will put on the horn if he sees a fucking squirrel on the tracks at 1am, he should have been blaring that horn the second the kid walked near the tracks.
#114 - I live in northern alberta and we still have snow on the ground  [+] (1 reply) 05/18/2012 on Canada +1
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#138 - traycepickering (05/18/2012) [-]
Didn't it just snow there yesterday?
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