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#8 - Please, cops dont even travel through Patterson at night witho…  [+] (3 new replies) 12/17/2014 on new jersey mentioned 0
#20 - boogerlishes (12/17/2014) [-]
Yeah Paterson is really bad, still love my city. Just hate how ignorant some of the citizens are. Especially back in the summer with the 12 year old girl who got shot during a drive by on the fourth of July, most if not all Patersonians hated the city at that moment. There was some sort of an awakening in the community but most of it has died down. Though they looked at the politicians for some sort of answer, I think we need to hold each other accountable, as citizens of the city, and not just sit by as the violence continues and believe that "snitches get stitches" mentality. Also more cops that actually work and aren't on their phones would really help.

tl:dr Paterson is bad but with better leadership, education and community engagement I believe we can change. I hope.

PicRelated, hundreds of patersonians at the vigil for the girl. In front of city hall demanding the politicians come down and talk to them because the room only held about 70 max. My family and I were there.
User avatar #9 - wambamthankumam (12/17/2014) [-]
Camden doesn't even have a police force, the city is run/protected by the national guard
#13 - skepticrocker (12/17/2014) [-]
Camden County Sheriff's Department man, and North Jersey is definitely worse than south.
#31 - I learned, and it made me less intelligent More pls 12/17/2014 on Tumblr Dictionary Part 1:... 0
#217 - 2 Thiefs 2 Chemists SEXY ANIME BREAKING BAD QUEST HERE WE GO 12/17/2014 on im a thief with 2 summoners... 0
#17 - The ass was fat 12/17/2014 on Don't blame her +3
#14 - Obligatory 12/17/2014 on Just to be clear +21
#33 - Good for OP, I've become so jaded and angry in the lat few yea… 12/17/2014 on Good guys. 0
#29 - To Dan Bilzerian Sincerely, mattymc 12/16/2014 on Having a great personality +5
#23 - Mr Mosby? 12/16/2014 on Dark Elf +4
#27 - Cuz weed didnt have enough slang terms already, cant we just s… 12/15/2014 on New meme have... oh 0
#9 - i figured, but since i didnt see it on this one i took it upon… 12/15/2014 on boop -1
#5 - Real instructions for a good handjob 1) USE YOUR MOUTH, if…  [+] (17 new replies) 12/15/2014 on boop +73
User avatar #38 - penileburglar (12/16/2014) [-]
You've had some shitty handjobs then. Or never had one.

When someone at least somewhat knows what they're doing, it's way, way better. You can relax during it, the pace isn't (necessarily) distracted by pleasure, and your body can't anticipate it the same way (it's like trying to tickle yourself.)

And it becomes even more intense if you're into any kind of teasing, edging, denial, bondage, or power-exchange.
#35 - tehbanana (12/16/2014) [-]
Exactly this
User avatar #33 - knucklebunny (12/16/2014) [-]
Depends how it's done.
User avatar #28 - badsamaritan (12/16/2014) [-]
Got a handjob once, ended up with the area around my shaft bruised. Never again
User avatar #39 - penileburglar (12/16/2014) [-]
Shouldn't judge an entire act on one person's ability to perform it (or lack thereof.)
User avatar #40 - badsamaritan (12/16/2014) [-]
Well my first handjob is the girl ive been dating for the past two years.
#42 - anonymous (12/16/2014) [-]
Why have you been dating a handjob for two years
User avatar #41 - penileburglar (12/16/2014) [-]
Then you've had two years to teach her how to do it right. That doesn't really make it... better. That makes it a lot WORSE, actually.

You've been dating for two years and haven't learned how to talk about sex and what feels good?
User avatar #43 - badsamaritan (12/16/2014) [-]
No i know how to talk to her dont worry about me to much man.
User avatar #44 - penileburglar (12/16/2014) [-]
I... wasn't worried about you.

I was making fun of you, mostly.

Though, I guess I am somehow worried about you (and her) given that you somehow didn't notice that. Though, I guess you and miss shehulk-handjobs might be perfect for each other, given the information I now have about each of you...
User avatar #45 - badsamaritan (12/16/2014) [-]
Shehulk-handjobs fucking loled.
User avatar #6 - beaterz (12/15/2014) [-]
Nicely stolen from recently reposted old content.
#9 - mattymc (12/15/2014) [-]
i figured, but since i didnt see it on this one i took it upon myself to be that guy
User avatar #7 - orangebeanie (12/15/2014) [-]
Doesn't mean it's not true.
User avatar #8 - beaterz (12/15/2014) [-]
#36 - anonymous (12/16/2014) [-]
I find your name appropriate.
User avatar #47 - beaterz (12/16/2014) [-]
Please expain ^^
#20 - Well theyre all dead, so isnt it kinda irrelevant? 12/15/2014 on Berlin wall 0
#19 - Northeastern US, we're used to it, a day off and back to busin…  [+] (5 new replies) 12/15/2014 on Walkin in a winter wonderland 0
User avatar #20 - gatorade (12/15/2014) [-]
It's not the snow that's that bad. It's the damn ice that is formed. Winter east of the Mississippi river everything is fucking wet, even in the winter, compared to out west.

I get icicles forming on my hair, eye brows and nose.

Fucking Maine.
User avatar #50 - skittlesinexcess (12/16/2014) [-]
I remember last year I had to use a hoe as a pick to clear the sidewalk. The hoe two hours in broke btw. I love northern NY.
User avatar #23 - thecrakasmaker (12/15/2014) [-]
I lived in Maine for 16 years and I fucking hated it. It's cold from September till April. As soon as I was able to leave, I did. Now that I live in Florida, people complain that 40 degrees is cold while I'm in shorts and a t-shirt, thinking that they're just a bunch of pussies for thinking that it's cold.
#35 - crateabuser (12/15/2014) [-]
Now try Canada.
User avatar #56 - thecrakasmaker (12/16/2014) [-]
I've been to Canada in December like 8 years ago. I went to Newfoundland and it SUCKED DONKEY BALLS.
#10 - perhaps, but the falcon does have shields and those ties arent… 12/15/2014 on It was the Camera all... 0
#18 - Seems like an improvement 12/15/2014 on Get in the fucking robot 0
#16 - I perhaps down to the mantle? maybe 20-30 miles deep 12/15/2014 on Customs 0
#19 - Commenting so I can see when someone provides an answer 12/15/2014 on New meme have... oh +1
#76 - Could, could we contact child services? that looks like a writ… 12/15/2014 on Being this retarded +4
#18 - Well Bruce Jenner was OJ Simpson's attorney 12/15/2014 on The Struggle 0
#69 - Ah 40oz malt liquor, when you wanna get drunk but you only have $3.00 12/15/2014 on neopets 0
#13 - My rage has reached its limit with this **** 12/15/2014 on "How Do We Make It About Us... 0
#27 - I want to brutally bludgeon whoever invented the word transmis… 12/15/2014 on Fuck tumblr +1
#36 - Picture 12/15/2014 on This is getting ridiculous! 0
#25 - yes, its worth it, just know that you arent really supposed to…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/15/2014 on Always Sunny +7
User avatar #45 - pokemonstheshiz (12/15/2014) [-]
Dennis is honestly my favorite character.
#94 - Where? Ive been to a fair number of states and NOT ONE has mad… 12/15/2014 on Finals 0
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