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#58 - Picture 02/01/2015 on Shrek La Shrek +1
#8 - Ezio: I thought... I thought I was beyond this. But I'm not. I…  [+] (2 replies) 01/29/2015 on Crossover Comp Part 4 +1
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#36 - squidamon (01/30/2015) [-]
you forgot to include 200 fucking hours of mashing the punch button.
#70 - matsezinado (01/30/2015) [-]
#59 - Altaïr: It's done then. Your schemes, like you, are put to re…  [+] (6 replies) 01/26/2015 on Game Wallpaper Comp +58
#79 - hillbillypowpow (01/26/2015) [-]
Goddamn AC1 was so good.
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#311 - ihaspotato (01/26/2015) [-]
It was, but Unity sure as hell wasn't.
#144 - aerosol (01/26/2015) [-]
I just finished it recently.
mfw the ending
#147 - hillbillypowpow (01/26/2015) [-]
Al mualim was a dick all along, the apple is actually some mystical alien technology with a map to other pieces of mystical alien technology called pieces of eden, also there's more pieces of eden, Desmond experienced something called the bleeding effect from being in the animus too long and got a bit of eagle vision, he saw messages written by the former Abstergo captive
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#150 - aerosol (01/26/2015) [-]
Oh okay. The symbols were the only thing that didn't make sense to me. It all seemed like a big setup for the next game.

I got an Xbone for Christmas and it came with Black Flag and Unity, so I thought I should finish the first one. It was pretty good. Repetitive, but good
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#442 - miscreant (01/26/2015) [-]
It was a big set up for the next game. Already in the very first AC, they actually hinted towards doing something big for 2012-12-21 (which they did, as it was what AC3s story revolved around).
They also hint towards more things in AC2, which imo is the best Assassin's Creed.
#44 - Jubair: Why? Why have you done this? Altaïr: Men must be …  [+] (1 reply) 01/22/2015 on Video games +1
#67 - anon (01/22/2015) [-]
lol Altair is nothing but a naive hypocrite