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    You mad, England? You mad, England?
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    Friendship is magic Friendship is magic
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    So many eels So many eels

latest user's comments

#24 - Picture  [+] (8 new replies) 09/14/2014 on This is how brojobs happen +10
User avatar #45 - bendingtimeisgood (09/14/2014) [-]
What is the comic panel from?
#52 - urapooper (09/14/2014) [-]
TinTin, I don't know which book though
#67 - wreckedcar (09/14/2014) [-]
so wtf did they steal it from scrubs
#70 - greeling (09/14/2014) [-]
User avatar #68 - heartlessrobot (09/14/2014) [-]
Either they did, or it's not actually part of the comic or whatever.
#69 - wreckedcar (09/14/2014) [-]
i checked it its a fanmade fake comic image that was made after the episode was aired
#41 - herbolifee (09/14/2014) [-]
Well shit
#26 - anonymous (09/14/2014) [-]
Oh christ, even the ties..
#48 - Now sit down and let the Italians teach you how it's done. 09/11/2014 on Unfortunately very true -3
#4 - Picture 09/09/2014 on ME +3
#23 - welcome to ******* 2014  [+] (30 new replies) 09/08/2014 on Gaming on a Mac +214
#152 - anonymous (09/09/2014) [-]
I think what the problem with the pic is he didn't hook up an external monitor, a keyboard or speakers/headphones to the notebook. That's why it's casul.
User avatar #25 - viviannjames (09/08/2014) [-]
Why are you fucking 2014?
but seriously what 2014 have to do with gaming laptops?
#48 - breastisbest (09/09/2014) [-]
Intel i7 2.8 Ghz
1TB Hard Drive

Cost about $1,200
#80 - anonymous (09/09/2014) [-]
Or I could get the same shit, if not better, for the same price on a desktop.
User avatar #165 - hydraetis (09/09/2014) [-]
And what happens when you need to bring the computer to school or want to go gaming at someone else's house?
User avatar #54 - hydraetis (09/09/2014) [-]
Dude what computer?
User avatar #60 - themassivefail (09/09/2014) [-]
I got the same specs, only with 16 gigs of RAM, $1600 bucks.


Things a BEAST. It'll out perform my buddies custom built pc. (for now... till he gets a new graphics card >.>)
User avatar #74 - MuffinMan (09/09/2014) [-]
I've got the same thing, just 2 years older, it's a darn fine laptop. I don't care for the bulk or crappy battery life, but the awesome, silent cooling makes it worth it.
User avatar #65 - hydraetis (09/09/2014) [-]
That's the one I've been thinking of getting when I finally get around to getting a new comp . Right now I'm on one of the old models (only have a GTX 660m, able run most of my games at higher settings but y'know, sometimes it's nice to be able to run things at maximum pretty)
User avatar #66 - themassivefail (09/09/2014) [-]
Oh man I highly recommend it. It's fantastic. Skyrim on ALL the pretty. And minecraft? ... dude...
User avatar #27 - noblexfenrir (09/09/2014) [-]
The fact that we have greater technology that allows for non-ridiculously expensive gaming laptops to compete with low-mid range pc's. Hell, AMD's own APU's have set the bar in that regard.

Even tablets are getting more impressive, have you seen Nvidias new shield tablet? Shit is ridiculous.
User avatar #124 - aerosol (09/09/2014) [-]
Can you recommend me a reasonably priced gaming laptop?
User avatar #110 - Mortuus (09/09/2014) [-]
Nothing in the mobile market can compete with desktop-grade hardware for the same price.
User avatar #168 - noblexfenrir (09/10/2014) [-]
Well the price is varying depending on how much that mobility is too you. A $700 laptop could compare with a $500 desktop, but the mobility of it is worth the extra money so basically nothing was lost.

Dollar for dollar, you'd be right but then if that were the case why would laptops ever even be apart of the discussion?

#93 - Kairyuka (09/09/2014) [-]
>Gaming with a low-mid range PC
User avatar #95 - noblexfenrir (09/09/2014) [-]
I personally would never, but we need the riff-raff with 650ti's/7870's to fund games otherwise how else will we get HL3?
#96 - Kairyuka (09/09/2014) [-]
I've never played a single half-life game. I'm not really into shooters
User avatar #98 - noblexfenrir (09/09/2014) [-]
You hurt lord Gaben with your words.

graphics card/cpu?
#159 - anonymous (09/09/2014) [-]
As I was reading this post I'd forgotten which CPU I bought 2 summers ago. I feel shame. Pic is of my specs.
User avatar #100 - Kairyuka (09/09/2014) [-]
Cpu is i5-2500k
User avatar #99 - Kairyuka (09/09/2014) [-]
GeForce GTX 760
User avatar #102 - noblexfenrir (09/09/2014) [-]
Nice 770 4gb/ 8350 OC'd to 5.0 here. I used to have a titan, but I got it from a wholesale parts seller, worked great for a month or so...till I found out GPU's and fire don't go well together. Who knew.
User avatar #103 - Kairyuka (09/09/2014) [-]
Oh jeez. Well it's been a while since I bought this, and it still takes all the games I play on the highest setting. I don't see any need to upgrade just yet. Maybe when Arkham Knight releases...
User avatar #105 - noblexfenrir (09/09/2014) [-]
Probably not even then. Best waiting till the next series comes out since it'll all be new architecture anyways. The 780 is the new arch as well but right now it's pointless to spend that much for only that.
User avatar #106 - Kairyuka (09/09/2014) [-]
Oh well
#76 - alexanderh (09/09/2014) [-]
I have not seen a single laptop capable of running star citizen with a framerate even resembling acceptable levels. Laptops just don't have the CPU power available. My i5-2500K can only run it because I've overclocked it, otherwise it would struggle too.
User avatar #79 - noblexfenrir (09/09/2014) [-]
Well first isn't Star Citizen not even finished yet? I'm sure they have optimization issues and such. Second, any decent APU like the A8-6600K should be able to get you 30-40 fps, even more likely with a decent overclock.

Never played the game so I can't say much, never seen it play.

What graphics card do you have?
#81 - alexanderh (09/09/2014) [-]
A 770. So, more than enough for anything.
The only issues I have is when a ship explodes. It chugs for a couple of frames, and then moves on. It's purely a CPU issue.

But I've tried on a couple of laptops. They couldn't even handle the hangar. And one of them was a pretty high-end gaming laptop with a CPU that was (standard clock vs standard clock) better than my i5. It couldn't handle it at all, not even at the lowest resolution and graphics settings.
User avatar #82 - noblexfenrir (09/09/2014) [-]
Ah so it's a physx issue then I'm assuming? I don't see why you have any trouble with a 770, I have a 770 4gb and it never falters when it comes to particles but a laptop might if it doesn't have dedicated nvidia graphics.
#154 - alexanderh (09/09/2014) [-]
I think you misunderstood me. My GPU (770) can handle it just fine. In fact, I haven't been able to throw anything at it at 1680x1050 on max or near-max settings that it couldn't handle just fine.
it's my CPU (2500K) that struggles a bit with Star Citizen. And it's not a PhysX issue, it's a physics issue. Star Citizen isn't using PhysX yet, all physics are simulated by the CPU.
And I'm not having any problems rendering the particles. There aren't really that many particles to render in Star Citizen anyway, since every little bit is simulated and you can wreck your ship by flying through a cloud of former ship. No GPU issues, just some minor CPU issues when something blows up wrong.
#9 - Don't worry. Nobody ever expect a german to have sense of humor.  [+] (10 new replies) 09/08/2014 on Two Men and a Woman +409
#51 - octaviano (09/09/2014) [-]
I'm german and I thought this was hilarious.
It's true, we ARE partly somewhat uptight and business-orientated.
#46 - BigDoktor (09/09/2014) [-]
#40 - yeh (09/09/2014) [-]
Hi, I'm german and I find this funny.
User avatar #69 - kimilsung (09/09/2014) [-]
hahah u aer a nazi!!!111! xD
User avatar #70 - yeh (09/09/2014) [-]
Did nazi that coming
#30 - osi (09/09/2014) [-]
they killed all the funny people in the holocaust
#66 - anonymous (09/09/2014) [-]
ahahaha this was brilliant
User avatar #49 - gunni (09/09/2014) [-]
The holocaust was funny in itself
User avatar #12 - mathmanchris (09/08/2014) [-]
I know right? Guess I might be adopted
User avatar #48 - alfonshister (09/09/2014) [-]
Das war von Anfang an nicht witzig.

Versuch dich lieber auf youtube.
#29 - Picture 09/08/2014 on (.)(.)(.) 0
#66 - Funny how in my language the sun is male and the moon is female. 08/30/2014 on Tumblr Logic Compilation +2
#78 - Still a strawman argument. JonTron never said women don't get …  [+] (1 new reply) 08/30/2014 on I AIIINNNTTTT HAVIN THAT SHIT +3
User avatar #80 - bettertron (08/30/2014) [-]
I wasn't disagreeing with JonTron and I also agree with what you are saying. I was more talking about the top comments.
#42 - Yeah, that would work better but i'm too lazy. 08/29/2014 on What a Twist 0
#33 - In some places the word arab is used to describe middle-east l… 08/29/2014 on Let's play "Is It Racist?" 0

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