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#293 - Tried it once. Honestly don't see what all the fuss is about.  [+] (3 replies) 02/12/2012 on WTF! 0
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#330 - thechosenwon (02/12/2012) [-]
You never get high the first time....Try it again....Here are some tips for the ULTIMATE high...

1. Exhale before taking the hit until you really need to inhale for oxygen....
2. Inhale deeply and imagine the smoke going into your lungs as you force it down to said lungs.
3. Hold your breath as long as you possibly can, and instead of exhaling all at once, let it out part by part through your mouth and as you're letting it out, take quick inhalations through your nose and continue exhaling.
4. After all that's done, take another hit like a man

-Optional Tips-
-The water bong: Find a 5/32 Hexagon-type socket (For like ratchets and what not), cut a hole in the cap of a water bottle cap, just big enough to let the socket sit in without falling through. Secure the bit with electrical tape. Make sure when you put the socket in at an angle as to avoid your weed falling through. Next after you have the fixed up bottle cap screwed on, burn a hole in the bottom of the bottle about the size of one of the bumps usually on bottled water. Next get a cup or container of water large enough to hold your bottle. Fill it about 3/4 full and then put the bottle in the container of water until it sits without floating on it's own (all the way down)... Put your weed in the 5/32 socket making sure none of it falls through, and light it up while slowly rising the bottle to let the smoke in. After the bottle is out of the water, empty out any extra water left in there, quickly twist the cap off, and inhale that whole hit. This will guaranteed get you baked off your ass.

Bottle Bong: Get a regular 20oz water bottle and burn a hold in the lower side of it. Wrap the lower part of the bottle in aluminum foil, making sure the hole is covered (only 1 layer)...poke tiny holes (very tiny [maybe with a very small needle][Carefully]) over the area of the hole. Burn it ontop of the holes in the aluminum and inhale as it burns....Will get you pretty high but not as high as the water bong.

#337 - mandrakemolotov (02/12/2012) [-]
Interesting. Might have to try one of these at the next get together (where we all chip in and buy the best quality we can).
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#333 - thechosenwon (02/12/2012) [-]
As another optional tip for getting baked off your ass, get "Sex 69: Advanced"....it's a legal drug called "K2" that will seriously get you so damn high....it's called "Sex 69" because it's purpose is to be burned as an incense to make sex better....yeah....multi-use. :D
#2 - A small aircraft taking a steep dive, simulating zero gravity …  [+] (3 replies) 01/25/2012 on flying dog +1
#4 - faptaincalcon (01/27/2012) [-]
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#3 - Shramin (01/25/2012) [-]
ah, well the dog looks like he is enjoying himself
#5 - anon (01/27/2012) [-]
More like

Dog: where the hell i´m? Oh..OH what is going on? w-w-w-. Pilot....PILOT! There is somthing wrong whit graviti! We MUST to warn goverm...!! OUCH!!!. I´m okay...i´m okay Nah...nevermind..looks like its have been fixed.
#22 - Maybe, but like he said, I don't like guys spending money on t…  [+] (1 reply) 01/25/2012 on Unlocking Females +1
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#23 - lockified (01/25/2012) [-]
thus proving that you should do an activity instead of dinner :D