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#36 - It's really not that bad, the US has those x-ray machine thing…  [+] (2 replies) 01/12/2014 on security airport +1
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#37 - mexicandudeinsd (01/12/2014) [-]
hahaha i was refering to the future one, but idk i never had a pat down
#146 - majorkok (01/12/2014) [-]
oh shit haha! took me long enough
#35 - they're forced man, no citizens under oppression don't know it…  [+] (1 reply) 12/12/2013 on Admin fun facts +7
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#63 - wolviewolverine (12/12/2013) [-]
I believe the army based regime also helps that.
They could start a spontaneous uprising (a large organised underground revolutionary movement seems impossible, becuase NK aren't retarded adn have a secret police and intel services), BUT - lots if not all families have someone in the army. Amy usually get to live somewha better as well as are especially loyal. Therefore people not oly have to have guts to stand against a regime, but also to, possibly, stand against their sisters, fathers etc.

But this will, I believe, eventually happen. When Russian Empire fell to communists, people were so pissed they literally didn't care who has to be eliminated to end the tzar regime (which wasn't as oppressive as simply cultivated deeper and deeper poorness for the absolute majority of workers).
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