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#68 - 'God shut up, I have a final tommorrow" 03/19/2015 on (untitled) +2
#7 - sauce? 03/19/2015 on New Pants +1
#18 - >Person walking in 03/18/2015 on send help +3
#27 - She isn't Saber of Red, she is saber slut  [+] (5 new replies) 03/18/2015 on The red Saber +26
#139 - duelknight (03/19/2015) [-]

Saber of red is Mordred.
If you don't know who mordred is open a History book or any book about king arthur for that matter.
#155 - venomthc (03/19/2015) [-]
Listen here little maggot. Red saber from fate/extra is Nero, Red saber from fate/ataraxia is Mordred. Stop being such a pussyfoot and lurk moar faggot.
User avatar #163 - duelknight (03/19/2015) [-]
I don't think you understand what i'm saying here m8.

I'm saying Red saber should be called saber slut and red saber should be mordred.
You'd need to be a retard to confuse the 2.

Excuse me to not make it clear all high and mighty Venomthc god king of all Type moon and slayer of quetions that aren't obvious m'lord.
#165 - venomthc (03/19/2015) [-]
Good that you know your place scum, now back to work.
User avatar #126 - admiralen (03/19/2015) [-]
thats the roman emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus motherfucker
this bitch made a grand theater and had plays, but when people thought it was shit she locked them in and slaughtered them all
she fucking wrestled with a lion naked
#73 - I beg to differ  [+] (1 new reply) 03/16/2015 on Ichabod +5
#107 - phoenixprince (03/17/2015) [-]
when life gives you lemons make lemonades
#37 - All the monster girl service *CAPTAIN FALCON YES* 03/13/2015 on The time has come... 0
#5 - Or give her tacos 03/13/2015 on (untitled) +6
#4 - Hitler couldnt save us 03/10/2015 on Squirrel Steals Plane +3
#6 - I'll go back to playing Guild Wars 2 now  [+] (1 new reply) 03/10/2015 on Based mom defends gamers... +3
#37 - sabanknight (03/10/2015) [-]
I really want to play again, but feel left behind with their one shot content I will never get to play : /
#46 - That ******* blows 03/10/2015 on Milhouse +1
#6824 - Looking for a series with good action and plot. No generic deu…  [+] (6 new replies) 03/08/2015 on Anime Recommendation Thread +2
User avatar #6830 - kibitzer (03/08/2015) [-]
Birdy the Mighty Decode
Darker than Black S2
Ga-Rei Zero
Mazinkaiser SKL
Shingeki no Bahamut
Strait Jacket
User avatar #6828 - varuna (03/08/2015) [-]
Bounen no Xamdou (Xam'd: Lost Memories)
Sidonia no Kishi (Knights of Sidonia)
Samurai 7
Jyu of Sei
Towa no Quon
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Appleseed (specifically Alpha)
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
User avatar #6827 - yibdiy (03/08/2015) [-]
Break Blade (mecha)
Shiki (not much action)
User avatar #6829 - yibdiy (03/08/2015) [-]
Oh, you dropped Break Blade - used "shared series" feature and since I've watched the movies and you dropped the series, I've seen it as not watched by you, my bad.
User avatar #6826 - MarauderMatt (03/08/2015) [-]
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan, Seven Deadly Sins, Kill la Kill, Akame ga Kill, Valvrave, the Liberator
User avatar #6825 - TheMather (03/08/2015) [-]
megavoir, yeorgh, christmouth, varuna, hasai, charac, tormain, xplosevdiarrhea, fizzor, chitogekirisaki, bababadsheep, anonymousbrony, lawuser, hsm, jettom, yibdiy, kibitzer, evilicious, klaes, tallzed, ajrin, playercz, focalanemo, boyddamilkman, skelearmor, splatter, Riukanojutsu, MarauderMatt, DmOnZ
#1126108 - Sup guys, what happened to the recommendation board?  [+] (5 new replies) 03/08/2015 on Anime & Manga - anime... 0
User avatar #1126148 - andyyy (03/08/2015) [-]
f u admin
User avatar #1126128 - TheMather (03/08/2015) [-]
Still in full action, because like hell would I abandon something that does so much good.
#1126124 - synchron (03/08/2015) [-]
Admin has abandoned us, nothing new
User avatar #1126111 - DmOnZ (03/08/2015) [-]
Admin decided there wasn't enough shit posting on the board, so he got rid of it and let the regulars go ham wild on newbies asking for rec threads.
User avatar #1126110 - awesomedewd (03/08/2015) [-]
still there, admin's sticky just pepsi'd
#74 - Sauce to song pliz?  [+] (1 new reply) 02/19/2015 on webm comp 9 0
#75 - meek (02/19/2015) [-]
Kingdom Hearts "Dearly Beloved"
Kingdom Hearts Theme Song Dearly Beloved (Kyle Landry Song)
#48 - Suuurreeee, let's go with that 02/18/2015 on Party Game +1
#121 - Picture 02/18/2015 on MLP in a nutshell 0
#20 - Picture 02/17/2015 on How do you guys feel about... +58
#30 - We will see a lot of these 02/17/2015 on Dis gon be good! 0
#23 - The 2DS works perfectly fine for me... I mean. Holds like a co… 02/17/2015 on About the new 3DS XL +9
#87 - Nice 02/17/2015 on *sweating profusely* 0
#6 - The World God Only Knows  [+] (2 new replies) 02/17/2015 on I'm sorry +6
User avatar #10 - angelicdemon (02/17/2015) [-]
The one in the content? I don't remember that...
#11 - Ken M (02/17/2015) [-]
#12 - Failing and being a dumbass are two different things. I do ag… 02/17/2015 on ali akbar +4
#2 - Well it wouldn't be funny like that now would it  [+] (1 new reply) 02/16/2015 on title i guess +1
#4 - hownottobrowsefj (02/16/2015) [-]
its not funny as it is either
#4 - Le pervert homura thread 02/16/2015 on legend +2
#140 - I'm afraid I don't know. I picked this up from another dance thread 02/16/2015 on So I found this unholy fusion 0
#4 - He is anything but a dumbass. Either thing he had done would'v…  [+] (8 new replies) 02/16/2015 on ali akbar +13
#28 - Ken M (02/17/2015) [-]
he was saying the possibility that the missle could hit the birds was very high and it was fucking stupid to shoot when there was a swarm of birds around him
#8 - infinitereaper (02/16/2015) [-]
People seem to forget the fact that Kiritsugu touted his bent ideology the entire way through Zero, but as it turns out, he ended up failing, and killing a whole to of people in the process, it was then that he realized that he fucked up, that his ideology was wrong, it's why he became a broken shell of a man and raised the only person he managed to not kill.

This is highlighted especially in fate/stay or unlimited blades works. When he talks about how he wanted to be a hero and that you can't save everyone, etc.

He sacrificed everyone except himself and failed.
Because he went with the quantity over quality logic. Between saving two groups of people choose the one that will save more.
In fact he is a lot like Shiro pre hero.
Except he's obsessed with saving everyone.

Shiro eventually grows up, but Kiritsugu literally ruined everything
And he sacrificed someone he cared about
Sure he was trying to do the right thing, but that doesn't change the fact he's a dumbass.
User avatar #44 - inyourmind (02/17/2015) [-]
I'm going to defend Kiritsugu on this one.

I'd say his logic is sound but instead fate is cruel to him. He was willing to sacrifice anything and everything to bring peace to the world and it is implied he stopped many wars before the series.

But compared to other heros (both in fate and other series) he is truly weak. He must cheat and manipulate hes way to defeat opponents and situations that are simply greater then he is. This means that unlike other heros he is willing to make sacrifices of the few, including himself, to help the many.

For starters the plane is a good example of this. It was a situation where there was nothing he could do to stop an outbreak that would claim countless lives and so he sacrificed his master, to her approval, in order to save the many.

Then there is the grail. Kiritsugu did not fail to achieve the grail it recognized him as the victor. He knew he could not save the world with his methods and so put his hopes in the grail and when the grail offered his own methods, the corruption of the grail, he rejected it. You see Kiritsugu always wanted to be a hero... but he knew he was never capable of being one himself.
User avatar #65 - compared (02/17/2015) [-]
Thanks a lot for using a comparison, hope you are well.
#22 - innocentbabies (02/17/2015) [-]
I'll take Kiritsugu's logic over the cliched shonen shit any day. It might be touching and make for a good story, but the fact of the matter is you're gambling with people's lives. Let's take the American Civil War, for example. McClellan was actually one of them most skilled Union generals of the war iirc, Lee actually said he was the most difficult opponent he ever fought , but he couldn't accept casualties. He tried to save everyone, so the war just dragged on. Grant, in contrast, hated to lose people, but he realized that people die in war shocking, I know , so he was willing to pay the cost to end the war and finally stop the bloodshed.
Also, it's worth noting that had the Grail not been corrupted in the previous war by Angra Mainyu, it probably would have granted Kiritsugu his wish, which in turn would have vindicated his philosophy. Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control, it doesn't mean you're at fault for the failure.
#23 - infinitereaper (02/17/2015) [-]
I don't think you guys understand that "bent ideology" is a running theme of the Fate series. Shirou like his father before him is another good example. His current self is a selfless hero trying to save everybody, but the truth is that he's somewhat insane from the traumatic experience he went through.

Both logics don't work. Archer however understands what it means to be a "hero." Something Shirou doesn't yet understand and something Kiritsugu came to realize too late. The difference however is that Shirou eventually succeeds in his ambitious while Kiritsugu manages to ruin everything for himself. He had choices.

The moment he shot that plane down I knew two things, that I hated him and his ideology and two, that he would fail.
#24 - innocentbabies (02/17/2015) [-]
I guess you raise a valid point. Though I'll admit I always saw Fate/Zero less as being a condemnation of Kiritsugu's ideology, and more about trying to show what it really costs to save people. Sometimes you have to do extreme things, sometimes you'll fail, and it might cost you dearly, but sometimes it pays off though whether or not it was "worth it" is a different story .

I feel that the airplane scene illustrates that beautifully. There was a plane full of zombies, with only one actual person let on board. That person happened to be his mentor/mother figure. Certainly more than that one person would have died had he allowed the plane to land, and Kiritsugu again lost pretty much everything that mattered to him. Though, I'll admit I did rather dislike his tendency to resort to bloodshed immediately rather than attempt to find a peaceful way out mainly with killing El-Melloi , and it did do a good job of illustrating what happens if you give up on everything in life that matters to you besides your ideology, because things won't always go your way, and you won't have anything else left.
#12 - maguitox (02/17/2015) [-]
Failing and being a dumbass are two different things. I do agree that his logic is flawed, however this way of thinking is at least depicted in an interesting way rather than "huurrrdurrr friendshep saves the daayy" Shiro only really realizes his failed logic in Heavens Feel though, the only difference is that he manages to pull it off in Fate and UBW.


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Well hello there
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You gtg?
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Very well
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Wow.... huuuuggeeeee
Wow.... huuuuggeeeee
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im known as the collector i lost have my stuff though
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Thank you for sharing your treasure. So many espurs...
Thank you for sharing your treasure. So many espurs...
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i had someone who wanted espurrs so i got him espurrs if you ever need help finding things just ask well im off to bed ive got two party s tomorrow and im still a bit hungover from the last one so im off and i know theirs a few duplicates i need to clean my drop box
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Fare well to thee sir
Fare well to thee sir
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good morning i hope you found everything you needed
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I ahven't rummaged through it yet, but im sure I will
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o well i was disappointing today i finally broke down and decided to buy a ps4 and............sold out everywhere and the one place they are not its 900 dollars
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Just wait for it.... your wallet will be grateful
Just wait for it.... your wallet will be grateful
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i will and cute
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what is pic number 6?
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