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#45 - Does it work with master balls?  [+] (1 reply) 12/08/2016 on ball breeding 0
#46 - anon (12/08/2016) [-]
no if you do breed it with a master ball parent the offspring will be in regular pokeballs
#3 - Could someone explain Pizzagate to me?  [+] (9 replies) 12/07/2016 on Anon exposes a child sex... 0
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#10 - blackmageewizardt (12/07/2016) [-]
ahem: " Cybord, undead, Terminator and part time devil Hillary Clinton financing a child pedophil ring in a Pizza Restaurant, based on self translated Democrat emails from which anyone eats the Translation without questioning, the Pizza shop owner being slightly creepy, an anon that might or might not be a FBI Agent and because a trianglic Symbol was once used for a cult for Boy pedophilic sects. Also any Action regardless which will be classefied as suspicious, media not talking about it? Suspicious. Media talking about it? Suspicious and they try cover up. Owner doesn´t Change Restaurant sign that Looks like a pedophil sect Symbol? suspicious. Owner DOES Change it? suspicious, but we are not tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists! "
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#9 - platinumaltaria (12/07/2016) [-]
Basically people pull names out of a hat filled with members of the democratic party, and declare them pedophiles. Other claims include worshipping baby-eating demons. Just in case you though there was any shred of sanity to be had...
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#5 - carlonord (12/07/2016) [-]
>>#4 "Allegedly"

We have some pretty good evidence, but nothing absolutely solid yet.
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#14 - steampoweredbot (12/07/2016) [-]
You have no evidence, though
You've got some weirdly worded emails and social media posts
That's not evidence
#6 - johnnydotxxx (12/07/2016) [-]
"totally fake, not real, untrue, false, misinformed, fake news"
-eveyone who said trump is hitler.
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#4 - steampoweredbot (12/07/2016) [-]
The democratic officials are pedophiles who rape child slaves and sacrifice their bodies to the Old God Moloch, all done in a pizza parlor, and they communicate this over email through code involving 'pizza', 'handkerchief', and 'realtors', among other things.
#7 - cheezersnacks (12/07/2016) [-]
I don't think this is a sufficient explanation but it covers the basics.
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#13 - VincentKing (12/07/2016) [-]
no no, this is pretty much it from what I have seen. There isn't really any solid evidence, but then again, there are some mysterious things there.
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#16 - Kasura (12/07/2016) [-]
The closest thing to solid evidence I've seen were the original emails, the "pool will be warmed, sending kids for your entertainment" and the "map that may be pizza related". There's more emails that seem like really fucking sketchy code but then ones that seem to be genuinely discussing food recipes, so it's pretty confusing to say the least.

They're obviously some kind of coded language, but it really does seem like it's insinuating pedo shit with podesta specifically, regardless of any wider conspiracy.
#6 - Holy hell getting out of the car so close to the bear is an ex…  [+] (1 reply) 12/04/2016 on when the stars align +4
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#14 - thisjunkisntfunny (12/04/2016) [-]
Not sure if he was going to get out or not, know I wouldnt. Would wait to see if theres any damage when I got home, fuck getting out of the car near a bear.
#54 - NOW YOU'RE TWICE AS COOL  [+] (1 reply) 10/28/2016 on "Only real gamers remember... +12
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#63 - tropenthatshtup (10/28/2016) [-]