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#6 - luckythatoneguy (11/07/2012) [-]
Your first glance out of your old home
Reminds you that you are now alone
The new room is a reminder of the past
With bones scattered around the shattered glass
Shocked at first to the grisly sight
Though it wont be the first in your long plight

Stepping out the door, you wish to die
Hits you as you look at the sky
the amazing vastness of the new place
One of the last beatuies of the wastes
Spotting lights not so far off in the distance
You reach the camp easily with no resistance

Lucky you with you'r charisma high
You find a place to let you'r body lye
The group you found were wandering traders
And as you find out, thankfully not raiders
Listining to the advice of the ramshackle clan
You start to think up your next plan

You awake abruptly in the middle of the night
With sounds warning of an approaching fight
Grabbing a gun, cloths,water and ran
Leaving behind the caravan
Running until you could run no more
You stop in front of an old trapdoor

Running in, avoiding death
No sounds inside, only your breath
An old bomb-shelter from years past
Had not protected the family from the blast
Huddled in a corner the skeletons lye
Probably never had the chance to say the final goodbye

After loitering around you head back up
No enimies appear on your PipBuck
The light around gives a clear view
Of the camp of traders that had been slew
The attackers left, identity unknown
Heading to the camp you hear one sad moan
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