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#186 - Can someone tell me what comic this is? Like the actual title …  [+] (1 new reply) 12/28/2015 on Vader's motivation to... 0
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#192 - huntergriff (12/28/2015) [-]
it's literally called "star wars"
#151 - I have several questions about this film, so brace yourself fo…  [+] (12 new replies) 12/22/2015 on Phasma Menace +3
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#292 - nimba (12/22/2015) [-]
5) He's a hologram, because this film is the wizard of oz
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#238 - privileges (12/22/2015) [-]
7) My guess is he was meditating for a long ass time. Either that or he saw Rey's ship landing, dropped everything he was doing and ran up the mountain to look all cool and shit
#170 - anon (12/22/2015) [-]
They're gonna reveal why C3P0's arm is red in a comic coming out in february.
#178 - tenpoundpom (12/22/2015) [-]

turns out its his evil arm thats usually fine but he sometimes loses control over it

i also wonder how the giant golem creature seems to disappear at will... oh wait, this is star wars, its a hologram
#236 - tommylocks (12/22/2015) [-]
This sounds familiar
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#162 - xxhunterxx (12/22/2015) [-]
1) not sure, might have broken off or something. Probably not important and just a little comic relief tbh

2) I'm sure Phasma will get a lot more screen time. She wasn't killed off in the movie so we should assume that she will get a lot more screen time later. I was kind of disappointed as well.

3) Rey has to be related to the Skywalker family or Kenobi, because that just makes sense like you said. I'm sure that it will be revealed later on, as she is trained by Luke she'll learn that she's related or some shit like that. It was implied that she was his daughter because Mos says something along the lines of "this lightsaber belonged to Luke's father, and it called out to him, now it calls to you".

4) I believe it was similar to why Anakin turned to the dark side. Anakin turned to the dark side because he believed Palpatine, and Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, being pretty much alone from adult influences during force training with Luke, believed Snokes and turned to the dark side. I believe he hates his father because his father wasn't there to stop him from going to the dark side. You can see that Kylo Ren is afraid of the dark side and lives in fear and is quite mentally unstable.

5) Snokes isn't a giant famster, that was just a hologram lmao. They probably won't explain what happened in the 30 years between Episode VI and Episode VII, but he reminds me of Vader without mask. Let's just say Vader cheated death AGAIN and became leader of The First Order.

6) She's a general now, she needed to direct the Resistance back at the base

7) Luke was said to go into hiding after the Ben Solo incident. He's probably just honing the force or some shit I don't know maybe he was just jacking off or maybe there's some hot space bitches there
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#233 - wizardspoon (12/22/2015) [-]

It's very like rey is the daughter of Luke Skywalker, given that he marries and has kids with Mara Jade, another jedi. We dont get jedi banging very often so I presume the force or midichlorians are genetic.
Speaking of Genetics, Rey has Brown eyes and dark brown hair. Whereas her father has Blue eyes, light brown hair, and the mother has green eyes and red hair. So the eye colour especially would have been unlikely to be brown, but by all means possible. SO LETS GO FURTHER.
Grandpa Anakin Skywalker has blue eyes (assuming yellow eyes are not genetic) However, grandma Padme Amidala, has brown eyes. Finally. Now I have no idea about Mara's parents but given that Mara has Green eyes, we can assume that her parents have light coloured eyes so blue or green.

I'm not a biologist but I'm saying there is about a 10% - 20% that Rey would have gotten brown eyes if she is the daughter to Luke.
Also why the fuck would Luke leave his kid on a deserty planet just like he was left on tatooine.

Sorry for the paragraph, I'm real bored.
INB4 film theory/matt patt nicks this
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#263 - thesirofponies (12/22/2015) [-]

The expanded universe is no longer cannon,and according to the makers of Episode VII,Mara Jade is not Luke Skywalker's wife. I guess we'll find out in Episode VIII
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#217 - huntergriff (12/22/2015) [-]

it's more than likely palpatine. in my opinion
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#223 - mrvalane (12/22/2015) [-]
Yeah considering Im sure Vaders skull was still in the helmet when Rylo Ken was talking to it
User avatar
#308 - huntergriff (12/22/2015) [-]
vader's body disappeared, like Yoda's and Obi-wan's, after he died on the death star actually. Luke just did the pyre as a ceremonial thing.
#176 - tenpoundpom (12/22/2015) [-]
thumbed up for hot space bitches
#150 - ******* REKT 12/22/2015 on Phasma Menace +1