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#85 - elguso (08/13/2012) [-]
Trixxy the grat tentacle monster
“Aaaarggh, I will never get this spell right. Why dose magic have to be so hard!” bellowed Trixie to no one in particular. “I have been trying this one spell for 10 hours now and I cant get it right”
“Maybe if you took a-“
“Sorry Trixy, ill go now”
“Good, I don’t want to see you hear for the rest of the day”
Trixy had been working hard all day to work a new spell, ever since Twilight ran her out of town she had been planning revenge. She had read about a spell of resurrection that she had been wanting to use, although unsure if it would work she was desperate none the less. Trixy had found a dead octupos in the creak and instantly knew what do do with it. Brining it back to her caravan she stard work on it and was atemting to use it as a trap for her arch nemesis.

im not entiely sure were to go from here